Daily Tech: CES 2008 Coverage

CES 2008
– PC Mag: Consumer Electronics Show 2008
– Phone Scoop: CES 2008
– Gizmodo: Gizmodo at CES 2008
– Engadget: Engadget at CES 2008
– Bleeding Edge TV: CES 2008 Vidoes
– Joystiq: Joystiq at CES 2008
– SlashGear: Coverage of CES 08
– News.com: CES 2008: Highlights of the day
– CrunchGear: Sony’s medium-sized OLED TV is gorgeous
– G4: CES 2008: Slash Rocks MS Keynote
– Sony.com: Sony CES 2008
– OCIA.net: 2008 CES Booth Babes
– Gizmodo: The CES 50-Babe Battle: Booth Babes vs. Regular Babes

– Anandtech: Antec’s New Products [Twelve Hundred, Three Hundred, Mini P180, Signature Power Supply Series and TruePower Quattro 1200W]
– TweakTown: GIGABYTE X48-DQ6 Mobo – DES Arrives!
– Legion Hardware: Arctic-Cooling Accelero Xtreme 2900
– FrostyTech: Scythe Andy Samurai Master Heatsink Review

Tech News
– BBC: Intel ‘undermined’ laptop project
– OSWeekly.com: Firefox 3: Why Bother to Upgrade?
– Fudzilla: DirectX 11 comes in 2009
– Extremetech: TLB bug still present in B3 rev Phenoms

SG Tech
– theory.isthereason: Gadget Porn: My Top Five CES Picks
– Internet Siao Singapore: CES 2008: Microsoft Surface
– Cool new gadgets and gizmos: [Singapore-based] Shiro reveals cool MP4 players at CES 2008
– Simply Jean: Live blogging from Singapore PHP User Group meet up (January 2008)

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