Source: Stu’s Views through Ah Tiong

“It is about fairness, justice and non-discrimination. It is about tolerance, understanding and inclusiveness. It is about upholding the fundamental protections afforded by the Constitution, the basic pillars underpinning our country. These are issues for all Singaporeans.”

NMP Siew Kum Hong
Speech on the Penal Code (Amendment) Bill: 22 October 2007

Parliament 22 Oct 2007
– Siew Kum Hong: Speech on the Penal Code (Amendment) Bill: 22 October 2007
– The Online Citizen: Section 377A is inconsistent : PAP MP Hri Kumar
– The Online Citizen: 377A serves public morality : NMP Thio Li-Ann
– MHA: Second Reading Speech of The Penal Code (Amendment) Bill by Ho Peng Kee
– ST: Indranee Rajah’s remarks during the debate on amendments to the Penal Code. [PDF]
– ST: Remarks by Chris de Souza [PDF]
– Youtube Siew Kum Hong Speech: Presentation, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
– Youtube: PAP MP Charles Chong supports repeal of Section 377A

23 Nov 07
– Yawning bread: It’s the principle, stupid
– i have succumbed to peer pressure: Flogging dead horses: Groupthink and 377A

16 Nov 07
– Sam’s thoughts: Appreciate Diversity

15 Nov 07
– Sam’s thoughts: Straight Thoughts on 377A (part 6)

12 Nov 07
– The Daily Backtrack: Driftwood
– Yawning Bread: Nasal straws in the wind
– Alice in Wonderland: Conspiracy theory on NMP Thio’s threatening note [Part 2]

9 Nov 2007
– Illusio: I weighed in the 377A debate and all I got was this lousy T-shirt
– Hantam Frisbee: “My Gang Better Than Your Gang!”
– Siew Kum Hong: NMP Thio gets threatening note
– Mollymeek: Threatening Thio
– Singapore Life and Times: With great freedom
– Used Brains for Sale: Unacceptable Behaviour
– Simply Jean: NMP Prof Thio gets second threatening letter (and theories)

7 Nov 2007
– Just Stuff: 377A – The Psychology of Culture War.

6 Nov 2007
– In the land of the bling..: Why religion plays no useful role in the making of public policies
– Deep thoughts of a Singapore Critic: Response to “A fiery NMP gets her baptism of fire”
– The States Times: Office Has Its Privileges

5 Nov 2007
– Zuco’s Blog: More Reviled Than Steven Lim
– Just Stuff: Missing The Mark by the Proverbial Mile – A Critique of Janadas Devan
– Yawning bread – Kyle the vampire slayer: Dispelling heat, light and smoke
– Mr Wang Says So: So Mixed-Race Marriages Are Approximately As Bad As Homosexuality
– Deep thoughts of a Singaporean Critic: Dr Thio and her religion

2 Nov 2007
– la nausée: A post that’s NOT “full of vile and obscene invective”
– Absolute-ly missy: 377A – to stay or to go? it’s not your call.
– All and Sundry Singapore: Sorry Alfian, NMP Thio Li-Ann has finally earned my little bit of sympathy
– 麻滋安娣: Gays: having a really good time
– HWZ: Teacher called up by police after letter to NMP

1 Nov 2007
– Inter Alia: Thio Li-Ann: A (partial) Defence and a Call for Civility
– Nomed Letters: PhDs, Bigots and 377A
– I have succumbed to peer pressure: Political Popularity and Power: My take on the S377A issue.
– Hantam Frisbee: Unacknowledgments
– Mollymeek: A Harassed and Defamed Dr. Thio
– Zuco’s Blog: Non-enforcement. So what happens if…
– TalkingCock.com: MP’s Grave To Be NEWater Plant

31 Oct 07
– Siew Kum Hong: The great tragedy of Section 377A
– The Daily Backtrack: Harvest Time
– Zuco’s Blog: 377A: Some Straight Pro-Repeal Voices
– nofearSingapore: Non-repeal of 377A: Remember Rosa Parks and Don’t Give Up!
– GlasgowGloom: Let’s repeal extremism
– Ridzwan.Com: Plague of the Pinks
– Mr Wang Says So: Dr Thio Li Ann’s Infamous Speech
– Zuco’s Blog: Two rather interesting things to read…
– All and Sundry Singapore: 377A Issues: Social Acceptance of Gays and Lesbians
– Just Stuff: Is Secularism under Siege by Thio?

29 Oct 07
– Live today as if there’s no tomorrow: I’m in love with Alfian Sa’at
– Yawning Bread: The limits of civility
– The Artificial Construct: 377A – Hell Hath No Fury than a self-righteous NMP out to persecute
– Comfortably Numb: Blaming the victims
– Hear ye! Hear ye!: Of morals, rights and harm
– The Online Citizen: NMP’s views at odds with AIDS relief research paper
– Theory.isthereason: What Singapore could learn from the 377A debate…
– The Kway Teow Man: On Section 377A
– Journaliam.sg: ST’s Janadas Devan exposes Li-Ann’s Thiology
– la nausée: Final Reflections on s 377A – For Now…
– blankanvas: Straws and Noses
– Yawning Bread: Non-repeal of 377A: Was it all a blunder?
– Mollymeek: Dr. Thio and Academic Freedom
– Reverse Redacting Thio Li Ann: Sound Bytes and Polemics

26 Oct 07
– Winter is Coming: If Ned were in Parliament…
– la nausée: Thio Li-Ann’s Speech in Parliament — A Rebuttal
– PKchukiss: Ideology can’t pay for your bills, but is good political currency
– Cognitive Dissonance: Alternative Perspectives
– Inaccurate 2 min analysis by lbandit: Why keep 377A?
– Popagandhi: Like A Straw Up Your Nose
– A father thoughts: The Irrational Section 377A.
– Just Stuff: A New Catch Phrase for the Sign of our Times – 377A
– Running Out of Wrong Reasons: Gays? What’s Wrong?
– Because i am just a little boy: On conservatism, part I
– Abao’s Rants: Religion-ism: To what extent
– The human condition: On 377A Penal Code
– Yuhui’s Blogger: 377A will be repealed one day, just not today

25 Oct 07
– Used Brain for Sale: Hiding Behind Rhetoric: A Rebuttal of Thio Li-Ann
– Mr Wang Says So: Sexual Discriminations in the Law
– Winter is Coming: A Mega Post on a Mega Topic I
– The Online Citizen: Deconstructing the Majority
– Hear ye! Hear ye!: What the heck is the meaning of “conservative”?
– All and Sundry: Are You Sure Gays Are Not Harassed?
– Loveless Summer: Singaporeans are scared sh*tless by gay people
– Musings: Indranee Rajah on Pornography
– The Ignorantsoup: Parliamentary Classic: 377A (Part 1)
– The Legal Janitor: Its time to leave
– MissCel: section 377a
– The Daily Backtrack: Applause and thumping of chairs
– Musings: Indranee Rajah on Pornography
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain: Keep377a.com (III)

24 Oct 07, From the Gallery
– The Online Citizen: Repeal 377a press conference: public health and families at stake too
– Musings: Why MPs should read blogs
– Simply Me. Simply Jean.: Section 377A vs Section 377 (and having carnal intercourse with animals)
– Ian on Singapore: Is Being Gay Biological?
– Deep thoughts of a Singapore Critic: Diversity in Adversity ….
– mollymeek: The Molly Awards
– mollymeek: Imbalanced Balance
– In the land of the blind…: NMP Thio Li-Ann and her intellectuallyinferior arguments against repealing S377A
– Hear ye! Hear ye!: Singapore’s law encourages men to rape their wives
– panda domus: 377A
– Dansong: On 377A Nonsense in the Reasonable Hall of the Sensible Nation
– Zuco’s Blog: Thank you Mr Siew.
– empty_vessels: By that logic…
– Rat in the Lab: Won’t somebody please think of the children? (Yet Another 377A Post)
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Come on gay Singaporeans don’t feel too bad lah….
– Mr Wang Says So: Revisiting the City of Sodom
– thunderstorms in black & white: ignorance and bigotry has the greatest malice
– The States Times: It’s About The Economy, Stupid
– Daniel’s Place: Homosexuals, and homosexual bigots
– The dissident layman: Penal Code 377A Aversion
– pro377a: Why It’s Not Discrimination to Criminalize Gay Sex
– The armchair critic: Enough already on 377A for f*** sake!!
– Fridae: Singapore Parliamentarians Debate Retention Or Repeal Of Section 377A
– sgForums: Singapore gays allowed a step forward, but pushed two back

23 Oct 07
– Alice in Wonderland: Section 377 Repealed, while Section 377A to be retained
– What Others Say?: 377A – The Unbearable Lightness of Being
– Bright Lights: Of dollars and sense
– suzumebachi: Personal thoughts on Christianity & S377A
– thegreatsze: “Protect our family values and our young. Keep 377A!”ARGHH!
– HWZ: Keep377a.com vs Repeal377a.com

22 Oct 07
– Popagandhi: Why I Don’t Usually Talk About Anything Else
– All and Sundry Singapore: HomosexualityIssues: To repeal S377A of the Penal Code or not?
– The Universe Within: Respect Differences: Some thoughts on the Keep “377A” movement
– musings: Of Surveys, Conservatives and Foreigners
– In the land of the blind, one eye man is king: Arguments to keep S377A: An analysis
– Fresh Brainz: Section 377A Dickfight!
– Yawning Bread: The loonies are marching
– Cognitive Dissonance: My Key Takeaways from the Repeal 377A Petition
– a small friend: small friend speaks about the repeal of 377a – Gay men have families too
– mollymeek: Jokes of the Day
– Quote the Emotion: An Appeal to Repeal
– click; bang; whirl: Sexuality shouldn’t be governed
– cacophony of breaking hearts: The insecurities of pussy cats
– pro377a: Love Gays, Hate their Agenda
– Enlarge our Territories: Walk for Jesus Action
– Enlarge our Territories: Enlarge our Territories says ‘Revise 377A’
– living in his grace: On S377a
– Daniel’s Place” Pro Veritas: Keep S377a!
– The Online Citizen: Outdoor demonstration planned outside St Andrew’s Cathedral

19 Oct 07
– Decay on Net: Repeal 377A
– slackerism: Repeal 377A
– The Void Deck: Flash: A New Hope
– Rantings of a Procrastinator: Shiny happy people holding hands
– mollymeek: Keep 377A . . . because homosexuality is bad
– The Universe Within: A response to “a quiet contemplation”
– My Life Journey: it starts with me
– virtuoso verses of a virologist: back from stockholm and some thoughts
– vinyarb’s Xanga Site: Gay people are not people?
– Fridae: Singapore’s repeal s377A petition tops 2,500 signatures
– Keep337A.com: Open Letter to the Prime Minister

18 Oct 07
– Pkchukiss: Anti-gay faction launches low-blow at Mr Siew Kum Hong
– My Bitching Area: 2 Rebuttals
– Hungry Guy: Stereotypes And Section 377A
– Pink.sg: Misunderstood
– Song of a Reformed Headhunter: Sign Open Letter to Prime Minister to Repeal Anti-gay Law
– if life gives me lemond i’ll make lemonade: two issues
– The Stars Are Blazin’: …No human should help another decide their love or sexual interest
– Linus Chua’s Blog: Message to the Government
– nikheart: God’s Mysterious Ways
– SPUG: Gay community appealing to PM to repeal 377A

17 Oct 07
– Fearfully Opinionated: a quiet contemplation
– Balderdash: A response to my opinion that we should not campaign to repeal 377A
– mollymeek: Hilarious Idiocy

16 Oct 07
– Yawning Bread: Straight thoughts on 377A
– Salt Wet Fish: Repeal377A

15 Oct 07
SINGAPORE — Singaporean celebrities are rapping for repeal of a law that makes gay sex a criminal offence. The celebrities appear in a video posted on the YouTube website in support of a Singaporean legislator’s push to repeal a law making gay sex a criminal offence, activists said Friday. “Repeal it!” the celebrities urge in the video which ends with the words: “It’s not just a gay thing. It’s about equality.”
Source: Agence France-Presse, October 12, 2007 via Mr Wang

– Hear ye! Hear ye!: The fallacy of polling as support for retaining S377A
– Perils of a Reluctant Chauvinist: Repeal Penal Code s377A
– The Online Citizen: Parliamentary petition to repeal 377A: not just any other petition
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Why we must keep Section 377A..!

12 Oct 07

The prehistoric tree trunk
Source: My sketchbook

– The Legal Janitor: Repeal s377a! A matter of conscience
– Urbanrant: We should support the Repeal377a.com petition!
– The Online Citizen: Parliamentary petition to repeal 377A: not just any other petition
– Siew Kum Hong: NMP to present petition to repeal anti-gay law to Parliament

11 Oct 07
– Yawning Bread: Petition to the prime minister: repeal 377A now
– The Online Citizen: 377A – To prevent what harm?
– Joie de Vivre: What Say You To Decriminalizing Section 377A?
– I rock, you suck: Law

10 Oct 07
– Colin Goh and Woo Yen Yen: Fallacious Arguments

9 Oct 07
– Balderdash: Why we shouldn’t campaign for 377A’s repeal

5 Oct 07
– repeal337a.com: Open Letter to the Prime Minister

2 Oct 07
– Mr Wang Says So: A Response To TW Tan’s Letter

1 Oct 07
– Mr Wang Says So: Honest Words From A Local Christian Boy On Singapore’s Gay Issue

25 Sep 07
– The Legal Janitor: The religious fundamentalist agenda: Derek Hong lies

24 Sep 07
– Winter is Coming: Megachurches and Homosexuality
– Colin’s page on the village: Disgusting = criminal ??
– The Daily Backtrack: Defeat
– i have succumbed to peer pressure: There is some sort of enslavement going on…
– sgForums: Singapore gays allowed a step forward, but pushed two back

21 Sep 07
– Mr Wang Says So: Why Homosexuality Should Be Decriminalised in Singapore
– Personal Response to Current Affairs: Homosexuality and Politics
– The Daily Backtrack: Why 70% doesn’t matter
– All and Sundry Singapore: You’ve Got A Problem With Gays and Lesbians?

20 Sep 07
– Mr Wang Says So: Canadian Legal Expert Banned in Singapore
– Joel Tan, TOC: When saying “traditional, conservative society” doesn’t cut it anymore
– The Daily Backtrack: Misguided Honesty
– footsteps1970: The Eye of the Storm

18 Sep 07
– la nausée: The Flaws of the Pro-Gay Position (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

Related: Coming out in SG
17 Sep 07
– Yawning Bread: On Otto, part 1
– Yawning Bread: On Otto, part 2
– Song of a Reformed Headhunter: Mr. Otto Fong Comes Out (2)

14 Sep 07
– Molly Meek: Coming Out Entry
– NudeGabriel: touched
– sgForums: Response from MOE to gay teachers disturbing

13 Sep 07
– Ned Stark: Otto Fong and To Kill A Mocking Bird
– Fearfully Opinionated: not unreasonable to ask otto fong to take down letter
– Song of a Reformed Headhunter: Mr. Otto Fong Comes Out in an Open Letter
– Bread Crumbs and candy cottage: Otto Fong Teaches His Students How to Prove the Mathematical Formula, bigotry=stupidity
– lost in york v2.14: Homosexuality, Christianity and Singapore
– Live today as if there’s no tomorrow: coming out of a teacher
– Inferno’s pensieve: A commendable act of bravery
– Signore Kai said… Otto Fang
– Every beat of my heart: Yes hes a teacher in the “best” sch in singapore
– Singapore Boy: So what’s the deal about that RI teacher?
– Random scribblings from the Dreaming: Being an bonsai tree in a forest
– theABYSS: Teacher Gay Hero
– Musings: 377A: The Impending Lacuna
– What others say?: The ‘Right’ to be Gay – Is the problem with him or with me?

12 Sep 07
– Fridae.com: Singapore teacher removes coming out blog under ministry pressure
– Molly Meek: Uncanny Echoes: Consistency or Striking Staleness?
– Aaron Ng: Regardless of race, language or religion
– Jasper Chen: Letter to Raffles Institution regarding Otto Fong
– Singapore Kopi Tok: Otto – 1; MOE – 0
– They Might Be Curly Giants!: Teacher Comes Out Of Closet, Blog Post Disappears
– Mr Wng Says So: This Man Is A Hero
– The Void Deck: So hard to be happy (gay) in Sg
– SPUG: RI Teacher Coming Out
– Coffee Shop Tak: Teacher Deletes Posting becasue of MOE?

11 Sep 07
– Otto Fong: Thank You All!
– Aaron ng: A salute to Otto Fong
– The Online Citizen TOC Breaking News: Gay teacher deletes his “coming out” article
– The Online Citizen: TOC Exclusive: Otto Fong’s Open Letter

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