Burma Protests/13th ASEAN Summit

23 Nov 07
– The Void Deck: Thank Gawd for Youtubes!
– All and Sundry Singapore: Burma junta is a bloody murderer not a troubled child
– Pseudonymity: Chee Siok Chin Seeks Clarifications From Minister For Home Affairs
– UncleYap: Excellent Abduction Documentary by Activist John Tan
– HWZ: Two SDP leaders arrested, police refuse to give reason
– sgForums: Two SDP leaders arrested by Police!

22 Nov 07
– Celluloid Reality(s): Don’t Look Away
– Mollymeek: Burmese Good, Chees Bad
– e pur si muove: Singapore police forcibly move activists away from Shangri-La
– Martyn See: Singapore police abducts activists in daylight
– Pseudonymity: Is it just me or has the ASEAN Charter disappeared??
– Sophie’s World: Wake up, Asean!!! Part 2
– The States Times: Seeing Red
– Chemical Generation: Faked-“Burmese tycoon’s son(current Singapore student)sends “boastful” email to friends”

21 Nov 07
– The Online Citizen: 50 Burmese nationals protest
– Pseudonymity: Activists Test Singapore With ASEAN Protests
– Random Thoughts of a Free thinker: On The Student Demonstrations At Orchard
– The Online Citizen: Time to stop Asean’s humiliation
– All and Sundry Singapore: Activists attack ASEAN on lack of Burma pressure
– Sintercome: Student Protest at ASEAN Summit

20 Nov 07
– Mollymeek: Molly’s Protest
– Pseudonymity: Protest Singapore Style; 3 Marchers, 19 Media, 1,000 Police
– Siew Kum Hong: Public Forum: Human rights – the Asean Charter and beyond
– Pseudonymity: It Was A Red Day At Quality Hotel
– sg_ljers: City of So Much Possibilities that Floor Got Gold

19 Nov 07
– Singapore Kopi Tok: Will you be there in the morning?
– Sophie’s World: Asean a happy family?
– Pseudonymity: Protest By Peace For Burma At Singapore Embassy In Bangkok

15 Nov 07
– Singabloodypore: Police reject Singapore Democratic Party Application for Protest at ASEAN Summit

14 Nov 07
– ALVINOLOGY: Who is Htet Tay Za?

12 Nov 07
– All and Sundry Singapore: Htet, arrogant son of Burmese Tay Za, enjoying in Singapore
– Yawning Bread: Towards a human rights mechanism, part 2

9 Nov 07
– Pseudonymity: LEAKED: Confidential ASEAN Charter Final Draft

7 Nov 07
– Pseudonymity: Friday’s AIPMC Seminar In Singapore To Discuss Burma Crisis

2 Nov 07
– All and Sundry Singapore: My Gun was as Tall as Me
– Sophie’s World: Will Burma Ever Change?

1 Nov 07
– The Online Citizen: Co-ordinated, carrot-and-stick approach needed for Burma
– The Singapore Angle: The Long Arm of the US Treasury?

29 Oct 07
– Urbanrant: Another Singapore First – PM LEE first to congratulate new Myanmar PM Lieutenant-General Thein Sein

25 Oct 07
– The Online Citizen: Further questions about Myanmar and t-shirts
– Mr Wang Says So: Bird Talk
– Musings: De Souza’s Question on Grooming
– Beyond SG: Replies by Minister George Yeo to Questions (on Myanmar) in Parliamnt on 22 Oct 2007
– Pseudonymity: Burmese Group In Malaysia Demonstrate Against Singapore Business Ties With Junta
– Pseudonymity: All Burma Democratic Force Memorandum To Government Of Singapore

23 Oct 07
– Free Burma: Time for Singapore to come clean

19 Oct 07
– Pseudonymity: Singapore Squirms As Burmese Protest

17 Oct 07
– Chemical Generation Singapore: But the Substation is indoors

16 Oct 07
– Notes From Serangoon Road: Substation Burma Concert No-Go
– Singapore Patriot: Singapore can learn from Myanmar’s opposition
– Singapore Kopi Talk: Is Singapore FOR or AGAINST?
– News Release by UncleYap: Rain or Shine or Police Threats Dr CSJ persist Protest for Burma

15 Oct 07
– Singapore Patriot: UN Security Council deplores use of violence against peaceful demonstrators in Myanmar
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Asking George Yeo to Act
– Pseudonymity: One-Man Protest Tomorrow Noon Outside Istana

12 Oct 07
– Beautiful to Behold: The Burma Experience – Lessons for Singaporeans
– Pseudonymity: To Singaporeans: Send George Yeo A Message
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Regime Change not the answer for Myanmar : MM Lee
– Ian on Singapore: Minister George Yeo Shares His Views On Myanmar

11 Oct 07
– Yawning Bread: Burma: don’t rule out sanctions
– Chemical Generation Singapore: The 5th Man
– The Online Citizen: Something is Rotten in the State of Singapore
– A Tattooed Blog: A disease called Chee
– Beyond SG: The Only Game in Town

10 Oct 07
– News Release by Uncleyap: Album 8.OCT.2007 Burmese Arms Deal Protest Istana
– Singapore Patriot: S’pore Ambassador calls for Myanmar’s suspension from ASEAN; MM calls generals “dumb”
– Urbanrant: Five singaporeans are more dangerous than a group of Myanmar nationals meddling in Singapore Politics?

9 Oct 07
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Caught in the Crossfire
– The Online Citizen: 4 SDP members arrested outside Istana
– Pseudonymity: 24-hour Protest Outside Istana Cut Short by Arrests
– Singapore Patriot: Sydney Morning Herald article on Singapore “disproportionate, unbalanced…misleading”
– Looking through the eyes of: Let’s get real
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Peace for Burma…..
– HWZ: S’pore denies MONEY LAUNDERING Myanmar leaders.
– sgForums: SDP leaders hold protest outside Istana Oct 8 Monday

8 Oct 07
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Sanctions or Not against Burma?
– The Daily Backtrack: “Petty indignities”, I like that phrase
– All and Sundry Singapore: Burmese Sanction Unnecessary?
– Winter is Coming: Much Ado About Exploitation
– Pseudonymity: 24-hour Protest Today Outside The Istana
– The Online Citizen: Chee Soon Juan’s ‘exploitation’ of the Burma situation?
– Singapore Patriot: Rational and pragmatic foreign policy does not mean it always works
– What Others Say?: One World, One Understanding, One Heart, But Please Keep Your Problems To Yourself?
– Sheep City: The Devil’s advocate
– The Online Citizen: Myanmar Peace Awareness Day in university campuses
– Random Thoughts of a Free Thinker: 《三大学学生“关心缅甸和平”》/ “Local university students care about peace in Myanmar”
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Why the ST often smells like a MIW lackey
– The Online Citizen: Worldwide advertisement in Financial Times to stop brutal crackdown on Burmese protesters
– Urbanrant: Hippocratic Oath of doctors or Hypocrite’s Oath of politicians?
– The Void Deck: ST censorshit! Jialat! SDP sabo! Honggan!
– nussu the ridge online: Two NUS campuses, two different responses

5 Oct 07
– Martyn See: One Country, Two Systems
– Singapore Kopi Tok: Political Opportunity amidst the Human Tragedy
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Simply, Please Stop
– Singapore Patriot: What are your priorities, Mr Policeman?
– The Void Deck: Protest..paiseh paiseh,..PETITION, outsides Burma Embassy
– ringisei: Sg’s Myanmar policy is rational and pragmatic
– Random Thoughts of A Free Thinker: New Villages, Strategic Hamlets & Myanmar…
– ash’ventures: Burmese Prime Minister Soe Win is dead
– Zuco’s Blog: Gambari in Myanmar
– Kelvin Quee: ASEAN’s Inaction on Burma / Myanmar
– Chemical Generation Singapore: WP on Burma
– Making Sense – The Free Man: Monks in Myanmar, Genocide in Iraq
– All and Sundry Singapore: Burmese Regime Is More Brutal Than Marcos
– Beautiful to Behold: ASEAN vs Myanmar – Too Little Too Late.
– Pseudonymity: Oct 6 – Global Demonstrations Against Brutal Burmese Junta
– Global Voices Online: Myanmar: “Oh yeah, everything is fine”
– SG_Ljers: Myanmar Massacre
– sgForums: Petition-signing at Burmese embassy in Singapore
– sgForums: Ang Moh can stage protest in Singapore, Singaporeans cannot?
– sgForums: Exposed: sum of S’pore govt’s real investments in Burma
– Coffee Shop Talk: ST fake news…again

4 Oct 07

About International Bloggers’s Day for Burma
International bloggers are taking action on October 4 to support the peaceful revolution in Burma. We want to set a sign for freedom and show our sympathy for these people who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons.

Take part in this action for a Free Burma
1. Publish a posting (Bulletin Board, Forum, Blog, Social Network, Static Website…) on the 4th of October with the header: “Free Burma!”
2. Tag it with “Free Burma” is possible
3. Choose a grafic from here and

4. Link to http://www.free-burma.org where there is information about the campaign and a participant list which to join. Webmasters of a bulletin boards or social networks can join a Group List.
5. Write any additional text

Help spread the word across the internet, Sign up to participate.

Source: www.free-burma.org

Updates from Burma
– A Cbox set up to for updates from Burma.
– A Picasa album from a Burmese blogger: nik’s Public Gallery
Burmese Bloggers w/o Borders
– Updates from ko htike’s blog

3 Oct 07
– Stop the Junta and Atrocities in Burma: A Petition from Singapore to End the Oppression in Burma
– Looking for LaLaLand: When a permit is required for compassion – disgusting
– Chemical Generation Singapore: A Protest and Petition in Singapore
– The Online Citizen: Free Burma! Give your support to this event
– The Online Citizen: Police rejects permit for outdoor protest by S’pore student
– Singapore Patriot: Myanmar junta leader’s family reportedly in Singapore
– Too Free So I Blog: Burma: Thousands dead in the massacre of the monks dumped in the jungle
– chlim01 is bored: Myanmar’s Massacre of Monks II
– SuPeRHeRo: Lessons we can learn…

2 Oct 07
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Burma – Reform Chance not Looking Good
– One Less Car: Vigil/Protest Outside Burmese Embassy in Singapore
– All and Sundry Singapore: Burma Junta’s Hired Thugs Target Peaceful Protest
– Martyn See: Guard dogs of St. Martin Drive
– The Online Citizen: Over 400 visit Burmese embassy to sign petition
– The Online Citizen: Candle light vigil at Burmese embassy
– What Others Say?: Strategic Analysis – “Monkhood Saffron vs Olive Army Green” – A War Game
– What Others Say?: It’s Time To Seriously Re-Think The ASEAN Policy of Non-Interference!
– Sophie’s World: Asean should interfere in Myanmar
– Singapore Patriot: PM Lee’s letter to Myanmar’s top general
– ash’ventures: is it appropriate for PM Lee to address Than Shwe as His Excellency?
– The Void Deck: Burma Bloggers March
– HWZ: Chee stages protest against Myanmar, Singapore

1 Oct 07
– Beautiful to Behold: Free Burma! 04th October 2007!
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: On Burma
– ringisei: Dissecting the Statement by the ASEAN Chair
– Singapore Patriot: Singaporean intentionally shot by Myanmar police; Japanese journalist apparently shot point blank
– Benjamin Cheah, TOC: Singapore’s debt of honour
– The Online Citizen: More than 1,000 gather at Burmese temple in solidarity
– The Online Citizen: Singaporean graduate student files application for Burma protest
– Winter is Coming: The Tragedy that is Myanmar
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain: Down with the Myanmar Junta!! [TV analysis of fatal Japanese shooting]
– I.Z. Reloaded: Whose side are you on Singapore?
– Disgruntled S’poreans: S’pore and Burma: Web of cash, power and cronies
– Urbanrant: Are Myanmar protestors breaking Singapore laws?
– The States Times: A Serious Disconnect
– Martyn See: By George, do you have blood on your hands?
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Country in a SAD, SAD state….
– What Others Say? The Day It All Came Around – The Unexpected Ouster of Burmese Strong Man Than Shwe!

28 Sep 07
– I.Z. Reloaded: The Burma Protests
– Singapore Patriot: Singapore-led ASEAN must take immediate, concrete action in Myanmar to prevent bloodshed
– Rojak or the melting pot: The Power of Faith, Muzzled
– The Online Citizen: TOC condemns violent crackdown on peaceful Burma protesters
– Zuco’s Blog: The March of the Sangha The March on Youtube
– Warblings Of A Little Bird: Myanmar more democratic than Singapore?
– Singapore Patriot: “It’s really bad in Yangon now…please can someone do something for our country”
– Readings From A Political Duo-ble: Burmese shrug off military rule
– nofearSingapore: Burma’s despotic regime has crossed the line
– kelvin quee: Singaporeans – Wear a Red Shirt on Friday for Burma
– Insanepolygon: Million Dollar Solution from The Million Dollar Minister
– ash’ventures: sign the global petition in support of the Burmese rising
– All and Sundry Singapore: Burma, Saffron Revolution, and ASEAN
– Sriram Krishnan: Burmese born blogger based in London
– Vantan.org: Social media and politics update
– HWZ: 2007 anti-government protests in Myanmar

27 Sep 07
– Mr Wang Says So: Turning Ugly
– Koh Jie Kai, TOC: Time to take a stand – an open letter to George Yeo
– The Online Citizen: Monks lead protest in Burma
– The States Times: Learning From The Maestro
– Singabloodypore: Eyewitness reports from bloggers inside Burma
– Singabloodypore: Support the Burmese Rising
– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: Is the Myanmar Bloodshed inevitable?
– ash’ventures: curfew in yangon and prison for Suu Kyi

26 Sep 07
– Singapore Angle: Challenges of ASEAN at 40
– nofearSingapore: Myanmar needs our support… but the silence is deafening!
– What Others Say?: Mandalay Dreams – Monkey Business in Myanmar

25 Sep 07
– nofearSingapore: Myanmar’s brave Buddhist clergy and personal thoughts on peaceful protest

2 Responses to Burma Protests/13th ASEAN Summit

  1. khengze says:

    Burma, the world was watching you for the revolution to be YouTubed. Now the Junta has drawn its veil of ignorance.

    Burma: The Whole Web is Watching

    Burma: Junta Draw Veil of Ignorance

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