Odex Saga

First published on 29 Aug 2007

Odex Letter
– Riuva: Breaking News!! Big Brother’s Watching You . [PDF]
– SPUG: [!!!] Big Brother’s watching you watch animes!! [!!!]

What You Are Saying
– HWZ EDMW: MO: EDMW Anti-OD3X SHIRT (Two Designs!)
– The FØØL’s Progress: 逆襲のオタ (Protest at Youth Park)
– DarkMirage: An Open Letter to Odex

The [S]Expose
– HWZ EDMW: Odex director exposed [archived]
– Atarashii Prelude: how do i gotten pwnt
The alleged comments by xysing
– DarkMirage: Odex — having your cake and eating it too

Odex loses case against Pacnet. Singnet’s no-action questioned.
– Siew Kum Hong: ODEX Pte Ltd v Pacific Internet Limited
– Insane Polygon: Glad I Am Not A Singnet Subscriber

Odex To Appeal
– HWZ EDMW: [EDMW Odex Newsflash 28-Aug-2007]Former hacker to help appeal against court ruling

Update 17 Mar 2008
– The Odex’ed — Time For Justice: Roll Call of the Odex’ed — The Time to Act Is Now

Update 14 Mar 2008
– Xedo Defense: Anime dispute tangled in legal minefield

Update 6 Feb 2008
– Looking through the eyes of_ _: Disturbing!

Update 31 Jan 08: Pacnet to give names to Japanese studios, not Odex
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain: Odex’s appeal rejected
– Alice in Wonderland: PacNet ordered by High Court to reveal alleged anime downloaders identities
– The Legal Janitor: Copyright v Privacy: compare and contrast
– reidolphin: CNY just around the corner
– 蒼天の光: Verdict on Pacnet Case Out~ Information to be given to Anime Studios
– VR zone: PacNet ordered to give list of downloaders to anime studios
– Siew Kum Hong: Odex redux

Update 4 Jan 08
– Simply Jean: Odex continues pursue of PacNet name list

Update 23 Nov 2007 [Thanks Gatou V.]
– Gatou?: Odex is aiming for overseas anime downloaders
– Lustrous Realm: A Message from Odex to the World-All Your Animes Are Belong To Us![YHBT]
– The States Times: Singapore Is Not Enough
– HWZ: Todays news on ODEX and anime downloading

Update 21 Nov 2007
– Ramblings of DarkMirage: Odex goes International!

Update 15 Oct 2007
– SG Review: Perspectives: Zero the Hero

Update 12 Oct 2007
– The FØØL’s Progress: Get Rea! – The ODEX Saga
– Gatou?: Odex Saga on Get Real – Channel News Asia Programme

Update 28 Sep 2007
– Sekai wa、 Utsukushii deshou?: Odex’s Haruhi Part II!
– EDMW: Xedo’s haruhi subs are from A.F.K lawl

Update 25 Sep 207
– The FØØL’s Progress: The ODEX Saga: Making Waves
– EDMW: [LATEST NEWS]ODEX call me to pay fine liao, any bros out there also receive?

Update 24 Sep 2007
– EDMW: While ODEX is doing crap, Bluemax is attracting customers with better anime products

Update 18 Sep 2007
– Ripperstrife: Odex protest, media blackout in Singapore

Update 13 Sep 2007
– EDMW: AVPAS & ODEX SEXPOSED – ST Forum – Whose interests is Avpas really serving?

Update 11 Sep 207
– The Fool’s Progress: 「ODEX倒す!!」: The Making Of
– Otakurean? :Our drill will thrust through the heavens!
– mrbrown: Singapore police sends 4 riot buses to deal with Ultraman?

Update 8 Sep 2007
– EDMW: Singapore anime figurine protesters meet real police

Update 7 Sep 2007
– The Ignorantsoup: Does odex have a right to give olive branch to anime downloaders?
– Princess Sabrina: Odex’s sudden change of heart?
– EDMW: [xdeo] Spare the rod and spoil the industry?

Update 6 Sep 2007
– ZeroHero: Odex To Stop Issuing Legal Letters
– Message of the Day: Odex, Throwing the White Towel?
– Subcourts Website: Official Odex judegement [PDF]
– mrbrownshow: the mrbrown show: pride and punishment

Update 5 Sep 2007
– EDMW: The New Paper Exclusive: Local anime fans berate Odex’s voice-overs

Update 4 Sep 2007
– Singapore Angle: The Chronicles of Odex: the ISPs, the Downloaders and the Customers’ Privacy
– EDMW: have odex conceded defeat for the time-being to save the company???
– EDMW: Odex stops sending out backlogged letters. What now?
– EDMW: Stephen Sing Explains
– EDMW: Odex Pheonix Wright Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
– EDMW.sg: ODEX – Chronology

Update 31 Aug 2007
– HWZ EDMW: Odex says it is not going after illegal downloaders for profit..
– HWZ EDMW: Odex to hire independent auditor to show sincerity

Update 30 Aug 2007
– HWZ EDMW: SingNet: We did not “consent” to Odex
– HWZ EDMW: Anime Case: Odex had ‘no right of civil action’

– Slashdot: To Media Companies, BitTorrent Implies Guilt (BayTSP method refuted)
– Exploring: Big Media DMCA Notices: Guilty until proven innocent (more doubts on BayTSP method)
– SGCafe: What’ll make you buy anime DVDs released by ODEX?
– 938 Live: Odex’s clamp down on illegal anime downloads – is the spirit of the law abused?

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