Daily Tech: Report Finds Starhub Blocking BitTorrent Traffic

A test result done by a German institute concerning Bittorrent blocking activities in various parts of the world has named Starhub as one of the companies that engages in Bittorrent traffic blocking.
Source. [Thanks Lurzan]

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4 Responses to Daily Tech: Report Finds Starhub Blocking BitTorrent Traffic

  1. abao says:

    Starhub was and still is blocking bittorrent traffic ever since a few years ago.

  2. The Singapore Daily says:

    How about Stinknet?

  3. Ganga says:

    In fact, by my calculation of the data provided by the project report, Starhub could be the second worst ISP to be on for BitTorrent use in the world. I have done a piece on it too and hopefully the momentum for this can pick up enough for public debate because the implications, I feel, are quite significant.

    The Singapore Daily team beat me to the ‘local release’ of this story though, damn! Hehehe…

    [*Link removed. Thanks Meow. Bad Ganga!]

  4. Meow says:

    Don’t click Ganga’s website. There’s a virus.

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