SGDaily Roundup: What’s Hot in Week 20

The Zipingpu Dam

Map credits: jaunted
(Blue key – Epicenter of earthquake)
(Yellow & Red keys – Dujiangyan Irrigation System)

This week, our papers were covered with photographs of the devastating Sichuan earthquake. The Chinese government is handling the crisis with amazing efficiency. The death toll is estimated to be 50, 000. Now, the Zipingpu dam threatens to collapse. The China authorities has taken the initiative to seek international aid to prevent the dam from collapsing.

This is such a stark contrast when it comes to the inert Burmese government. The results of the election did not come as a surprise. Considering the junta is holding onto the aid for the Burmese, we cannot help but to wonder what would happen to the supplies if the junta lost the election.

In local news, it’s all about the $$$. Transport Minister Raymond Lim revealed that current signages for the ERP gantries “are too small to be read by motorists”. Now, the 70 ERP gantries are due for “upgrading” and the tabs comes to $4.55 million.

$4.55 million because someone lack the foresight to make the signs bigger. $4.55 million… What about the needy? How many lift upgrades can be done at the residential estates? Vehicles get more priority than us humans.

The Straits Times on Friday informed that matriarch Mrs Lee suffered from a stroke. We at Singapore Daily empathise with her condition. However, we cannot see why there was a “What is a stroke?” diagram in the article. We are pretty sure that it is not the first time our favourite newspaper printed the word ‘stroke’. Ma’am, we sincerely wish you well.

Have a good long weekend.

P.S. On 12 May, The New Paper reported that Singaporeans have donated $906,000 to aid Burma. It is moving to note that amidst the inflation, Singaporeans have not forgotten how to give. Well done Singaporeans ^_^!

P.P.S. Move over Iron Man, our latest hero is *drum roll please* Chinese Premier Wen Jia Bao!

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