Daily Tech: Win XP SP3 Released

Stuff from Windows.com:
Win XP SP3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers
Win XP SP3 ISO-9660 CD Image File
Release Notes for Win XP SP3
Win XP SP3 Overview
Steps to take before you install Win XP SP3

Win XP SP3 Released
– PC World: FAQ: What you should know before installing Windows XP SP3
– KTAR.com: Should I install Service Pack 3?
– IEBlog: IE and Windows XP Service Pack 3
– ars technica: What you need to know about IE6/7/8 and Windows XP SP3
– Deseret News: Like Windows XP over Vista? You’re safe a few more years
– Supersite for Windows: Slipstreaming Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3)
– Lifehacker: Slipstream Service Pack 3 into Your Windows XP Installation CD

Reviews & Guides
– Anandtech: 24″ LCD Roundup
– OZ Hardware: Fujitsu LifeBook U1010 (3.5G) Notebook Review
– Hardwarezone: LG GGW-H20L (Blu-ray Rewriter/HD DVD-ROM)

Tech News
– Shacknews: Doom 4 Announced
– EETimes: AMD discloses 12-core server chip
– X-bit labs: AMD May Divide Itself Into Two Companies

SG Tech
– The eOK .network: First Takes: VMware Fusion 2 Beta 1

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One Response to Daily Tech: Win XP SP3 Released

  1. XP sp3 has a problem of IE7 unistallation.

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