SGDaily Roundup: What’s Hot in Week 18

In aesthetic news, Kelly Lin Xi Lei was our 100th chiobu! Yay!

Talking about a resilient bug, the dreaded Hand, Food and Mouth Disease returns. Many wonder why childcare owners and teachers were slack on the precautionary measures. Let’s just say its the “don’t fix it if it ain’t broken” syndrome.

This week, the Burmese took to voting in their red t-shirts. Voting has since been extended to 9th May. Voting extension is always dodgy isn’t it? Let’s just keep our fingers cross and hope that peace would prevail in Burma. Ditto, Tibet. The Dalai Lama has sent his envoys to meet with the Chinese officials.

In the heartlands, SDP has taken to Toa Payoh in red t-shirts with a big ‘NO’ printed at the chest, arms at the waist, adopting a Care Bear power stance. News has it that a certain lost sheep, James Gomez of the Workers’ Party was at the protest too.

The Masters of Blanco, the MDA have been wielding their magic wand to protect on eyes. Yep, we are all racehorses with the blinds who will run berserk at the sight of same gender kissing.

In regard to Mas Selamat… Mas who? We have all moved on. Even NTuC is not really about U anymore. Even the Olympic Torch has returned to China. Even.. even…

A toast to more chiobus!

P.S. Do stay on for the credits after Iron Man. Tony Stark is approached by a member of The A _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

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3 Responses to SGDaily Roundup: What’s Hot in Week 18

  1. chappy says:

    I believe Tony Stark was approached by a member of S _ _ _ _ D, not The
    A _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

  2. The Singapore Daily says:

    That member of S _ _ _ _ D, is also part of The A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ^_^

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