Daily SG: 30 Apr 2008

MSK WKS Debacle
– A Xeno Boy in Sg: Of Angry Journalists, Anger & the Evil Internet Again
– The Online Citizen: Demonising the Internet – and bloggers
– The Daily Backtrack: Nyeh
– Sheep City: We love you Chua Lee Hong
– A L V I N O L O G Y: Mas Selamat’s escape in LEGO
– Sgpolitics.net: J.B Jeyaretnam pulls no punches on DPM Wong Kan Seng over Mas Selamat’s escape

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Simply Jean: LTA did not say why it is raising ERP charges?

Free Tibet
– Yawning Bread: China and (inter)nationalism

Censorship & Pink Issues
– Sam’s Thoughts: MDA: Morality Depends on Authority

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– A Singaporean: So THIS Is Justice – Part II
– Singapore Donkey: Low democracy doesn’t mean no democracy: NCPC

The Return of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
– Alice Cheong in Wonderland: Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Daily Discourse
– Feed Me To The Fish: For every life, a little rain must fall
– nofearSingapore: Are we ready to treat our maids as humans yet?
– The Online Citizen: High cost of living – what the government can do
– Angry Ang Moh: Mr. Lee, Dr.Love and the Newspapers advice on “Sex in your car” [Thanks Vivian]

Life, the universe and everything
– Cooler Insights: Maiden Flight on the Singapore Flyer
– The eOK .network: Blogger relations best practices

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4 Responses to Daily SG: 30 Apr 2008

  1. angrymo says:

    Ah, thanks for the post, reading SingaporeDaily “daily”, great to find my post here! :)

  2. abao says:

    Happy Labour Day to SingaporeDaily :)

  3. The Singapore Daily says:

    Happy Labour Day Abao and angry Angmo!

    I always thought its funny no labour is actually being done on a day called Labour day. :-)

    Iron Man at 9:30. Woot!


  4. abao says:

    @SingaporeDaily: LOL True. Labour Day should be the only day that we’d actually do any form of labour XD.

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