Daily SG: 29 Apr 2008

MSK WKS Debacle
– THE armchair critic: No more Mas Selamat nonsense for me! No more!
– Blinking Brink: With huge pay increment, comes great accountability
– Singapore Patriot: Time to move on?
– Mr Brown: blame it on somebody (The Anyhowly Remix) [Thanks anonymous craven]

We Don’t Need No Regulation
– BHP: The Fallacy of Community Regulation [3A][3B] [1][2]

– Sgpolitics.net: MediShield changes to start from Dec 1

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– the(new)mediaslut: SMRT celebrates life as long it is not on their trains

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– Empty Vessel: Freedom of speech

– Enblocing Singapore: A Personal Thought

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Very Necessary
– URBANRANT: The “Union” in the new NTUC logo appears to fade into the background
– The Online Citizen: Uniquely Singapore

Censorship and Pink Issues
– Sam’s thoughts: The brutality of the police and gender norms
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Love Letter from Lee See Nao to Jacelyn Chan

Daily Discourse
– Ian On The Red Dot: The Straits Time Has An Ironic + Prophetic Name
– The Itch to Write: SIA’s image?

Life, the universe and everything
– Ong Jiin Joo: Esplanade Station underpass opens 30th April
– Majulah Singapura: Channel 8 Helped Made This Woman $23,000 A Month
– Mindblogging Stuff: Double entendre, Chinese-style

– A L V I N O L O G Y: Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day!~

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  1. Association of Kueh Lapis Dentist says:

    Thxs SG Daily for bringing us all the BPH. Without ppl like u seeking out their voice. The message would be drowned out and lost and we will all be none the wiser. These idiots actually believe people have so much time to try to look for them all over the greater internet! So this service is really convenient for some of us regular readers. As not even The ST, The Online Citizen etc aggregates them, let me guess? They dont see or hear. Or perhaps they cannot see and dont want to hear. As they are afraid to see and hear. How then are we to believe these people when they say, we will protect your rights?

    God Bless!

  2. Darkness says:

    Jannifer & gang,

    How are you all? Look its a good thing that aggregators like TOC dont see, hear or even claim to read us. Let alone choose to aggregate us, its really a reflection of what they really believe, stand and uphold – so as you correctly said; how can they be even be entrusted to protect our rights, let alone con’t to inform us all impartially.

    I agree 100%, as many of my post have been censored by TOC. You can go and ask them if you do not believe me.

    In life when you make things difficult for ppl, they will just adapt and overcome and simply be stronger. That will remain the facts of life.

    Indirectly, they are just making us stronger and increasing the our attractiveness. I really hope they will con’t this – it can only be good for us.

    As by not seeing, hearing or registering us we are the stuff of worn out jeans and less than perfect products ppl normally associated with the real and authentic.

    There is a appeal there. This hardly requires any elaboration.

    I hope they con’t to do what they are doing as it will only give them a false sense of confidence and security.

    As since they have done this we have managed to recruit nearly 9 new writers.

    So please keep it up.

    Life is not so simple, just bc you want me to die doesn’t mean I will die on your account. You must be fucking kidding me.

    Good nite all,

    Darkness 2008

  3. shoestring says:

    It’s been a while since I had second thoughts about TOC. They seem to enjoy finding fault with virtually everything the government does. Some I agree with, others, I find petty. But the overall effect is incessant whining that makes netizens look like a bunch of unreasonable, immature losers. That makes it difficult for anyone to take netizens seriously even when they have something constructive to offer. And the MSM is leveraging on that to discredit anything related to the Internet.

    Then we have the Choo Zheng Xi controversy. I gave them the benefit of doubt, but hey, that guy is now leading some crusade to erect more walls to fence anonymous netizens in just get what they want. Their strategy is uncannily similar that of the government they continually criticise – do first, consult later.

    Deregulate the Net? Do not be deceived. They are effectively proposing to tear down laws that are inconvenient to them and to transfer the power of regulating the Net to a select group. It doesn’t take a genius to wake up to the alarm bells of potential abuse by this group of people who possess the power to shut dissenters up in the name of moderating the community. Again, doesn’t this sound familiar.

    And what is the Internet to them? Judging from the proposal, it is comprised of different media, instruments to be used to express themselves freely, which they currently are unable to. But do they really understand the implications of “deregulating” the “Internet” based on a loosely defined so-called lowest denominator?

    We need to look at the Internet as a composite of entities and individuals instead media. The former are capable of good as well as bad. They comprise the strong as well as the weak, those who can do harm, and those who need to be protected. Deregulation could well give the already powerful or greedy the license to abuse media and use unscrupulous means to achieve their own ends at the expense of the weak and naive. If that is already happening in real life, won’t the same happen in the virtual?

    So, I find the slogan “Deregulate the Internet” at best a misrepresentation of the G15 proposal and at worst, misleading.

  4. Darkness says:


    “We need to look at the Internet as a composite of entities and individuals instead media.”

    Indeed Shoestring. My feel is they (the 15) should have engaged the thinking people in MDA, IDA etc earnestly. Don’t even need to engage the decision makers and skirt the dead wood, just this lot will do very nicely.

    You see in life, when you don’t have the thinking people firmly behind you; nothing ever happens. It doesn’t matter even if 99.9% of the population want change, nothing will happen without the buy in of this people. Because in every oligarchy, the brain controls all the processes, so these are the real decision crafters who decision makers will invariably refer too whenever they have to make a decision – they are the real power behind the machine as they are the ones who are most familiar with all the levers of power.

    There aren’t many of them, perhaps a roomful at most, but if you walk in there as the 15 bloggers have done with a baseball bat and give them ultimatums – I really don’t know how you are going to make progress unless you tell me digging a communal grave is some form of progress – this I fear may have been what the G-15 have effectively done, they have alienated the brain and we all know, if you do not have the intellectuals in your right pocket, nothing can ever happen.

    So because of these handful of keh kiang ppl all of us now will probably languish in perpetuity in our zoo – as the brains will probably say very correctly, we may be dealing with irrational people here; so we would have to provision that in the plan as well; so high walls will feature along with piranha’s in the moat, snipers, search lights and ball seeking Alsatians.

    If it was us, we would send our most capable and affable diplomats (someone like Harphoon or Vollariane. Anyone but me, only bc the only EQ. I know is ‘Enter Quick’ la which I regularly use on my some bird on the sofa on a Friday night) to engage their brightest; we will probably in the course of these diplomatic discussions talk about mountain bikes, girls and how best to turn the wheel of life in our little island, but one thing is for certain; we will not take a baseball bat there as much as we will begin by saying, “we seek to understand first.” Followed by, “how can we be of service?”

    My feel is they have squandered this golden opportunity for all of us thinking people in the net as well and now all we have to do is go through what I call the cult of Mr Brown broken record song and dance. Yes, this is very much in the wings – when the G-15 fail, none of them will look inwards and search them into the depths of their soul to even ask why or could it have been done better – instead they will claim that the brains are a bunch of hard headed elitist, unreasonable, power crazy etc – and so the whole internet will run amok as it did during the Mr Brown saga.

    My feel Shoestring is there is no wisdom here, not even a bit.

    Darkness 2008

  5. shoestring says:


    There is wisdom here, but it is suppressed instead of heeded. Because selfishness is not easy to handle.

    I hope the G15 realize what they are actually proposing:

    1 Do away with REAL world laws that are inconvenient to some
    2 Introduce unnecessary moderation in the VIRTUAL world

    (1) is deregulating the real world, but they seem to have confused it with deregulating the virtual world. In fact, their basis for repealing Acts is this – what you can’t do in the real world, you can already do in the virtual. So what’s the point, they say. What is there to deregulate in the Internet, I ask?

    (2) is regulating the Internet where it is not already regulated. A few of them are already regulating comments on their blogs. Perhaps they want more to do like they do.

    So, what do they mean when they ask netizens to help “Deregulate the Internet”?

    Have a nice day, Darkness.

  6. NEW ARTICLE 30-04-08 says:


    To navigate the reads on this subject please click here: http://intelligentsingaporean.wordpress.com/2006/09/21/why-i-would-like-to-leave/#comment-33828

    Q: Why don’t you consider it progress when the G-15 say; from now onwards bloggers will manage other bloggers? Surely it’s infinitely better than the government regulating bloggers.

    A: I am extremely disappointed (deleted) Look here you can only buy into that populist clap trap; if you didn’t know it was Jews who the Germans referred to as the Kapos who played a major role in policing, terrorizing and regularly herding their fellow Jews into communal gas showers in Dachau and Auschwitz. Or if you believe plantation slaves weren’t regularly brought to heel by ‘house’ or ‘Tom’ slaves which estate managers relied on to prop up the slave economy in Southern America. For that matter we can even ask ourselves an elephant question; like how did only 30,000 British administrators manage to rule over 250 million people covering a geographical foot print from the Malayan Peninsula to the Blue Mountain ridges of the Afghan kyhber pass?

    Here I believe its naïve to assume where power and politics features it doesn’t have the capacity to produce a multi headed hydra. Given the right conditions and motivations it’s conceivable, it can and will!

    It’s a fallacy to believe bloggers are somehow morally insulated from the forces of complicity, tyranny and oppression. That’s a fantasy. I am very sorry to burst you bubble.

    To me it’s a lousy way to move forward. Smart people never put their hopes in people as much as in good systems. To be honest, I don’t give two shits who governs us; it could even be aliens or the council of the planet of the apes, at the end of the day; I’ve rather take my chances with good systems than good people.

    Q: Darkness, I want us to return to something you mentioned earlier; where you said Jews or rather Kapos were responsible for terrorizing Jews. What are you in effect saying, that fellow bloggers will one day even terrorize fellow bloggers. I really find it hard to believe as it sounds so incredulous (cut off)

    A: Sharon I kid you not! Let me try to explain to you why that scenario is not altogether implausible: do you agree, if I said, the net has been largely an egalitarian and featureless domain? But as soon as you create something like a committee or even a community regulator; (cut off)

    Q: I am sorry to cut you off mid way, but since you like to do that to me. I would just like to do the same to you for once Darkness. I just want to say no where in Bernard Leong’s write up does he ever use the word ‘community regulator.’ I believe the correct term he forwarded was ‘community moderator.’ Can you please use the correct term?

    A: I am sorry. I cannot do that. Agreed the term community moderator was never used by BL; however, if you examine the scope of its powers; no one can deny, not even you, it’s closer to a regulator than a moderator; a moderator doesn’t have the power to sanction community led punitive actions. Neither does it have the power to issue out a warning in the name of the community or to even recommend to the authorities to take further action on a would be offender. Please go and do your homework and read BL’s write up again! I will have to insist on using this term only because it remains the most accurate description that best describes what it does – regulate in the name of the community.

    Q: Lets leave that matter aside; allow me to reiterate my original question; where you said Jews or rather Kapos were responsible for terrorizing fellows Jews. What are you in effect saying that fellow bloggers will one day even terrorize fellow bloggers. Don’t you think you are a bit paranoid here?

    A: There is a big difference between being prudent and paranoid. As I mentioned earlier before you interrupted me. The net is presently a relatively egalitarian and featureless landscape. But when something like a community regulator suddenly appears; it’s like one of those ancient societies that begins fashioning some tower of Babel and filling it up with an oligarchy of high priest etc – this really prompts us all to consider what is the implications of the sudden appearance of a super social structure in our blogo landscape?

    I need both you and the bloggers to take sometime and to consider this.

    Will it have the capacity to alter the social and cultural attributions which makes up our net? i.e linkages and networks. Now you don’t need special knowledge to understand this part; all you need to do. Believe it me or not is to play one round of Sim City; and that sort of complex push and pull dynamics really unfolds marvelously to explain how complicated it can get.

    If you notice even in this simple game when you build something it has a ripple or shock wave effect; it just doesn’t stop at a hotel; as much it precipitates a host of other things which will follow in its wake; like highways, hospitals, shops, along with multi storey carparks, utilities, whore houses which may lead to not only depreciation or appreciation in intrinsic value of the neighborhood. But it also has an effect on the demographics, activity levels etc.

    Now the reason why I brought up this game up, is when you introduce a committee its very much like building on of these super structure; but here and don’t miss this part out; it’s the key; you’re not really in control of the game, as much as the game controls you i.e you are simply reacting to events so you’re really like the red queen in Alice in wonderland, who keeps on shouting ‘faster’ and ‘faster’ as she tries to out run her world; now if you read that story it really a parody because she can never outrun her world as the game she is playing is really just called catch up. Now this important for your understanding because when you start something like a committee, you don’t control it as much as the events will eventually control it, but what does this mean?

    It just means your chances of succeeding is equal to fucking it all up – now the problem here, is it not game, you can reset it and play again.
    Q: Darkness in the model you have shared with us; can you please give us one example of how these unpredictable occurrences can really balloon and take over the whole?

    A: Let’s not complicate our already complicated lives. As we are really dealing with a subject that even stretches the limits of my understanding. So let me try to simplify matters here; now the way I see the net. It’s really just one big pond with all types of fishes; and there is already an ecological balance. I know it’s not exactly tankhood, but it’s not nearly as feral a place as its so often depicted by BL & Co either.

    All in all, it’s a place where fights do break out occasionally, but by and large people will just go to their respective quadrants and so the general peace is maintain through a tacit system of deterrence, forward interdiction, parlance etc. But bear in mind all this doesn’t come about free. This is something I need to emphasize; its not free and neither is it accidental either and it really an accretion of egalitarianism, that’s to say what we seeing here is a very a product of a hands off policy on the net; which accounts for why; everyone is really quite equal, because no one has really create a social hierarchy in the net.

    The problem is when you introduce something like a committee, then something juts out from the social landscape; its not only a departure from the flat egalitarian social model, but it’s also has all the possibilities of swallowing, chewing and spitting the rest of the net into something other than an egalitarian landscape. Here I think, it worth highlighting what we have is an interventionist policy as opposed to a laissez-faire hands off approach.

    So the trigger can really be something quite benign like even something like a committee but the effects can very well be amplified; and this really is a bit like one those environmental horror stories; we often hear about; When someone thought it would just be a dainty idea to bring a pot of flowers from the old to new world to brighten up the porch or dress up their bonnet with from time to time.

    But what happens when that species of weed finds its way into the local ecology and proliferates only to overreach its territory very much like a super invader? In this analogy we really need to ask ourselves whether this committee has the capability to make those sort of leaps?

    Here what you need to understand is, the whole idea of what BL is proposing in the form of this tripartite community has every potential not only to redraw the landscape, but to even transform the social structure of our blogosphere to such an extent that it may not be so desirable.

    Q: Darkness you have poked fun at Bernard Leong’s tripartite committee comprising of named bloggers, blog readers and internet experts. Of the three classifications your ire seems to be particularly vicious towards internet experts where in the past you have referred to them as urination technique experts, reincarnation of Nostradamus, Alchemist, love potion quacks etc – can you tell us why you find this label so far fetched?

    A: Hey look, I am business man. So I put a premium on the aperture of predictability, that’s why before I even decide to sign on a deal. I go through the numbers with a fine tooth comb, but I am also realistic enough to back off when I believe, I may be dealing with a linear or predictable scenario – and the internet really falls into this classification.

    If you really want to know whether there is really such a thing as an internet expert; then consider this imaginary experiment; let’s say we get 50 of our brightest President Scholars and 10 of our superman ministers and put them into a time machine and providing no one breaks wind, they would lumber out of this time machine to the year 1985, we will also do them the courtesy of erase all their known memories of the present with a powerful vacuum cleaner, magnet or something.

    So when they arrive at this timeline, they have no knowledge aforethought of the present or future. In this game we give them $100 million, but there is only one condition, they can only invest in audio firms and the goal is to maximize their gains over a 20 year period – so suddenly our wonder boys find themselves back to the happy days of shoulder pads, Elton John, big hair do’s, killer cars with no airbags, walkmans and probably to an age when Sumiko was still a dreamy eyed happy soul who believed in sweet serendipity and wasn’t regularly writing about why we should all stick our head in the microwave oven etc – now you can only believe in such a thing as an internet expert, if you believe for one moment, these wonder boys will not put all their chips on Sony or Toshiba and instead seriously consider Apple.

    But bear in mind during the 80’s, Sony controlled nearly 90% of the audio market because they invented the walkman and Apple was basically a company who were still producing dorky migraine inducing computers, music was still very much in the research back burner.

    So my point is simply this, if you can tell me you for certain those wonder boys have the foresight to make the right decision.

    Then by all means come in and regulate all you want. I’ve even roll out the red carpet with flower petals and a 21 gun royal salute complete with a belly dancing troupe, but if you have even have so much as 10% doubt, then I believe they have no place here.

    If there is only one lesson the history of the internet regularly throws out; it’s this; nothing is predictable. My feel is; if someone doesn’t even have the wisdom to understand this; and leave something alone, then they just have a very poor appraisal of their strengths and weaknesses against what they are up against; and you can never win the day with that sort of arrogant smarty pants attitude.

    [Jasta 1 / JUMO – Darkness / Sharon – The Brotherhood Press)

    To navigate to the very beginning of this discussion go the Daily SG: 28 Apr 2008
    under BHP.

  7. patriot says:

    Darkness have made a very elaborate explanation of a very simple truth!

    Personally, I appreciate and thank him for his effort. And I appreciate and love freedom, as freee as the empty space that does not even block ones’ sight.


  8. NEW ARTICLE 30-4-08 says:


    Q: Sharon: I am not sure, I understand you Darkness, but are you saying; we should leave the internet alone?

    A: Darkness: Yes Sharon. To endeavor to understand this; you don’t have to learn anything new as much as unlearn many of our home grown assumptions of how we typically define organizational and personal success – you see, its really very simple. I don’t believe the good currency we regularly see in the net is solely the product of sheer accident, coincidence and serendipity ; how can it be?

    In my calculations that has to be a nonsense, there has to be something more to this story.

    So what’s the story?

    If you really think long and hard about it; the net cannot be so different from our own brick and mortar world – how can it be? – for one people and culture still feature very prominently, along with perhaps a million other things that one can bring online; now if can entertain the possibility there may even exist ghetto’s, sub-cultures and even organized criminals in our real world and even the odd terrorist cell who are fashioning bombs and blowing up themselves in their kitchens and yet despite all that the good currency still manages to win the day by regularly bringing us new products and services, like ipod, warcraft, Amazon.com, Playboy and Ipod etc.

    Why then is it so difficult for us to buy into the idea of leaving the net alone?

    It hardly makes any sense Sharon.

    Why do we even feel that we have a right to intervene? Do you even see the arrogance and temerity to even assume such a state of mind in the first place?

    BL and his colleagues would have as all believe a better tomorrow in the internet can only be purchased, if we busy ourselves with zoo keeping. My feel is we should be bee keepers instead – and even allow events to take its course.

    My feel is there is wisdom in this path and it requires verve and imagination in the way of hope.

    Let me share with you something we have been working very hard on, [darkness leans towards the coffee table and activates a small metallic orb; it whirls in a while a holo-image of Times square New York city fills the room] Look, hear and feel – go with the flow Sharon, its interactive.

    You cannot deny the most vibrant cities more or less mirrors this reality. Look at it! Take the full sweep of it, it’s an isotropic imager, we are experimenting with for project Entropia, courtesy of my good friend Dr Chandra.

    Sharon, walk with me – come to me. I want you to understand, you’re looking at a less than perfect world here; somewhere in this Apple, every 32 sec someone is getting pickpocketed; someone is getting shouted down; someone is getting hoodwinked; then again somewhere in this concrete jungle where people themselves make up the very raw materials of the great experiment of life; a Michelango has just put the finished the final touches to his masterpiece, an Einstein has shouted out ‘Eureka’ and a Rockfellar is cutting his first deal of the century; that in a nutshell is how I see our own humble Singapore net developing into in maybe 10 to 15 years time.

    But one thing is certain here, it will never ever be BL’s utopia as much as what we are seeing right now; as this is how it really is. This is what it takes to be a lightning rod – here somewhere between two lamppost, is the reason why the New York’s, Hong Kong’s and London’s of this world are what they are – do I deny they are even resented and derided for their crassness, arrogance, double dealing, dirt, questionable morals, lackes rectitude and so forth.

    No, not even for one moment – yet something tells me deep in my heart of hearts, global resentment may yet be the highest compliment a city, a netscape or even a blogger can receive, as this can only mean, it’s happening and so the brightest, talented and gifted will always aspire to be part of its history, along with the most rebellious, questioning and those who seek the truth like us.

    Do you understand why the net needs to be left alone?

    Q: Darkness, thank you for being so patient with me. I am sorry, if it over extended in the way it did. I am new at this, but I really enjoyed this session. Do you have any parting words before we close?

    A: I’ve have put my heart and soul into this. When you love something, it’s easy to give it all. Thank you Phi Beta Kapa.

    I would like to thank everyone who has made this series possible. As there are many in the background such the guild, asdf, the singapore daily etc.

    Thank you.

    Darkness 2008


    [Darkness / Sharon Interview – Jasta 1 and JUMO / holoscape was brought to you courtesy of the IMG – Mindscape© & Quantapoint Tech and Phantom Works – The Brotherhood Press 2008 / This interview was prepared with consultative material from the ASDF who acted as advisors (The Think Tank of the Brotherhood) in jv with the interspacing and mercantile guild / The confederation of gamers – the Brotherhood Press – 2008]

  9. Darkness says:

    Hello my friends,

    In this few days alone. I have received a flood of mail from some of you regarding the subject of how one may join the brotherhood – the answer is simply this; you must find us in the greater expanse of virtual; everyone who has ever been part of our fold has made this life changing journey by stepping forward; the first rule of the truth is never to trust your eyes and ears and to simply let go.

    We call this the ‘sword mind,’ where the warrior seeks that place of endless contradiction between movement and stillness, light and darkness and chaos and order – here and only here will the door way reveal itself to your higher understanding.

    If you do not heed this advice you will never be able to find us, not even in one million years.

    I can say no more my friends – I wish you all the best of luck, hot tea, biscuits and a blanket with be waiting for you on the other side – see you there – membership cannot be denied to anyone who makes it across the great void to the Shaldal-hal-lud.

    I wish you all luck in the game of the century, God speed.

    Darkness 2008


  10. Darkness says:

    Hello old and new readers of the BP,

    I have received a lot of mail concerning the question of what will we do if this committee of vices or this community regulator comes about?

    Let me share with you what I think; it’s a bit like religion; if people don’t consider it important; then it’s irrelevant and it doesn’t even have the capacity to affect one second of their lives – its really as simple as that.

    Life is not so simple that you pin a scarlet letter on someone and lo and behold, he will just fall in line – you have to be kidding me!

    My feel is it changes absolutely nothing; simply because it doesn’t even have one molecule of legitimacy or justificatory reason why it should even exist in the first place; doesn’t even matter, if LKY gives it his seal of approval; or any block head in govt; it will mean absolutely zero to either me or even any of our new and old readers.

    Always remember this; we have critical mass; so when you have that in your left pocket; the right pocket will sort itself out.

    I am even prepared to slick back my hair and put on my Zegna peng san – in between leg wetting suit and even take on the whole G-15 or any wax works who wants to challenge me on this issue; All they have to do is just tell me where X marks the spot and I will be there – no notes, no prompting, no guild, no asdf just me alone and the whole wide world.

    Why am I sharing this with all of you? Because that is really how flimsy and pastry light their argument is! I kid u all not, within one minute; their whole justificatory premise will just come down like a pack of cards! I don’t bluff you; if you think we so dumb to reveal all our tactical and strategic positions in the interview series; then you are naïve; we have plenty of poison tipped arrows on stand by and all of them will find the mark – I want to assure every single one of you.

    So there must never be fear; fear is the mind killer; always remember that.

    This is not new to me.

    Besides judging from the mail, I believe we already have a critical mass as far as our own readers are concerned; so even if they decide to bulldoze through with this whole idea; they will have neither the support, authority or even the resolve to do what they want to do.

    One thing is certain it will not stop me from asking inconvenient questions of NLB or anyone else; like how is it possible that only 11 blogs can represent the whole of blogosphere? Neither will it stop me from labeling so called internet experts as urination technique gurus. Or even regularly challenging cherian. They can even shoot arrows at me all day till I look like a porcupine – there is absolutely zero impact.

    As you can see nothing will change, only because as I said, it is a bit like religion and I want you all to remember this! Besides we all know religion is a very personal matter – and no one has a right to force it down your throat. So please, I hope this sort of mail will stop.

    Darkness 2008

  11. Darkness says:

    My read of the terrain is this; we may be fighting a hidden group of planners; the rest of the G-15 plan cannot succeed; so there is no point wasting time there.

    But there is a real possibility the plan involving the community regulator can and will as there is a very powerful hidden agenda there.

    Only because if you look very carefully it’s the only proposal that doesn’t require the law to be changed; do you understand – that’s the give away – the clue even.

    Our real enemies are these planners in the shadows. We must draw them out; they are hiding underneath their skirts; they are very careful not to reveal their hand; so it pays to remain patient; to even give them a false sense of security to lead them into the false belief all is going according to plan; then hopefully someone will get ya ya papaya and he will fuck it up; that is the way with stupid ppl who think they are worth more than they are really worth; they will over stretch deeper, still we do nothing; deeper; still nothing happens – deeper even, yet nothing happens; till they cross that imaginary line of no return; when the hinterland is but a distant dream; then and only then will we attack in full force and cut off their supply lines, scissor through their ranks. There will be nothing left.

    Absolutely nothing.

    This way we will inflict maximum damage; by the time we have finished with these planners the only net they will be managing is a mosquito net somewhere in some snake infested Amazon jungle; because that is where their bosses will post them too.

    My feel is we must run deep and silent – kill all the post.

    I think it’s best; if all of you just consider this a fairy tale about a distant land.

    Darkness 2008

  12. shoestring says:

    Lol mosquito net? I am outta here!

  13. terrapin says:

    I cant see how they can possibly win now. Reading this just tells me how many gaping holes they have in their proposal to our gahmen. I am actually quite shocked and still speechless. If I was them, the only way out now is to find a face saving way to do a quiet u turn. That could be one reason why if you notice the MSM is keeping mum about everything, there wasnt even a follow up, it just vanished from the radar. By the looks of it its going straight into the bin and will probably end up in some land fill. Look at it this way, at least the proposal was a hard copy, its bio degradable. There is hope after all.

  14. aiboh says:

    Wow! For a while, I was wondering why Most popular read was permanently super glued to Daily SG: 29 Apr 2008? Just wondering what kinda of readership are we talking abt here? How many people is it going out too? I tried to use a few search sites engines to find out abt the BPH, but on every occasion, I either got kicked backed or the my computer just hung. Very strange.

  15. dentist jan says:

    You will never find out Aiboh. You know why dont you? Technically, the BP isn’t really a blog and they will never ever be one. The more you force them into a box, the more they will jump out. They are more like one of those travelling caravans with a whole lot of unruly gypsies. To be perfectly honest with you. I have absolutely not idea what they really are, but I dont care, as Darkness said in his concluding chapter of the interview series,

    “To understand this, you DONT need to learn, as much as UNLEARN some of our home grown assumptions…”

  16. NEW ARTICLE 5-5-08 BP says:


    I am sure some of you are familiar with Cherian George and his idea of freeing up the press. I have no idea where the article is but I faintly remember it being pitched under the tagline; investing professionalism in our press, where Cherian advances a whole of ideas of why a freer press would be able seed the supreme good and drive out the dystopian bad from our society. Now you don’t have to read that article because if you really want a summary of it; it can be expressed mathematically in machine language quite succinctly in the following terms with hardly any violence; more freedom = better press / less freedom = net will continue to be a zoo, as we are likely to give the press a miss for the real thing.

    How true is his formulation? Will decoupling the press from its self aggrandizing nation building role really revivify it? Or is this just a sobriquet panacea? A simplification at best?

    My feel is Cherian’s formulation deserves closer examination only because the sum of what he’s forwarding is really closer to alchemy, than anything that resembles cold cut logic; in a nut shell, there is a flaw in his logic when he suggest simply by ‘opening’ on a regulated press. This magically ‘opens’ up endless opportunities for a broader all inclusive national discourse that will hopefully reclaim that loss that eclectic class of readers who may have been seduced by the delectable lies of the feral net.

    To those who claim, I am out to cause intellectual offence. Nothing can be further from the truth. As it hardly takes one very long to figure out, dear Cherian has obviously never read an article entitled, “why I will never ever read a blog or ever.” Am I surprised such repressed views do from time to time secret their way out from the cloistered cloves of the sisterhood? Nope, only because I know the sisters of perpetual hesitation (SPH) very well – I even have the scars to prove it. What you need to understand here is, in their surreal reality mind bending world; the truth isn’t really the truth, as much as it remains plasticine to be shaped into every shape and form to fit their erudite world; here when one of the sisterhood’s mother superior Sumiko aka mother of all bo lang ai’s sighs and exclaims; “Ladies, I’ve missed the boat.” A cheery chorus of “Well done, our aim must be improving” resounds. Yes, my friends so do you now see; why I am so concerned when Cherian even suggest the idea of freedom. What astounds even me is how he may not have considered how even these reporters may be altogether so different having lived for a prolonged period in an ivory tower; they may even be inept and ill prepared to handle the whole idea of freedom.

    Here we begin to notice the fissures in Cherian’s contention of freeing up the press. In one great leap of faith, he accomplishes this without even once dwelling on the cogent issue of first having to re-constituting the intellectual deficit needed to sustain a free and independent press. If you can buy into his idea that we are already encumbered by a ‘crippled press,’ then its conceivable the sum total of what currently exist now in the ranks of the press corps must really so riven, that they are not only complacent and supine but have also nourished their own self aggrandizing version of their raison d’etre and what must be emphasized here is; what they have fashioned must really be so different from the real brick and mortar world that it can do very little in the way of soliciting agreement even with the vast majority of readers who have decided to migrate on-line. Think about it.

    Tell me can they, the press even be reasonably entrusted to do the right thing? And not abuse this new found freedom to assert their hold on our collective consciousness by using ever more nefarious means?

    And this leads me to perhaps the biggest flaw in Cherian’s proposal. Now here I do not doubt, the press corps in general comprises of an eclectic pool of averagely educated aspirants who all seek the truth very much like all of us and perhaps they can even be counted on to do the right thing. The problem with that sort of logic is it assumes there can only one version of the universal and timeless truth.

    While it remains palpably true; every vocational calling tends to make representations concerning how power and politics affect people to master or in some way continue to assert their hold on the public. Yet, not all oligarchies make these representations and in fact master and control them so as to regularly bring goodies to people. It didn’t happen to the nuclear technologies who promised us all sixpence for wattage with the advent of the nuclear age; or even with nutritionist, who once wax lyrical about solving global hunger by being able to deliver 3 square meals into something as compact as a pill. Neither did the much heralded age of supersonic air travel bring with it the promise of cheaper and faster trans continental flights – when I consider how every door man in the business class lounge even knows how I want my bacardi and lime served up.

    This is the vital distinction that needs to be grappled with when we consider the idea of freeing up the press; knowing what’s good doesn’t mean people will necessarily deliver good, not when it runs counter to their interest – such vocational territorial instincts are just confined to journalist but one can even say it extends right across to the spectrum of trades to explain why opticians suddenly turn into undertakers when they insist on telling us no end how Lasik is still very much in the experimental stage and its long term effects are still unknown. Or why professional call girls never ever accept American Express and only insist on cash transactions – This requires us to ask further what really makes up the marrow of the bones of a free press? Does it just require freeing it up as Cherian said? Or does it require something more in the way of complimentary thoughtware?

    Here perhaps we would do well to familiarize ourselves with something which Cherian has elided; what it really takes to be a real press and this leads us into the mind of what it takes to be an oppositional writer. Here one could just as well substitute the term journalist for novelist, blogger, satirist or even cartoonist – it matters little. What we need to understand from the onset is the modern idea of the oppositional writer, is essentially someone who writes against power, questions the political order of his day or the even locks horns with the whole apparatus of assimilation of the marketing manifesto. He was never once a protected species as much as he remains one who was derided, hunted and even openly gunned down. Against the backdrop of hollowed out buildings, twisted metal and broken window panes; the oppositional writer is first and foremost an opportunist, here like a sniper, he cultivates the oblique eye; he doesn’t need a lot of shots to bring down an elephant; here the mantra is one shot; one kill. And what is he fighting against? What the fuss about?

    Well, if I had to pin it down to one word; its what I call “great lie” – the idea that if good won over evil, then its only by the slimmest of margins. And here the oppositional writer is never ever comfortable as much as he’s riled by his acute sense that he is very much part of the discomfort zone; where he may even be living in a reductively binary culture and attempts to leech away his real world; in this world you are either successful or a failure; a scholar or a peasant; with us or against us; functional or autistic; patriot or anarchist; straits times or the on line citizen; and so its conceivable when such a writer commits himself to waging an un relentless war against that sort of flattening of the field of possibilities; he may even have to reconcile himself to standing apart from everything that Cherian has even proposed which would have amenable to nourishing the very idea of a free press.

    This effectively demolishes Cherian’s myth; and here what you need to ask yourself; can the freedom to write in the comfort of ease without the fear of state inspired harassment, persecution and bullying even produce such a thing as the oppositional writer?
    I don’t think so. I suspect freedom not only saps the will and breaks the spirit, but it does it less to inure the oppositional writer with the right state of mind to tease out the nuances and to seek out the greys in our omnipresent binary world.

    If anything when that day comes when journalist, bloggers or even the diarist are even venerated by the main stream anything, be it the political machinery, big businesses or even the MSM; it probably means real writing that continually seeks out the truth has dwindled to near nothingness and what will follow can only be something very close to the binary black and white world.

    Life is not so simple Cherian. It never was and it never will be, not in the real or even the virtual. I am Darkness and this just took me 18 min 25 secs. (sorry for the by passing the proof reading, no time, have to move on to the next target).

    Darkness 2008

    (The Brotherhood Press 2008)

    Related Article: http://intelligentsingaporean.wordpress.com/2006/09/21/why-i-would-like-to-leave/#comment-33848

  17. Darkness says:

    Dear Readers,

    Judging from the numerous postings in our own bulletin board and the prodigious amount of mail transacted – there are rumors to the effect, we are busy fueling our space ships and preparing for a blast off.

    I want to assure you all, my current dispute with the Vollairaine and his thugs (the ASDF) will not lead us to make such a decision. This merely confirms what I have suspected abt the ASDF, they are a bunch of carpet bagging politicians who sell themselves out as Statesmen.


    Be cool and hang loose. You could say this is first lesson one learns; if one aspires to dance to the tune.

    Darkness 2008

  18. kelly says:


  19. agnes lee says:

    “Be cool and hang loose. You could say this is first lesson one learns; if one aspires to dance to the tune.”

    OK I trust you. I have never ever posted before. This is my first time. I just wish to say Darkness, we have our own community and they have theirs. We do not need them. Infact, we can even cut them off completely and still be completely self sufficient. So dont fret. There is no need to seek understanding. Not when we have our own world.

  20. lapurgar says:

    If you ppl claim you are not preparing for a blast off. Why has the activity in the bulletin board dropped by 50% in just a period of 24 hours? I do not understand why Darkness is so stubborn. Practically, everyone who blogs these days operates a blog, but for some strange reason, he has to be different. Why dont we blog? Because we do not blog. Does it make our life as readers easier? No it doesn’t. Infact, its a bloody inconvenience. Look here, let me tell you all frankly what I think about this whole proposal from the 15 bloggers. No one gives one flipping shit about that proposal. Look around you in the whole of blogosphere. NO ONE GIVES TOO SHITS ABOUT IT. THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE JUMPING LIKE JACK RABBITS ARE YOU PEOPLE. YOU KNOW WHY/ THEY DONT GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT IT! and that even includes if the thought police committee comes in. So what? It will change absolutely nothing. Judging from todays article, it shows only too clearly, the more you push people to one corner, the more, they will fight back. If it comes then worry about, it is doesnt just do what you ppl have been doing. But let me just tell you all one thing. We are sick and tired of this moving here and there monkey business!

  21. Many Teddies says:

    I frankly think “WHY FREEING UP THE PRESS WILL JUST KILL BLOGGERS” is just a circular thing.

    The only reason why bloggers write is because there is no free press and thus, alternative views.

    —If my opinion has been represented, I only need to agree; why write?

  22. Darkness says:

    Many Teddies,

    Why am I doing this to you? How is it possible that it shots all the way up to No.1 again? I want to give you a preview of the real size of the brotherhood press. If the truth, be know be known even the online citizen, Mr Wang and Mr Brown are really specks compared to us; this is no idle boast; it takes nothing short of skill to move huge tracts of readers in a matter of minutes; you can fool a visitor counter; its really as simple as that; you could even say it is skill that not even the Singapore Daily or for that matter even Inspir3d ever once understood; but all this and more, we can do very well. And we do so very well. I want you to understand one thing, I write everyday and if you can consider this as a fact of life; then it’s also conceivable; we may have a large following. You see this is something that NLB, Cherian or for that matter Bernard Leong doesn’t understand; when a man writes often; someone doesn’t just reads. There is a relationship. Just because they don’t post doesn’t mean; no one is there; it just means, you don’t see them; do you understand me “many teddies’ fuck? I want you think about that when you decide to do what you did again. Will you do that for me? I will stop here for now, but let this be a warning; don’t ever disrupt my thread again. Or I will do it again – thank you

    Guild cut SLF – 1 to 6 , that’s enough.

    Darkness 2008

  23. Many Teddies says:

    Many Teddies doesn’t understand:

    “I want you think about that when you decide to do what you did again. Will you do that for me? I will stop here for now, but let this be a warning; don’t ever disrupt my thread again. Or I will do it again – thank you”

    And the part before that is utterly incoherent; no points stated, just a load of Darknessy-nonsensically-boastful-brouhaha.

    A “fuck” after our namesake also makes no sense whatsoever in terms of fluency of writing, melody nor meaning.

    But that’s why we clap so often.


    *Many Teddies clap-clap*

    Reporter: Why do you clap?

    Many Teddies: No idea. We just is.

  24. Darkness says:

    We aint going to blog – dont care, nlb, govt, pap, law or even you. No blog.

    You can tell your masters to go fuck their daughters for all I care.

  25. shoestring says:

    Lol, Darkness and the BHP must have got them peeing in their pants, they are now running awol with verbal diarrhoea. A move of desperation for sure ‘cos there is nothing else they can do to stop the boys.

  26. Darkness says:

    Go tell your masters, no blog. We are not going to blog. Doesn’t matter what kinda of dirty tactics you use to get me into a blog. I am not going into a blog. Do you understand simple English?

    They have to either shut me down or let me be.


    Darkness 2008

  27. Many Teddies says:

    Darkness seems to be too full of himself.

    Always think Teddies & Co. mean something.

    So sure! So confident!

    *rolls eyes*

    Whatever Darkness says, we already don’t understand since a very long time ago.

    All babies down into the storm drains; all babies are dried and dead; all symbols lie as mere glass beads.

    Whatever else, we just try to pick up where we are.

  28. Darkness says:

    2 things,

    (1) No blog

    (2) anon status

    (1) and (2) will never change now. It could have been change if a different strategy was deployed, but after what you ppl just pulled, what did you expect from us?

    Shit begets shit!

    That is why I say you counter insurgents have shit for brains; every single one of you; doesnt even matter, if you are all scholars; you have shit for brains; who do you think, you are fucking around with? I used to do your job stupid!

    Meanwhile remember your bosses are watching and all they are seeing here is a massive fuck up. Its gone out of control.

    Bc you did not bother to do the one thing that was most needful; talk. Instead you fucked around with us. Now its terminal.

    What are u going to do now? Take out yr calculator bc (1) and (2) stands.

    So who is going to be posted to Ulan Bator?

  29. Darkness says:

    I am not disturbing anyone. I write and post in the threads, but what do you ppl do?

    You eat up 10 slots and spout rubbish.

    We ask ourselves why? Whats the motivation? Are you trying to tell me in a back handed way ALL anon bloggers are evil like you? Are you trying to recruit me into your cause using reverse psychology?

    I refuse to believe that, ONLY you are evil, not 99.9% of the responsible anon bloggers. They dont even do 1/1000 of the things you have done tonite. ONLY you are evil – so there is no way, you are going to persuade me by resorting to this bully boy tactics or even lead me to the conclusion ALL anons are evil.

    But why do you do this? Bc you want me to move into a blog. You want me to surrender my position on the rights of anon bloggers.

    I will NOT do that just bc of one anon rotten apple who has a hidden agenda.

    You see. I know how you ppl work. Thats to say, I get into your brain and put myself into your averagely miserable life to see the world thru your eyes.

    But if you ppl have just picked up the phone and talked to me like a reasonable man. I would probably agree to come to some terms. Now thats over. Its finished.

    You have (1) and (2) but let me tell you what I am going to do in addition to that. I know there is a grand survey out there, you know what I am going to do? I am going to fuck it up by moving the data points. She is using a Likert analysis right? Well you know what? I know how to derail it, so that is (3). Now you dont even have any primary data to plan.

    What you need to understand here is your situation is getting worse and worse.

    By the way my article has a auto generator, once it hits the bottom within a set period, it just gets reposted again, so we can do this all nite, if you want.

    Come again tmr nite, its fine by me.

    Understand. Good

    Darkness 2008

  30. Darkness says:

    What do we have?

    (1) Anon forever

    (2) No blog forever

    (3) No survey = no capacity to plan.

    (4) From today onwards, I am staying permanently in 29 April – not going anywhere.

    Now take out a white sheet of paper and draw a line with a plus and minus and tell me what did you get out of it? Did you manage to influence me? What tangibles did you get? Did you get any assurances?

    Perhaps I should increase my list further to cover other areas which will make your masters more concerned?

    Darkness 2008

  31. Darkness says:

    I want you understand. You started this. Now its clearly out of control. What are your bosses going to say?

    What could No. 5 possibly be? Oh no, dear God…we can’t have it falling in those hands…perhaps?

    See what happens when you lose control of the games you play?

    I have to go to work now.

    Darkness 2008

  32. The Singapore Daily says:

    Peace, guys.

  33. NEW ARTICLE 6-5-08 says:


    Tis the season of conspiracy theories galore! The new Singaporean past time: espoused as the most fundamental of online rights, habit of the indolent. And recently with the renactment of the unplugged version of “shawshank redemption” by one Mas Selamat, conspiracy galore has been taken to new heights – pronounced dead twice a week by even my tea auntie, possibly even a victim of alien abduction exclaimed the water cooler lizards in my office (this could be a case for agent Mulder and Scully?) But alas, like Elvis, he lives!

    I guess if one mulls over the whole Mas Selamat episode, it’s really not that uncommon for the vast majority of us to indulge in a spot of conspiracy theorizing. I mean, I should know, my favorite conspiracy theory that I nurse no end is: how is it every single car coupon auntie in Singapore always zooms in on me and no one else? How’s that possible mathematically? There’s nothing unusual about my car. I’ve even stripped off an offending bumper sticker that reads: “No fat chicks……I just got new tyres!” Even that didn’t manage to shake them off – get my drift. Mmmmh something is happening – mystery is furiously at work!

    If like me you like to nurse your bag of fav conspiracy theories; you’re in good company. Besides man has always shown an insatiable appetite for the bizarre and superfluous. In the middle ages, alchemy was all the rage. The art of transmuting noisy frogs to gold -And long before that even really clever folk like Homer believed the waters which flowed from mount Olympus were poisoned by evil leprechauns (now you know why dwarf throwing is a popular sport), boosting the sale of lead goblets which reputedly neutralized the evil spell (this could explain why the Greeks don’t regularly make trips to Stockholm these days to collect any Nobel prizes).

    However with the advent of the internet, conspiracy theories have been elevated to the realm of masses. In certain cases even challenging the official version like the Mas Selamat debacle. Does this surprise me?

    Not really when you consider: 1 in 5 Americans believe the World Trade center was brought down by the CIA to justify a war against Iraq. 3 in 5 Americans don’t believe a plane slammed into the pentagon.(their claim: where did a 40 metric ton plane, half the size of a football pitch, and over 200 passengers, go?) Yes, in conspiracy theory ganja land, even when all fails and the only thing that is holding up the theory is a couple of rubber bands and a few tubes of superglue. They even have the trusted “get out of jail free” card: Blame it all on the aliens and the Bermuda triangle.

    I bet you didn’t know 6 out of 10 Muslims believe Lady Diana was bumped by the royal mafia. If you try to argue with them, they will show you historical proof going all the way back to Henry VIII when blood thirsty monarchs regularly lobbed heads off like dandelions, irrevocable evidence that an evil murderous bloodline courses through the Windsor mafia clan. What about this one: 300,000 Americans believe Elvis is still driving around Texas in a pink Cadillac and nearly three times this number have actually claimed to have seen him! And if that doesn’t send you to panadol land consider this one; 1 in 3 people actually believe the Vatican and NASA have signed a secret pact to convert little green men into Catholics.

    Fortunately, our mania for conspiracy theories in Singapore is still in the urine and vomit baby ga-ga-mu-mu stage where its confined to dodgy bubble tea, bleached chopsticks and beer drinking monk poseurs. We haven’t really gone overboard have we? We are, after all, the level headed sort (yes, I need a side table to put my tiger beer and chips during my football matches, so if you are female, pretty and level headed please do volunteer to complete my Ikea collection.). Till of course, Mas Selamat took it all to renewed heights; there is no turning back now is there?

    But what really accounts for this mania on a scale that even grips an entire nation? What’s really behind it all? If I had to pin it down with a pair of forceps; it has to be our latent skepticism towards power, politics and authority. What else can account for the implausible taking such a hold on the collective consciousness?

    One psychological school of thought suggests conspiracy theories are the ideologies of the impotent. They are the “alternate truths” the powerless invariably turn too when they feel they have absolutely no control over events and even less hope of effecting real meaningful change. Here a sense of powerless and estrangement is all it takes to get people together to fashion and believe in their kopitiam version of the bent truth.

    In a world where Zionists/Freemasons/Opus dei/ the Kennedy clan/ Mickey mouse fan club are secretly and furiously at work to control every aspect of our lives, it is easy to construct or tear down anything. Nothing is sacred; not even the idea of the truth.
    My own personal theory is; it has to be driven by a very primal urge; something like sex. I mean; this hardly requires any elaboration; you could have a girl taking off her own bra and tearing at your clothes and do notice; she is still saying; “no, no, no!” So what we are really seeing in any conspiracy theory is denial on a Byzantine scale you notice that even requires the truth to be suppressed in the face of inconvertible evidence. Here disasters like the sinking of the Titanic can’t just have happened because a few night watchmen dozed off in the crow’s nest. No, no, no! ; the world trade center couldn’t just have been brought down by some obscure legend in his own mind self style terrorist, who regularly commutes to work on a donkey and lives in a cave in Torah Bora. No, no, no! That simply would do!

    As the saying goes: it can’t be that simple! See what I mean?

    What I believe is infinitely more disturbing to educators, policy makers and even folk like me is the root causes of why conspiracy theories take hold so easily. Could it be due to the inexorable erosion of the traditional beacons of authority? Governments, churches, politicians, the guy on TV and even Barney. BTW didn’t Barney bump off mother goose? As trust in traditional institutions such as the political machinery and even newspapers fritter away – this increasingly leads many of us to confect our own versions of beliefs.

    My feel is at the heart of every good conspiracy theory lies economics. Here the truth no matter how kosher it is can never be allowed to take hold; not at the expense heightening our sense of mortality in the face of the randomness of life. And precisely because that’s so unsettling, we need to manufacture our version of the truth in the form of conspiracy theories.

    In a perverse way, conspiracy theories serves as comfort food; it reassures us to believe rather than the randomness of life accounting for disasters; doggy steel was at the heart of the Titanic tragedy, a conspiracy of cigar chomping greedy capitalists who were only interested in selling tickets even at the cost of compromising safety, that they even planned it right down to the last detail. How else can one explain the string quartet assemble playing on the deck while the Titanic was sinking? You can’t have better proof pudding than that!

    The converse however requires us to reconcile ourselves with the incomprehensible; the nihilistic even; that we can all too easily be wiped out at any moment by the unbearably small and insignificant, that in turn requires us to entertain the discomfort zone: the ground beneath our feet may not be so stable after all. It can even give way any time! A here the necessary lie kicks in; there’s a malevolent force furiously at work accounting for the rivers of fire and to why aeroplanes frequently fall out of the sky – this is infinitely easier to swallow then to acknowledge the cold metallic truth; that we are simply living in a arbitrary world; where accidents are just accidents; human error is just human error; an escape is just an escape; and the truth is just the truth and very else. Easier said than done, I imagine.

    Darkness 2008

    ps:(I am sorry, if I didn’t have time to correct or spell check it etc)

    (By Darkness / based on material from EP 9-30035373/ 2007 / The Brotherhood Press 2008)

  34. Darkness says:


    Dear Lady of the Lake & Friends,

    Something light and smooth to take off the edge from last night –may I take this opportunity to apologize unreservedly for my profane language to the lady of the lake and the consort Ampornahrinakhun. My hope is you will all find someway to forgive my transgressions.

    Yours very respectfully



  35. Darkness says:

    To our new and regular readers:


    Doesn’t matter how new or old a reader you are; you will always be the sunshine of my life.

    I want each and everyone of you to know; you’ve will always come first, ALWAYS; that’s why I’ve always be around.

    It has been a privilege.

    Darkness 2008

  36. shoestring says:

    “the truth isn’t really the truth”

    One of the ways I have learned about the motivations of bloggers and their sincerity is by commenting on their articles. Some of them profess to support freedom of speech and blah blah blah…, but when it comes to the crunch, your comments don’t appear or are moderated, even if they aren’t abusive or against them, but just candid truth and opinion. They are not prepared to go the distance or apply the same standards they expect of others to themselves.

    If I haven’t commented, I would never have found that which is hidden from their articles alone.

    Nomed letters could well be right when he said we can’t handle the truth.

    What’s the point of whining? Where is the bite?

  37. NEW ARTICLE 7-5-08 BP says:


    There is a mystery man everyone in my office refers too affectionately as ‘superman.’ Superman likes a girl in accounts, he refers to her endearingly as ‘my dearest’ – he leaves her love poems from time to time and once even bought her an expensive pearl necklace during one of his trips to Japan. No one knows who superman is, but all agree he has to be someone in the system – he’s slick, smooth and leaves no bread crumbs – even the kay poh auntie and uncle moral brigade have long given up all prospects of ferreting him out.

    Possibly, the affair of Superman and his ‘my dearest’ is not to everyone’s taste. For one it wanders rather lazily at roughly the speed of a wheelchair: too drawn out to captivate, as not a lot really happens in between. But this lazy feel of office Les Liaisons dangereuses conceals a tightly constructed sub plot that brings me to my main point this evening.

    While some might regard this sort of make believe world as odd it certainly seems innocuous enough. Considering even ‘my dearest’ revels in it.

    There are, however, other types of fake identities that raise serious moral questions especially online. Consider this: where people who are engaged in misdeeds would no doubt prefer to remain unknown, here it would be odd to claim that they have a moral right to remain anonymous in order to avoid being held up to account for their wrongdoings.

    Take the idea a few steps further and in no time, we may even run the risk of finding ourselves ambling in a hall of mirrors as we consider the moral implications of sock puppetry and astro-turfing – see what I mean? The right to remain anonymous is a whale .Au contraire, hardly exhaustible in one sitting such as this.

    But let’s push on and try to beacon out the murk as best we can. The argument that’s often advanced by those who believe online anonymity should remain an indisputable right claim that it’s acceptable. As net culture is essentially a participatory one that requires everyone to embrace diversity – these adherents of a free net. Even claim it adds a climatic feel to the whole internet experience. As anonymity enhances the mood. They’re a quick to point out if anonymity can have a place in the real world, then it has to be an indelible online right that should never be challenged. For example, whistle blowers who expose corporate malfeasance, institutional corruption, or criminal activity have valid reasons to remain anonymous – but sureeeeeeeeeeeeeely it’s a stretch to draw parallels between whistle blowers and people who regularly post and comment under an anon tag. Right?

    Mmmmmmh. It’s conceivable a better way of making sense of this hubris concerning: the right to online anonymity would be better served by paraphrasing it as; do I have a right to privacy? Here in one masterful sleight of hand, not only does everyone say ‘yes’ with hardly a blink of an eye. But hold on just a second! Errh why should the case for privacy be any stronger than the right to online anonymity? Why is privacy, accorded the status of an unquestionable elemental right? While the whole idea of online anonymity is usually treated as a character flaw ? Aren’t we really talking about the same thing?

    See what I mean, we already in the proverbial hall of mirrors.

    It would appear this matter of whether anonymity should be regarded as a right or privilege would have been settled a long time ago. After all our net is hardly sand box politics given that its nearly five years old which in relative terms puts it somewhere around the 50 year vintage – hardly kids stuff, if you asked me.

    But perusing through a few threads recently where anonymous commentators slug it out with those who are prepared to splay it all in full glory suggest; this matter is very far from settled http://theonlinecitizen.com/2008/04/21/proposals-for-internet-freedom-in-singapore/. Here for lack of a better word; what we are seeing is some thing akin to class war or struggle, at least. I wouldn’t go as far as to say, it’s some kind of apartheid; uber versus sub class, but what’s telling about the clash is how ‘open’ bloggers who see no problem in revealing their identities on line seem to be imposing their values on those who may choose to blog or comment anonymously. Be it insisting that this should or shouldn’t be the case for that matter offering all manner of justificatory reasons to advance the idea why the latter should step forth and not hide in the shadows; one thing cannot be denied from all this; one group has successfully asserted control over another!

    And this prompts the question: why do some people who blog openly remain indifferent to the fate of those who may choose to do the same anonymously? When this same people would not even think twice about extending the scope of their social contract to lets say gays, the disabled, destitute or even a bunch of monks marching in the streets in Lhasa? Doesn’t it seem paradoxical that they should seek to understand and even appear united in one case, yet do quite the opposite when they are confronted with similar facts when it comes to the case of anonymous bloggers?

    Mmmmmh. Very odd indeed. My feel is to really get handle on whether anonymous bloggers have a right to privacy. We really need to ask ourselves a very fundamental question; like what sort of blogosphere do we really want to build? Do aspire to be truly borderless? How serious are we about accommodating diversity? How true are we to the spirit of nourishing the idea of a free net?

    Now my point is simply this. If you mull over these questions; it really opens to only one place I call the freest of all public square – a place, where every netizen (not ONLY citizens. It’s a veritable nonsense to talk about nationalism in the context of the net these days. You might as well go and brick yourself in or something.) is welcome to be present and where the purely private in the form of the “I” to the greater “we” or even “them” ceases to exist. Think about it – go with the flow.

    The main plank of my argument is this; for a truly public place to exist, the private needs to be excluded and if possible even restricted. I know that’s a stretch but work it through. There’s really no other way, if the imperative is to build a really free net.

    The way I see it. You can’t have a truly borderless, diverse and free net without accommodating differences. Or even hope to create a place where any netizen is free to announce to the world (not the little world of family and friends, not even the broader world of brick and mortar Singapore, but the big world that none of us can even begin to hold in our heads) that he just won the lottery, or that he’s in love or that if he doesn’t slouch and stand erect he stands a full inch taller. This is something ants cannot do, but we can.

    And this really bring me to my final kicker: perhaps you can tell where is the profit in drawing lines between anonymous or bloggers who choose to wordsmith openly – where? Because, I can argue, if we cannot even surmount this one simple obstacle, then you might as well forget the rest. You don’t even stand a chance in hell.

    Do see my point?

    Coming back to Superman, sometime back ago after the company dinner he offered, “my dearest” and a few of her dim sum dollies a lift home. Through out the journey, he couldn’t help noticing signs of anger in the rear view mirror – a curl of the lip, that expressed, “I know, its you.” A rippling muscle in her jawline exclaiming, “Admit it! You little bastard!”

    I can’t say I blamed her for feeling the way she did. You see Superman decided to chuck it all in two months ago – just like that. One day he just woke up and figured out that she amounted to nothing more than a ball of kryptonite that he didn’t want to be chained to his ankles.

    For a while I fell into a gloomy spell thinking about these thoughts, until the sound of laughter from the other girls in the rear seat startled me out of it. When I look up, “my dearest” was watching me. Pensive with even an air of expectancy. Her liquid brown eyes fixed on me as if I was the last man who ever walked this earth. (luckily, I had some hymns in my Ipod) All around us the others were laughing and enjoying themselves oblivious to the dance of wet glass eyes, and there amid it all -we could well have been the only two souls on this planet and it could be said, I held time in my palm. As lost in her thoughts as I had been in mine this sensation of unalloyed rapture waxed and waned thru the night. How I wished in that moment, this place in my mind existed. A public square we could just call our own. Life would be simpler, much simpler. Indeed.

    I’ve just let my lips do the talking. Literally.

    I am yours Superman.

    Darkness 2008 (sorry, no time to correct, have to move to next target )

    [Jasta 1 – brotherhood press 2008]

  38. NEW ARTICLE 8-5-08 BP says:


    My despair concerning my right to privacy was heightened sometime back ago. If memory serves, it was during a business trip to Houston. After a marathon round of meetings; there I was all splayed out in the four seasons with a six pack and my fav bunny beer mug; I had just turned on the idiot box and surfing as I usually do in an uncommitted way – then the unimaginable happened; Janet Jackson’s fun bags decided to do a reenactment of an alien bursting out of some poor sod’s tummy. Now don’t get me wrong; there was a time in my averagely miserable childhood when all I wished for was to see her naked; but having just seen her bobbies do a rerun of the exorcist on live TV, was no fun; the only thing I wish for then was for her to put on some curtains – I realize all this sounds a bit prudish, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say I felt encroached and what merely sharpened the sensation was the underlying feeling my privacy had been violated – now before you say; OMG, I can’t believe Darkness, you got so upset at the sight of a single breast! Really you are such a narrow minded blankety blank, you are so yada, yada, yada and yada!

    You see I’ve be perfectly honest with you all; besides, I have absolutely no idea why I felt the way I did! And here what I need to emphasize is it has nothing to do with logic; and everything to do with my less than perfect disposition towards the whole issue of privacy specifically unsolicited sex.

    Why couldn’t I just put the whole episode out of my mind?

    I mean recently, I came across this; http://www.mda.gov.sg/wms.www/thenewsdesk.aspx?sid=869. And again the same black board screeching sensation ran the length of my spine again. After that even my perfectly al dente spaghetti tasted like sago without the Melaka sugar. See what I mean.

    Hey! You don’t need to remind me, we live in an age when we are all supposed to be emancipated and well traveled and probably suitably exposed to the underside of life. Besides these days ladies don’t even have permission to faint any longer. These days whenever they see an offending pecker relieving emptying itself in the public square; out comes the phone camera and that buys the offender a one way ticket to bladder management 101 – hence, I don’t doubt the idea of violation of one’s privacy is rather old fashioned, passé and even prudish. Nonetheless this doesn’t diminish my sensation of being intruded and even violated from time to time? Why is that I wonder?

    I guess one reason why a part of me still considers it a violation of my privacy is because it denies me, the power to choose; by this I mean, I don’t have any control over it; I am not denying that I enjoy the occasion illicit visit to online porno sites; or that my neighbors may even be enjoying the odd romp or a few gays are necking each other somewhere in greater Singapore and beyond, even as I write this on my Nokia communicator; but so long as it’s somewhere over the hill and not directly in my face; I can deal with it.

    Here I have a choice to distance myself from it.

    Do I deny that sex is all over the TV and internet these days? That tangled sheets, fellatio, high class call girls and even indiscretions of politicians and corporate honcho’s are an indelible fact of life? No, but I can control it by switching it off.

    That’s really my main point this evening; if we really consider the whole issue of privacy it ultimately boils down to a couple of issues: DO I HAVE A CHOICE TO SAY ‘NO.’ Better still do I have a RIGHT to demand; ‘UNDER MY OWN TERMS.” That I imagine goes right into the heart of the issue; and it probably accounts for why these days firms have taken on to the whole of labeling everything from banking to sleeper cabins in planes as private.

    They are really selling privacy in the true literal sense as much as they are marketing the idea of having more choices as to how one should transact or find a sweeter spot somewhere in the upper reaches of 30,000 feet. And this leads me to the main point of my essay; that one indelible aspect of true privacy; is the right to choose whether you want to be or to stand apart from the greater ‘whatever’ no necessarily sex in your face, but perhaps a host of other issues where the decision nexus features – I mean it doesn’t really matter what the ‘whatever’ really is – it could even be something like how one should ideally plan one’s retirement or how one should go about the business of finding a soul mate these days, but where a process removes that right to say, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and possibly even denies ‘under my own terms’; then it becomes a violation of privacy.

    For example, I don’t mind, giving out my personal details to credit companies, but I consider it a violation when they regularly farm it out to the marketing services to try to sell me stuff that I already have; I don’t mind, the HR department or even my supervisor knowing how much I earn, but I consider it a violation; if its common knowledge throughout the ranks. Another example: I don’t mind, if Alex Au and friends proposes changes to the internet, but where I consider it a violation is if those changes have the affect of impacting how I should write and how you may even choose to read it. Only because I consider reading and writing to be so ethnically diverse – the whole of idea of some ivory towered committee comprising of urination experts awarding me good or bad marks for what I may or may not write simply smacks of zoo keeping that only provokes one response; please fuck off!

    In other words, it’s a violation of my privacy and possibly even yours – and here one wonders what will happen to those who choose and write and read outside the mainstream, will they be hunted down, will the nail that sticks out be hammered down?

    Hardly so – besides history is hardly on their side, not even once, and that’s a fact! I believe even if one day, we are to come under a new omnipresent sun that tries to level the field of possibilities by attempting to impose its parochial, narrow and insular definition on the truth, there will always exist enough dark nooks and crannies where underground writing and reading can not only grow but proliferate even ; only because, the act of reading and writing is one where choice features so prominently that it can never ever be denied for even one moment; the perverse effect may even be the elevation of an underground writing and reading movement. The world of the samizdat, the flowering of readership who memorize whole sale books which once question power, authority and purpose ought to remind us all that writing and reading providing it’s still instilled with the choice to do so, can not only survive but even flourish in exile.

    One thing is guaranteed, providing a writer writes and a reader reads – the future is never ever been so assured. You could even say, I will look forward to that day.

    Darkness 2008 [My train stops here. I have to end by headless and tailess musings now – sorry again for the bad spelling etc, the next target calls]

    (Compiled by Jasta 1 – The Brotherhood Press 2008)

  39. Aurora says:


    This 20 min series is made possible by the following back ground researchers.

    (1) Jasta 1 (lead)
    (2) JUMO
    (3) Systematic
    (4) Montburan


    Aurora (me lah)


  40. NEW ARTICLE 9-5-08 says:


    Morality is complicated enough when our personal choices affect others, but it gets downright confusing when we all have struggle with the problem of wanting to speak out, yet having to shad dup to preserve the community good.

    As some of you know by now. The ASDF have issued out a gag order barring me from talking, writing or even thinking further about this whole G-15 business (so we all probably have to settle for cue cards) – they have even threatened me with expulsion. Now for those of you who don’t know who the ASDF are; they’re, the ruling council of the brotherhood; the Brahmins; the ones who everyone turns too to seek wisdom because without them we will all presumably be flailing in darkness; they shine the way most of the time; yes I know incandescent light bulbs are terribly important, where would be La Ville lumière be without them? But who would have ever thought they would be objects of veneration? I digress, enough of my barbed repartees, besides I better scurry: do I hear the jack boots of the brotherhood Gestapo coming my direction?

    Where were we again? Oh yes, morality and how to I go about the whole business of mounting a civil disobedience campaign? To spice things up; I have invited none other than Mr Emmanuel Kant and Mahatma Gandhi to join me in trying to beacon out the murk on exactly how I should deal this the gag order.

    According to Kant “we should never do unto others what we don’t wish others to do ontu us.” Sound innocuous enough: His logic goes something like this; we should never behave like a petulant child, if we don’t get our way. Not because the person who we are directing our anger towards has moral value, but because he’s very much a living being and a member of greater society, my tantrums may amounts to promoting the idea this may be the only to resolve disagreements thus elevating it to the status of a universal law. Whether or not you buy Kant’s logic, it still doesn’t quite supply with what I need to reconcile my right to speak up against the moral imperative of having to keep quiet for the sake of the greater good? The question for all you big for you big thinkers out there is; is there a way for me to speak out, yet somehow preserve Kant’s golden rule intact?

    No actually.

    But fear not. Mr Gandhi steps in with Satyagraha (truth and firmness). What do we have here I wonder? Can it really reconcile my right to speak up yet preserve the moral to imperative to set a good example for my fellow men?

    Well, Satyagraha basically argues that people should not permit anyone to overrule or atrophy their consciences, and that people have a duty to avoid allowing such acquiescence to enable those who try to make them the agents of injustice. But they should not resort to destructive and violent means to reach their goals.
    But hold on a second didn’t Satyagraha work only because steam locomotive ran at roughly 5 mph around bends in the days of empire? – made a lot of sense to take a nap on the tracks then wat? – enough leeway for someone to shout out, pull the brake lever and still do their laundry and make a couple of chapattis on the side. These days its not a very good way of making any point, except the headstone variety.
    My point is this: Every generation and age needs to define the best means of demonstrating its displeasure at the system without becoming unduly destructive and it must be able to do so in a way where it can still be able to hold the moral high ground. It really doesn’t matter who it’s directed too; the ASDF who have slapped a gag order on me. Or even those who have decided to exclude us all completely from a process like how to create a freer net? Like G-15 bloggers. Or even the broader context of institutions, firms and governments.

    Now I wonder what does that leave me with? It begs the question: what’s the best means of peaceful civil disobedience in the internet age?

    Perusing through our thread bare Singaporean home grown pikes of protest tools, it appears we have nothing to equal the sophistication of either Kant’s or Gandhi’s way of mounting an effective civil protest. Au contraire, last but not least, steps in what I can only term as the quintessential dragon slayer that even makes Shiva the destroyer look shambolic. What am I talking about? The dreaded ultimate Singaporean female protest weapon of silent death “Dowan-lah.” Aka “don’t want lah.”

    Now please, one might easily fall into the scholarly sink hole of least resistance by assuming this is merely a shallow tool that doesn’t even deserve one modicum of consideration; but nothing can be further from the truth; as any man would readily testify along with why I even consider it de riguer to have a set of knee pads in the car glove compartment how effective “dowan lah,” is as a negotiation crowbar.

    Here, what you need to understand is, “dowan lah” as a tool of non cooperation, has all the versatility and reliability of the ubiquitous AK-47 which accounts for its global popularity – cover it in sand, and it will not jam, drop in mud and it will still ring true on the first shot – with a mechanism, that’s simplicity unto itself; it even manages to successfully elide whole sale honey bee politics of worthy man who decides to hitch up with terminally brain dead woman; where vicissitudes usually ensue, chiefly based on misunderstandings and the need for some character or brain infusion on the part of the woman; the latter duly occurs with a few knocks to the head; whereupon a new understanding unites man and woman. Nope, the philosophy of dowan lah doesn’t even need to bother with such pretentious fire fly dances; it cuts directly to the marrow; in one sea parting sentence: “dowan lah!”

    How else can one account for its widespread use? That it even transacts across the entire social spectrum of our Singaporean society? From Sengkang Sally’s who refuse to budge from their sub compacts unless her boyfriend agrees to give in; to well heeled ladies who may do very well the same only this time seated in plush leather climate controlled company BMW’s of their boyfriends.

    Yes, Dowan lah, the ultimate circular hubris where all of us men can do nothing except try to come to terms with the limits of our intellect; where even the power to reason bows out only because she has decided not to pick up the phone or paint the town red with your supplementary American Express Platinum card.
    Of course, we men persist: “why you dowan lah?” : “Because I dowan lah?” Comes the succinct answer. “Can you not understand simple English? I dowan means I dowan lah.” In one all encompassing sentence that encapsulates volumes of seminal works concerning philosophy, morality and ethics all the great minds from Plato to Betrand Russell bow in supplication – for not only is it remarkably economical, it stands in marvelous completion accomplishing even the seeming impossible by compressing all manner of logic into something as compact as a pill and somewhere amid the abyss of the lost, desperate and confounded; a crie de couer: “pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze lah wan lah. I will do anything lah!”

    Yes, my friends, I shall from this moment onwards dedicate myself to this ultimate homegrown Singaporean weapon of non cooperation and peaceful disobedience. Never let it be said, that I have never once acknowledged your prowess dear ladies.

    Do wonder no more; if you happen to hear; why when Vollariane or anyone from the ASDF ask me to be part of a team to come out with a counter proposal to mica – my reply will simply be: I dowan lah! (In fact, I happen to have some really good killer proposals) And even should anyone exclaim: “But Darkness! Why don’t you want to be part of this team, don’t you know the finest brains in the universe will be gathered under one roof;” my answer can only be a sigh of resignation followed by the words: I dowan lah because, I dowan lah. Or even: “OK Darkness, what about the proposal of the G-15 to our government; are you going to share any solutions?” I dowan lah. “But what if the committee of vices comes into force – tell me will you fight it.” I dowan lah. “Après moi, le déluge?” I dowan lah!

    I have a right to my own mind! I have a right not to take an interest. I even have a right to say, I don’t recognize either your authority or legitimacy. Above all I have to right to say, I dowan!

    Darkness 2008 (OK, I feel much better now. That’s the end of my lunch break, back to the thread mill. Thank god its Friday!)

    This article is related to my views here: https://singaporedaily.wordpress.com/2008/04/29/daily-sg-29-apr-2008/#comment-1919

    [Jasta 1 – The Brotherhood Press 2008]

  41. Darkness says:

    To: Vollaraine and the entire ASDF,

    You will not get one single man helping you in this proposal now.

    Not even one. Not our ppl at least.

    As for me, I’ve just set fire to my solution. So have the others.

    My feel now is we should leave it all to AIMS and those 15 bloggers.

    Ultimately, I hold the former responsible along with the agencies.

    Who do you hold to account when a baby is found playing around with a live grenade?

    The mother or the baby?

    Come what may. All it takes to pack up and move is 2 hours 45 min.

    Smart people don’t quibble over the color of bathroom tiles when the ship just hit a iceberg.

    They make for the life boats.

    Chew on that! BTW. I dowan to go cycling.

    Darkness 2008

  42. Darkness says:

    To the ASDF,

    In fact, the very first day the committee comes into effect. And it will come into effect, trust me, the motivation to establish command and control is simply too strong.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with freedom or even a lighter touch that’s a crock of shit as much as it has everything to do with the idea of institutionalizing the idea of blogger eat blogger.

    It’s nothing more than a back door version of Sovietization and an attempt to even unionize the net with a non elected committee that doesn’t even have so much as a 3% legitimacy to do so – think about it!

    All of you think. I need you on my side. I don’t want to fight my own brothers! But you have to help me to help you here bro: look here, this is how I see it: what’s in it for govt? They get a free fire wall – why? It’s not them doing all those nasty things to us any more; on paper they never did anything to us as much as our own bloggers did it – the perfect turkey shot the perfect slave economy where I get Tom slaves to do the job of making sure field slaves fall in line.

    The perfect get out of jail card – but their fuck planners didn’t count on one thing in their calculations: what if we refuse to play their game?

    Aha, think Vollariane, I need you on my side on this.

    We have calculated the formation of this “community moderator” will be 100%. AIMS will even give it full support, 100%, not 90% or even 80%. And like religion they will even give it all the appearance that it will work and will even be seen to work for the benefit of all bloggers, that is how religion works – it has to seen to be important in the life of people, otherwise how can they even be expected to believe in it? So concessions will be given.

    Today we have heard nothing from even Yawning bread that they will even reconsider changing it or even re-scoping it. We have done our part, there is nothing more, we can do – they are going ahead with it – we should just pull out Vollariane – writers, readers, technocrats, the whole lot etc.

    Why build on sand? When we can build on solid rock? Think ASDF. Why swim in a bucket, when we can do the same in the wide expanse of the deep blue sea? Think ASDF I want you all to think about this seriously. Online migration is really a state of mind, that’s all it is, nothing more or less, why should the internet even be tied down to the idea of physical boundaries? Isn’t it supposed to be borderless?

    If they want online Pyongyang, they will get it. I just want to tell you that is what me and my team will do this, nothing personal. I have a right not only to say, I dowan, but to even say, I dowan to log on. No one can force me to blog, if I dowan.

    We have to close ranks. Whatever happened to me and brother against the world? Does any one even remember that?

    You have 14 days to consider my offer.

    Darkness 2008

  43. Darkness says:

    “Me and my brother against the world.”


    Join us! I will not fight my own blood and flesh.

    Darkness 2008

  44. Darkness says:

    Good. I have just received your SMS. We are one then.

    So we will move as one.

    I have commissioned “SARAL,” without all yr knowledge.

    We had to prepare for the worse case scenario. You understand?

    Besides we are dealing with ppl with no sense of honor here. We have to fight fire with fire. I had to do it.

    It will come into effect the very same day the committee enters the picture.

    The matter is settled then. You have all made right decision.

    Sleep well.

    Darkness 2008

  45. dentist Jan says:


    Are we all going on a trip Baby Darkness?

    I hate it when you ppl speak in riddles. As none of us who are reading here can understand what you mean.

    Btw, I googled the word SARAL. It happens to mean “straight” or “line” in Sanskrit.

    I did a more detailed historical search and it came out as only a unit of measurement used in Judea. So I got really curious and contacted my Jewish friend who helped me out with a more tokong university search engine and guess what he came out with from the Jewish Tanakh?

    “The angel had commanded of Noah…….the ark being 300 cubits in length, 50 in breadth, and 30 in height, (ver. 15,) its size was equal to 547 feet long, 91 feet broad, and 54 feet high; and it is computed to had been 81,062 tons burthen. These dimensions were sufficient to contain all the persons and animals in it, and food for more than a year.”

    SARAL is the name of some Noah’s ark that Bambi Darkness Boy has been building for the last 6 years in the virtual isn’t it.

    It’s ready now and we are all going on a trip aren’t we?

    Not to worry, your secrets are always safe with me, just tell me the time and place. I need to pack. And I dont like to be hurried. Do remember I prefer an aisle seat, preferrably next to something that doesn’t burb during take off.


    Dentist Jan

  46. NEW ARTICLE 10-5-08 says:


    Something’s amiss in the media’s coverage of the US presidential race; pull the curtain all the way back; and what do we really have? Aha could the media be actually the ones playing the race card in this campaign?

    Don’t believe me: consider this, why is the media so obsessed about Obama’s association with his verbal diarhrea mouth reverend? Now I don’t mind that sort of coverage sometime, but not all the time; especially if it comes at the expense of fleshing out the really important stuff; like what’s Obama’s stance towards the Iraqi occupation, the economy, health care or any of the hundred other legitimate policy issues – so what kinda of message is the media trying to send out to the average American voter when they hijack the campaign narrative in the way they have?

    Obama can’t be trusted? Think about it these are serious allegation. I could even be sued by TIME or CNN.

    You see there’s a serious side to all this; my point this evening is that’s what usually happens; when endless hype and spin goes out of control and takes over real discussion and debate – the first casualty is always the truth.

    If you really want to know how intelligent dialogue gives way to endless hype and spin, then learn one word, ‘railroaded.’ It may just save your life. And I kid you not! That just means in the vernacular being forced unwillingly down a path that you don’t want to have anything to do with.

    Now if you find yourself one day signing on a dotted line of an insurance policy that you’re half minded about; then 9 out 10, you’ve being railroaded. If you find yourself walking down the aisle with a toothless wonder that weights two metric tons and her daddy and brothers are edging you on with a sawn off shot gun and their pet python, you’ve been railroaded. Or if you suddenly find yourself in Tiffany in Takashimaya biting your nails and sweating, mumbling to yourself, please don’t choose that…because if she does, that just buys you 6 months of Maggi dinners and economy bee hon brunch; then you’re been railroaded by a gold digger!
    You see, I NEVER EVER GET RAILROADED, you know why? Because I am one of those who don’t believe people will usually tell me the truth. I am not saying everyone I come across is either unreliable or a congenital liar. Only I recognize how the truth as an idea is really at best a function of convenience. Usually it has to compete with a host of interest and this simply means somewhere along the supply chain, it gets warped, morphed and even reprocessed into something other than the truth.

    Doesn’t matter whether it’s some guy on TV trying to tell how you should spend your retirement; or even some Ah Kua that keeps insisting he or she is a the real Mc Coy despite having an Adam’s apple the size of a tennis ball; or even some pastor who claims sweet Jesus asked him to build some shopping mall in Bueno Vista. Or even a bunch of urination experts who try to sell you and me the snake oil that blogger regulating blogger is the next best thing to mothers milk.

    In every single case, the temptation to skewer the truth and even hype it, till it’s somewhere in the upper reaches of the contrived, artificial and surreal is simply too great.

    Like I said, I NEVER EVER GET RAILROADED. And that simply means I go through the brass tacks of checking off the truth the old fashioned way; I mean, if I am not sure about whether I am going out with a real girl; I’ve just check her box and it wouldn’t be her inbox or xbox either; you know what I mean? if I feel anything protruding that could either mean a speedy bye bye to the nearest 7/11 for Listerine. Or a surgical tube is sticking out of my mouth, because he or she happens to a Kung Fu expert and I have just been knocked out cold and just woken up in the ICU in SGH.

    You get my drift right? I never ever take anything at face value. I always check the goods out first. I will review all the essential information and even go through the bother of checking them off to see how it stands up to critical analysis – if it doesn’t even have the resilience to last 30 sec then I fuck it off – and this brings me to my main point this afternoon.

    I tell you what since I am still on the train so lets run through a case study and see how the I NEVER EVER GET RAILROADED formulation performs under stress. I want us to take a bite at something that looks real see whether it even has the capacity to hold it shape after that.

    Lets see where shall we go from here….mmmmh

    OK what about this whole idea of devolving power to control the net to a non government committee. Is this really a good idea? Will doing so raise the bar on freedom? Hey, I am not asking you whether you think the online citizen has a nice web layout and not like those shrunken heads you find in P-65. Or whether you think Cherian isn’t a cop out because the only thing he aspires to be is to land a teaching job. I am asking how robust is the whole idea; of devolving power to a committee?

    Let’s go through it step by step. I’ve tell you what. I’ve even slow mo it down. Firstly, are they proposing some high tech space age political tool craft that’s used by some advanced country in the West? No your honor! Is it some communitarian super duper liberal democratic institution which the Scandinavians are experimenting with? No again your honor. So what is it?

    In fact, let me tell you one thing, out of 152 countries which operates an internet service, not even a single one has a community regulator. Contrary to what is commonly spun, shaken and stirred by the MSM or even what you regularly read in the net; what they’re recommending is probably something you find the medieval museum of horrors –it ain’t new as much as it’s old dressed us as new – it’s called the Spanish Inquisition. There you go. You’ve been railroaded!

    But lets give them a 90% discount, because I still have sometime before I get to my destination; can someone please tell me how can this Spanish Inquisition be a ‘lighter’ (hopefully, they’re not going to resort to nerve gas lah) and presumably ‘better’ or even ‘new improved?’ touch?

    Can someone please tell me in what way are they are going to go about the business of seeding good and driving out the bad currency in net? Are they going to use some high tech conflict management tool? Or risk mitigation strategy? Are they going to solicit compliance by influencing, persuading and even winning over these so called ‘bad’ elements in the net using a progressive means?

    Well let’s examine what one of their supremo’s forwarded, steps in Bernard Leong: “If a blogger has behaved contrary to proper net etiquette, the community can issue a statement to condemn his or her behaviour…” OK, so they’re going to pin a scarlet letter on the offender – presumably to mark him out as an example to the whole community. In other words, their only means of soliciting compliance relies implicitly on fear that is reminiscent of how they used to handle conflict during the dark ages when they regularly burnt heretics on the stake in the public square.


    I hate to say this; but you’ve been railroaded again.

    You know I can really go on and on all night and poke holes at this whole plan but like I said I am running low on the battery juice and my Nokia Communicator is starting to make love making sounds. So we really have to leave it here. Besides this is my stop and I better get off now – we don’t want to be railroaded now do we?

    Do have a nice weekend

    Darkness 2008(sorry for the spelling etc, have to move on to the next target)

    (Aurora – The Brotherhood Press 2008)

  47. BOOK RELEASE says:

    Pls note the much awaited 9th edition is finally complete, based loosely on the popular Korean tear fest mini series “Yeonriji,”

    It was adapted by darkness albeit with a special twist and written in one sitting during a recent trip to Japan / Yeonriji sells at 32 Imperium Shekelians per episode and runs at happy 50 / a 50% will be available for early birds. Pls contact your read club leaders. Happy reading all! Your Friendly controller, Aurora]

    Brief Excerpt:

    “Standing there on the bridge surveying the sum of all our differences, I am reminded we have it all here, right now at this very moment. Ants don’t that at least should hold us all in good stead – not just to exist, but to search for a place whereby two people can walk in different directions yet always remain side by side. I need to believe this to continue. I am not that strong. I know it doesn’t show only because I hide it only too well.
    What if, this ‘place,’ I want to call ‘wholeness’ resides in the litany of the ‘everyland’ – every minute, every hour, every day flickering like distant stars reminding us all of the nearness of angels? What if, amid all the empathy, caring, pathos of all life has to offer, it’s always been there? If only we care to still our minds, listen and understand? Not over the knoll. Not just around the corner. Not in some fairytale. Not at the end of the rainbow. Not even when we all eventually have to pass on, but right here, right now firmly in the palms of our hands.
    A place called paradise.”

    Happy Reading


  48. patriot says:

    To many, there is being divine.

    And there is also paradise.

    I wonder, brood over and hope for PARADISE.

    BUT, me, dare not wish for IT in my life.

    Above our heads, clearly is the Sky.

    If we head for IT, I am sure, we will never arrived.

    And I am certain, I will die without ever seeing Paradise!


  49. NEW ARTICLE 11-5-08 says:


    I am now cycling somewhere in Red Hill – a suburb of Singapore without so much as a knoll that resembles a “hill” and completely free of even the slightest tinge of “red” – this may be why, I’ve decided to take a break and mull over the whole idea of authenticity.

    Aristotle once said; “The truth is all about leading an examined life.” To paraphrase, it behooves all of us to winnow out the real in the fake; if we are really interested in living the real and good life. Nothing can be worse than living in a lie.

    Much can be said about the real life; for one it means we are living instead of just existing; that could well mean the difference between being an ant and what it means to be really human.

    I am not claiming there is a great meat grinder somewhere out there in the world that keeps dumbing and leveling the field of possibilities; but it wouldn’t be all together wrong to say, somewhere in the frenetic pace of modernity; reality has bowed out to a very processed, shallow and simplistic version of how we may all regularly define what it means to really live and be alive even.

    If you peruse around, life is fast assuming a binary dystopian landscape; you’re either in or out; with us or against us; bent or straight; worth engaging or just plain deserving of being ignored; productive or unproductive; successful or unsuccessful – what’s missing from all this?

    The middle ground; greys; hues; nuances or detailing. Somewhere in the cacophony of modern living, the middle ground has been squeezed out along with serendipity and probably a hundred other things which once made life worthwhile beyond just fulfilling one biological duties of breathing, eating and shitting. These days it’s no longer given the real estate that would normally be allowed to flourish; she’s exiled.

    I feel very much like that displaced person who calls himself a resident of the middle ground. You could even say, I’ve known it all along. I don’t fit in very well into the known world. For one I enjoy my own company too much; I climb, bike and sail alone; I am comfortable with the idea; too comfortable even and it hits me like a freight train whenever, I happen across knots of climbers and cyclist; who all seem quite content to give me that quizzical look of bemusement; “What the fuck is he trying to prove?”

    There’s always a lag between my understanding and the world; and somewhere in between this great divide; it just sharpens my sense of estrangement and solitude even further. One day, very much today, it dawned on me my condition was not a disease but rather a nature. How could I possibly not feel estranged? I write and when one writes, one needs to think; its not enough to just accept the processed version of the truth that’s often thrown out by the newspapers, TV and the radio – people who write don’t have the luxury of just taking that path of least mental resistance.

    For one they know the truth is largely a bi-product that needs to compete with so many things before it can even successfully emerge out of the melee; it’s like love; it needs to be cajoled, teased out and even passioned into revealing her true nakedness – that’s how I see the truth – she’s like a woman who needs to be wooed – grist even to the mill.

    Why is it so difficult for me to come to terms with the processed version of the “truth?” Why does this sense of estrangement persist? My life after all cant be so different from yours; slide the ticker anywhere along the historical time line of your life and the chances are what you once went through, I went through as well; and now when I look back at the brief life of a man who is Asian, Chinese and very much a part of his community as it is an indelible part of him; why should he suddenly find himself exiled, displaced and even standing in a gulf as he tries his level best to understand his predicament? What happened?

    You know its no fun to go about the world when one develops a bent to regularly questions the truth; you could even say; its like one of those sad characters in those B grade Hong Kong ghost movies; that keeps seeing the ghost; when the rest are oblivious to them. They ask: “What’s he going on about?” ; “Who is he talking too?”; “Is he deranged?” ; “probably, poor confused soul, luckily, we are not like him.”

    Why can’t I seem to understand “things for what they are?” Is something wrong with me? This whole business of a lighter than light touch; why do I even question it? Why do I believe so strongly that this whole idea of a non governmental committee will do even less to raise the bar on freedom and even bring about a new reign of terror? Maybe it will work after all; maybe it will fail; but why does that part of me that seeks a ‘cure’ to my condition of estrangement persist; perhaps I don’t need curing, and the world that I am content to question no end didn’t either? Maybe all I really need is to craft an understanding of my place in it. Without that understanding – how can there be a sense of belonging to the real world?

    Where do I belong? Who am I? Where am I going? Yes, its terribly confusing when one considers how a man or for that matter any man these days can even be expected to winnow the “I” out of the mess of the “we” and “them” which the world imposes upon his understanding; this man like myself may well be one of Chinese descent; an Asian who has studied abroad; stirs his coffee anti clockwise; keeps two copies of Kafka; one in his office shelve to convey to the discerning perhaps he’s not a simple man since he’s managed to cultivate the oblique eye; the other in the glove compartment of his car, only because he knows it still requires some working on; but when this man is called upon to decide on the matter of his believes; which one swallows up to the rest to step out and say; “This is what I believe in?”

    I really don’t know; but I cant help feeling it has something to do with the thinking writing imposes on the writer; I don’t doubt even the simple act of writing has the effect of altering our sensibilities without even us realizing it; we won’t stop at just the official version of the truth; not even if all the market to question it for what its worth has all but dried up; real writers don’t write for their audience as much as they do for themselves; it’s a sort of self imposed purgatory, penance even that compels us all to do the things we do.

    It’s something to reflect on if you happen to be a blogger, only because you are first and foremost a writer.

    Above all the writer doesn’t follow; he leads. And even if only a few read; it matters little to him; it has never been about the size of the audience or how much real estate he has managed to take hold over the collective consciousness; providing he writes; the social novel lives; and even if one day, it survives in only the cracks and ruts of our omnipresent binary culture, perhaps it will be taken more seriously, as an endangered species – one which will always intensely search out the lost meaning which makes life worth living and dying for.

    It’s time to get back on my bike; I see dark clouds and it will be long ride back.

    Darkness 2008

    (The Brotherhood Press 2008 – Aurora)

  50. patriot says:

    And there is always wisdoms,

    some will find them fine to be denied.


  51. KKP says:


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