Daily SG: 23 Apr 2008

COI, the low-down on the Prison Break
– Sgpolitics: Parliamentary Snapshots (21 April): Escape of Mas Selamat
– Yawning Bread: The great hunt: more management failures than guards’ lapses
– Singapore Patriot: Protecting their own kind
– A Xeno Boy in SG: Politics, Gladiator, Praetorians and a Missing Fugitive
– The Online Citizen: Minister and top management not to blame – PM Lee
– Under the Willow Tree: Wong Kan Seng Off the Hook? Not So Fast. The Game Has Just Begun!
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: The Mas(k) of PAP’s accountability: one sets himself free from prison but two sets of standards
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Why Minister Wong Kan Seng should not resign!
– i have succumbed to peer pressure: Cronyism at best [Thanks udders]
– vinyarb: climb, jump and limp away! [Thanks RT]
– My Singapore News: Witch hunt for scape goat
– The Extra Scoop: Like Pilate, DPM Wong washes his hands clean
– Singapore Kopi Tok: The COI Report – Simultaneously Fair and Frustrating to Singaporeans
– Singaporean in NZ: No witch-hunts, no responsibilities
– News Release by UncleYap: I saw more than a dozen PAp MPs asleep in parliament today
– Desparatebeep: I could drop Dead tomorrow
– The States Times: Debrief Of Mas Selamat Kastari
– Singapore Sojourn: Mas Escape
– The Bosonic State: A Disappointing Report on Mas Selamat’s Escape
– Princess from the Planet of Venupitarius: Oddly enough eh
– Utopia: Shallow report from COI on Mas Selamat
– ….小朋友的地盘: Uniquely Singapore…
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: ‘enforcing discipline’ or ‘enforcing a culture of forgiveness for higher-ups’?
– A Sampan on S’pore Soil: Not taking heat, so take heed
– No political films please, we’re Singaporeans: Singapore Government’s biggest blockbuster since 1987
– an aberration in pronunciation: A sketic’s view on Mas Selalmat COI(we can’t be complacent)
– My Sketchbook: Stop teasing my boy,Wong anymore!
– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: 22/4/2008 — PM Lee Hsien Loong talks about the Mas Selamat Saga
– Coffee Shop Talk: LHL saves his cousin in law WKS!!
– HWZ: Top man, defends his team….
– HWZ: DPM Wong will punish those responsible for Mas Selamat’s escape

We Don’t Need No Regulation
– Balderdash: …as a policy proposal it fails

Parliament 21 Apr 2008
– Sgpolitics: More Parliamentary Snapshots (21 April)

Re Education
– The boy who knew too much: What is said and what is done

– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Arresting Health Threats

Life, the universe and everything
– Cooler Insights: 5Cs of Social Media Success

– ieatishootipost: Mr Tea: Invasion of the Foreign Hawkers!

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  1. Anon blogger says:

    I’m sick of MSK, WKS, LHL, LKY and PAP.. can we have more discussion on the G-15 proposal? Other than Ian and Agagooga, has no one else got anything to say about the proposal and Darkness’ article?

  2. kkp says:


    Aiyoh Anon gal you mean? You didn’t know the gun fight was over meh????????????????????? See here


    Look carefully at post 23 Apr 2008 at 11:55 am comment by some smart alec ang mor kauh who claims to be one of our readers, but no one has even heard of him bfr.

    Anon darling, I think its finished, professional hit man dont stay around to admire their handiwork, they just disappear into the faceless crowd and find the nearest river to dispose of the smoking gun. Did you not read Bambi’s novel, A Singapore Gangster in London! Shame, Shame, Shame on you.

    I do pity his gf though, as some things in life as best prolonged with the slow burn Dont you think so ladies? This is much too fast and furious for my taste, but what did you expect from a useless and spineless bag carrier who sucks up to fat rich piglets hieress of fish sauce empires.


  3. Daniel says:

    Appreciate not to use racial epithets, yeah. not nice

  4. NEW ARTICLE 24-4-08 BP says:


    [This is a 3 part interview conducted by Phi Beta Kapa / Sharon – Darkness on board the virtual space station, the Dimitri. It discusses the proposal for community regulation mooted by the G-15 http://bleongcw.typepad.com/simple_is_the_reason_of_m/2008/04/community-moder.html#more

    Q: Sharon: Can you share with us very briefly Darkness, what’s your take concerning the proposal for community regulation?

    A: Darkness: I have to admit the gist of community regulation sounds very appealing in principle, that much I can and will say – I believe when most people read it, it sounds very much like the newly minted brochures of the red star cruise liner’s newest flagship – The Titanic; yes, how can it not be good? Wide balustrades, mother of pearl skylights, wall to wall carpeting and who can resist the allure of the promise of romance and love. After all bloggers are finally throwing the cusps to the wind and stepping up to the challenge of regulating themselves to the sound of music. So really it must be good. And here, I must really sound like spoiler when I shout, “ahoy ice berg portside!” Please take a closer look as all is not well in paradise, a serpent lurks in the tall reeds.

    Q: A serpent lurks in the tall reeds? Can you share with us why you have such a morbid view concerning community regulation?

    A: Let me share with you the miniskirt version, it goes something like this; community regulation sounds good, but as a theory for moderating behavior it has as much reliability as a dodgy counterfeit Rolex submariner. It’s OK if you just using it to tell the time or to impress a few Ah Lien’s or to even wade around in the baby pool, but if you’re taking it out for a technical diving expedition and you have to depend on it – then it just makes a lousy case for consistency and high performance. As it’s the weakest link in the chain. My feel is the internet isn’t a swimming pool. As it remains a very real deep blue unknown and one simply needs to buy into this idea it doesn’t pay to be cavalier about it – it should be treated with a healthy measure deference and respect that it rightfully deserves, and this is where you have to ask yourself how certain are you that the G-15 have thought through this whole matter? If you really look around is it such wonder the most industrially, politically and technologically developed countries are also the ones which subscribe to this ‘think again, if you want to mess around with the net’ policy – my gut feels tells me. We should at least take the trouble to find out why they regularly inure their policies with a high level of laissez- faire-ism.

    Q: Have you considered the goals and objectives of the G-15 bloggers when they propose community regulation?

    Have you really sat down and asked yourself; what’s the gist of what they are proposing? Why is there a need to build another wall, and man it with snipers, search lights, piranha’s in the moat etc? You’re not solving the problem as much as exacerbating it. IMO the net should remain a hands off domain like Antarctica – if you read BL’s proposal, there is one area where it mentions specifically, that the vehicle can also sanction behavior that the community doesn’t agree with – my take is every blogger more of less already has that power on his mouse clicker. Isn’t that sufficient if that’s the purpose of moderating? So why is there a need to create another layer of high walls beyond that existing means of moderation? At a time when we should all be cracking our brains to break down existing walls and silos to terra form a flatter landscape to facilitate speed, accuracy and connectivity; why are we even thinking like soviet civil engineers instead of Berlin wall demolition experts? You all need to consider this very seriously. I’ve be honest with you. I really don’t understand this part, not even a bit of it at all and if someone can explain to me. I will be more than happy.

    Q: So you’re saying community regulation as a theory is unnecessary? well they could just as well turn around and tell you, hey Darkness this has nothing to do with you, we propose it, we are going to drive it and this is really our little private experiment so if you don’t agree with it. Why don’t you just go sit in one corner?

    Look here, I thought this was going to be an intelligent interview (deleted). Which agency did you say, you were from again? (deleted) Let me put it this way, this proposal is like someone building a nuclear reactor in North Bedok – ok you can say, I am not directly affected because I happen to live some 20 blocks down the road. Besides, it’s going to benefit everyone in Singapore by lowering the wattage cost etc. Furthermore he is building it on his land and he can more or less do whatever he wants providing some half brained bureaucrat gives him the green light to build a Chernobyl II, but what if a mushroom cloud goes off in the middle of the night? – will I, you and my pet hamster be affected? See where I am coming from? So I think all this talk about I started this, this is my ball, you are not invited to the game, so don’t gate crash the party only serves to demonstrate how some people who are driving this simply don’t have any conception of what they are doing here. They don’t seem to comprehend the broader implications of what they are proposing. Or how it may even affect the rest of the internet community by default and this remains a very real and present source of concern for me and my colleagues, as it should be for you, unless you have a nuclear fall out shelter somewhere in your void deck.

    Q: I want us to go back to an earlier point that you failed to complete. Can you elaborate more on why you think community regulation will not work for the internet?

    A: How many interviews have you conducted (deleted). In a nutshell, community regulation anything basically has a crappy historical record; don’t believe me? Go and check it out yourself, at best it’s abysmal; at worst it can even evolve into institutionalized witch hunting; it really doesn’t matter what’s the setting is or where you slide the ticker on the historical time line, it’s like asbestos, it’s a consistent producer of lousy results under any given conditions; especially when its directed to the broader challenge of moderating behavior; be it a 18th century settlement of Quackers in Salem county where folk have to decide how many winks at fair maidens constitute a sure sign of being in league with the devil (if I was living in that sort of corseted community, everyone will call me Mr Tan and my prefix would probably be S.A.Tan. The chances of me making it pass puberty stands roughly the same probability as a dodo bird making it as a caged exhibit in Jurong bird park); or even the people’s tribunals during the Maoist days when community inspired red guards would usually go around hanging typewriters around a writers neck and make him wear a cone hat just because he wrote an piece that questioned the community raison – or even being visited by the local klan in the middle of the night in Southern America. I cannot think of a better way to steer the internet into the dodo hall of fame. That’s really how useless it is as behavioral, instructional and directional theory, science and practice – why do you think we have judges and lawyers? And not the consortium of free Sundays MILF’s presiding over murder cases? Sure we can have that in the name of the collective good, but don’t be surprise if every community center features a government issued guillotine complete with a pelt rack – IMO that’s just not a very smart way to move forward under any condition. Besides you need to consider; when the whole world is decentralizing and giving more autonomy to the various cells within its community; why are we even talking about resurrecting the soviet era committee of the people’s court? When the whole world is trying to drive out fear, why are we building towers of terror and putting on white bed sheets with triple K’s and ridding out in the night? Again I feel, we need to work it through.

    To be con’t

    [Sharon / Darkness – The Brotherhood Press 2008]

  5. Bedside Teddy says:

    More, more, more!!

    *clap clap*

    Darkness sounds normal again!

  6. Onlooker says:

    And today one toc???
    Where is bear roam free???

  7. Bedside Teddy says:

    Dear Onlooker,

    Don’t be so vain.

    Internet means global entertainment machine.

    Everyone is free to watch, digg, and comment.

  8. Bedside Teddy says:

    But I like your many many ????

    Like me last time.

  9. Bedside Teddy says:

    Now Master and I just pray and go to sleep.

  10. Bedside Teddy says:


    They’re nice in pr0n… Dunno. Master watch so I watch.

  11. NEW ARTICLE24-P2 BP says:

    April 24, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    [This is a 3 part series interview conducted by Phi Beta Kapa / Sharon – Darkness is currently on a diplomatic mission on board the sister ship of the Royal Creche Star battle cruiser / The Ramayana IX and her sister escort The Aduhyodha Star, berth on the virtual space station, the Dimitri.

    This interview discusses the proposal for community regulation mooted by the G-15

    Q: [Sharon] You know Darkness, I can say that even physicians, accountants and every single professional body, I know of has a disciplinary committee and it doesn’t show any sign of degenerating into any where near a kangaroo court shambles that you have mentioned. I can even say (cut off).

    A: [Interviewer’s question was cut off abruptly by Darkness] Woh! Hold your horses! I know where you’re going with this line of questioning; but that’s not an apple to apple comparison. I am sorry.

    Those are professional bodies and no one denies for any skill, trade and vocation to develop holistically, there’s always a need to instil it with commonality of disciplines, coherence to code of practices and ensure it’s fidelity to its ethos – but please don’t take that analogy too far, as its not resilient enough to withstand the same intellectual rigor when you superimpose it against something as diverse, complex and mysterious as the internet.

    Let me briefly share with you why; firstly, there can be no such thing, as commonality when we speak about it in the context of the net, not even if the G-15 wax lyrical no end about “community” and the “common good.”

    Even if you apply the most forgiving standards and widest breath, you’ve be hard pressed. This is why when they try to impose a single albeit sugar coated theme on the narrative of how to seed the good currency and drive out the bad in the net – the intelligent people who know the net for what it is, will go two or three steps further and ask of them: Q: how sure are you, this is not an attempt to impose upon the rest of the blogging community values whose appeal is strictly limited to only a handful of individuals?

    And given that’s the case, that leads to the supplementary Q: how can those values then be passed off as timeless, natural, and universal?

    What you need to appreciate here is not only the diversity of the net, but also the sheer size of its very geography – my feel is it has to be a polyglot at best. And at worse you might as well go to Sim Lim Plaza and talk to a few lava lamp to seek out the real answers. I dunno.

    So let’s be clear; this idea of advancing the idea of a “commonality” in the guise of the “collective” or “common” which manages to successfully recruit the “good” is nonsensical.

    The other observation is the net is continually in a state of dynamic flux, its contracting and convalescing all the time; it’s a bit like pouring some oil on the surface of the water and watching it swirl around producing endless configurations of shapes, colors and patterns so even if you claim that this community led enterprise is designed to instill it with added instructional and directional spirit; its even conceivable that’s akin to putting this wonderful solution into the freezer.

    You really need to ask yourself whether that adds or subtracts value from the net?

    The way I see it, you might as well propose a plan to our government to build a nuclear reactor in Singapore or something. That really makes more sense then trying to terra-form the good currency in the net through community regulation.

    Q: So let me get it straight, what you are saying is, the internet is really a very different species from the traditional genres which the world has seen – so due to the lack of historical precedent, its not only impossibly difficult to define, but all attempts to plan for it to intercept a planned point in time is hit and miss at best thing. So Darkness what are you saying in not so many words is the internet should be given free rein and if possible even left alone. As its so diverse and unpredictable according to you, but tell me, even you cannot deny that kids need to be regularly protected and do you deny that the internet is a place where lies proliferate no end. Surely what you are proposing is untenable for any society that aspires to grown socially and spiritually? How do you propose to reconcile these dichotomies without at least accepting some form of interventionist policy? Given that to be the case, don’t you agree that community regulation is a step in the right direction?

    A: I think what’s sorely lacking here is a sense of scale so that we may come to see these challenges such as protecting kids and the ideal of keeping to the truth in a clearer light.

    This bears out only too clear when you read BL’s article. He sets out to argue several unfashionable points; firstly, he tries to lay siege to the moral high ground by claiming he’s trying to preserve the independence of the net; this is all too clear when you read the title of his article; here to complete the promontory of his article title; if bloggers don’t organize to regulate themselves; then the big bad wolf govt will step in and do the job for them, presumably to our greater detriment.

    What we can trace out from this line of argument is it’s basically an appeal to false allegiances, in this case a form of blogo nationalism cum jihadism / samizdat movement. This he tries to accomplish rather unimaginatively by heightening the anxieties of our times by splaying out the obvious; how kids need to be constantly protected or how a few bloggers out there don’t seem to know when they have crossed the imaginary line only to cause offence; now this is where you need to press the ‘pause’ button and ask yourself.

    What’s really happening here?

    If you ask me, its really a call to arms for us to act in the name of the ‘collective good’ to save people and planet from the river of fires and brimstones.

    But where the argument runs out of petrol and takes a swan dive, is when we subject it to the rigors of intellectual scrutiny and ask ourselves jugular questions like; Q: How clear is correlation between the feral net and how this may even account for the negative behavior in kids. Or if bloggers ‘manage’ the net through community regulation Q: How might we even avert the monstrous events that transpired in the Malaysian GE?

    Here BL the vivid writer is curiously silent only because that’s what it takes to hyperbole the whole argument – omission. Why am I mentioning this specifically? Some may say, I am out to inflict intellectual offence. Nothing can be further from the case. I am merely alluding you to issues which you could ALL just about pick up, if you read his article carefully.

    But for the sake of sportmanship lets give his idea the benefit of a good light and examine this whole idea of the net and how it may have even played a role in skewering the outcome of the Malaysian GE? Was the net the main carrier of lies? Yes, but it was also complemented by SMS, DVD’s and homing pigeons. What I feel we need to ask is, would it (the net) have been able to gain currency it did in the collective consciousness without the BN squandering their mandate in the first place?

    What’s worth underscoring here is how he writes about all these challenges that we as netizens are confronted with; as though it’s conclusive and irrefutable so that’s the premise for him to treat it as factual causal event priori i.e the feral net needs a super hero to bring balance to it. Mr Atlas cannot tahan alredi!

    If you read very carefully, nowhere in his article or even in the published text released by the G-15 or for that matter anywhere else [I suspect this may even be frightening true, if we have the opportunity to examine the minutes of their meetings], is there any discussion or even the merest hint of an attempt to explore the broader root causes that may account for these negative social conditions we regularly see in our youth e.g the role of parents, upbringing, our coma inducing newspapers, the state inspired education system or perhaps even the way Sumiko regularly writes as if advocating euthanasia as an alternative lifestyle.

    Neither does he account for how other drivers besides the internet may have even played a causal role to fuel the cult of the feral, haters, stokers and sex crazed; he considers even less how; other social, economic, political and technological factors besides the net may have been operable to give rise to these less than desirable conditions; like what kind of message do you think our govt is sending out to kids when they send in riot squads to deal with anime protestors? Or what happens when political bloggers such as P-65 can offer nothing except more of the trite party battery chicken fodder that most of us have already developed selective deafness too? Or even why does our government spend so much time and resources trying to protect us from this and that? When the most advanced countries in the world have all but mothballed this strategy as they know only too well it makes more sense to empower people than to hermetically seal them off from the bad of the world, only because that’s the best way to inoculate one from lies is to inculcate intellectual independence.

    I feel, it behooves us all as netizens to seek out these deeper truths which BL has not seen fit to mention or to even discuss beyond merely providing us all with vignettes.

    The reason why I say this is there’s really no shortage of road signs that you, I or they can point too, if you really want to fashion the case why society regularly throws out dying comets like the Annabel Chong’s and the Sufiah Yusof’s in our digital age – but my gut feel still tells me.

    If one reads further, this may not actually be such a new phenomenon as one that remains a very old problem in our new age.

    To read the first part, scroll up on this thread.

    [Sharon / Darkness – Transcript has been edited and transcribed by Jasta 1 / Systematic / Jumo / Ikara [note: this is Ikara’s debut piece with BP] – this message has been brought to you directly from the Royal Creche / The Ramayana IX – courtesy of the IMG / Aurora – The Brotherhood Press 2008]

  12. Bedside Teddy says:

    More, more!!

    *clap clap*

    Too bad I don’t know shit from shinola and really, don’t understand what the hell Darkness was talking about. But since I don’t understand, it must be super chim!!

    More, more!!

  13. kkp says:


    Why do I get the feeling, part 1 & 2 is just like one of those exotic Persian sword dances. Its like fore play isn’t it. That means part 3 will be the part where the swordsman suddenly jumps up, somersaults and after that the curtain comes down.

    When is part 3 and finale coming out????

  14. jannifer says:

    Deadly, but with flair and plenty of attitude to spare along with it. However, one man against the entire world? He has to be incredibly foolish or he just doesnt have any idea of his own mortality. Does he even know, who he is really fighting with? Who are the greater powers that be, who stand and watch by?

    Realistically, how far can the boy general go?

  15. saintmoron says:

    If somebody wants to build fence to keep out others from their private property, let him/her do so that his/her right.


    If someone wants to fence YOU up, do not help him/her to build the fence; why should YOU help? For that matter, why do YOU want to help?

  16. Darkness says:

    My feel is we have to go with the flow people.


  17. lalala says:

    my low down on this piece of …crack. lol .

    great piece of porn work due to your highly imaginative writing. lol

    but strip off most of the unnecessary comic you actually have less than 10% substance there. lol.

    can impress children lah. lol.

    but hor, you really need some BLUE collar thinking leh. kekeke. lol.

  18. repairman says:

    If you really want to know what happening here. This is just like a matador going up against a bull in a ring.

    Part 1 says “Gather around, something is happening.”

    Part 2, is the part, when the matador says to the crowd, “You see, he is not so big, after all. I may be able to bring him down after all, maybe?”

    But Part 3, is really the curtain call, the Battle Royale, when the drum roll will sound and there will be that electric charged moment and in one stroke everything will be risked where he will stick it in or be sticked.

    After that the crowd will just go crazy. But one thing is certain only one person will walk out alive.

    So you’ve have to stop the Part 3 from coming out by hook or by crook using every possible means.

    If possible even bring pressure to bear on the web master of the SD. Bc when it comes out, it’s all over.

    It’s finished. I’ve seen this guy do this before. He is very sharp and deadly, just like a raider, so if you don’t stop Part 3 from coming out.

    You’ve be in trouble. I am serious.

  19. harphoon says:

    is that our own repairman?

  20. Iknowwhothedevilis says:


    The way I see it, the 15 bloggers have doing a good job of containing the evil Darkness and his horde. They were wise not to engage him and to continue to spit on him and ignore him like a piece of shit that he is. You have no idea how dangerous he is when even so much as a quarter or corner is given.

    The Blogger 15 may still beat him off. The devil tried to trap them here, http://aaron-ng.info/blog/a-real-grassroots-initiative-by-bloggers.html Look at comment 3. Had the Blogger 15 even tried to engage him, they would have been cornered and cunningly outwitted.

    However, the Blogger 15 have to be very careful here as well, they cannot alienate the rest of the anon bloggers as well. So far there is mounting evidence to suggest they staying neutral, but if the blogger 15 continue to ignore them and insist they do not exist, it is likely to bolster the support of Darkness.

    The devil is cunning here. He should never be underestimated, even if he is only one, how many stand in the shadows? 900 years ago, long before the epoch of machines when the game was still young and there were still horses, swords and knights. The Devil fought against the armies of the Ottomans, a group of Algerian, Moroccan and gulf gamers who fought under the banner of Saalhuddin the great – though small, he would strike often usually in the dark and soon the men of the Sultan called him “syaitan,” On several occasions when larger forces were send to hunt him down, they would not return. And soon the devil became known as the thorn in the face of sultan.

    In the reign of Padinshah IX, when the first peeks of the machine age appeared some 750 years ago. A great army marched to sorround the devil and his horde in the Alcadian forest. There greatly outnumbered by 5800 to 1, the devil agreed to fight a traditional field battle, but in return, he insisted on acquianting himself with his enemies. So foolishly a banquet was the arranged, but hardly had he entered, it became clear to all, this was no ordinary man, for one he spoke perfectly Arabic and for another he was well versed with the great works of the great thinkers. It was in one session when he was challenged by the scholar Shaddinuayan, that the devil completed the poem which greatly impressed all who was there.

    The following day when the great armies of the Sultan formed up. The devil and his small army looked almost like a dot on a sea of white paper, when all the greatest minds of the sultan saw this, the leaders of the Jamilayahud, the immortals the house of saud began to weep for the devil. Unbeknown to them he had slipped into their heart and seduced them all with his wit and uncommon knowledge of their ways as if by magic when the commander gave the order to move, nothing happened, held back by generals of the four houses it seemed their will to fight the devil had been mysteriously sapped.

    So for the first time in the history of the game, the crescent armies turned back without loosing a single arrow, it was a great sight that was recorded by even the alexandrians.

    But it was in the return march that the full terror unfolded as the sultans armies made their way through the narrow eye of the needle and the Alhijunian forest, the armies of devil attacked them ceasely and mercilessly. Here we see the full measure of trecheary, lies and cunning.

    I want the blogger 15 to know this so that they will not make the fatal mistake of underestimating him, remember if you even give the devil on inch, one sentence, one minute, you will be overun.

  21. Iknowwhothedevilis says:

    I agree with some here, if Part 3 comes out, it is finished. It must be stopped, the devil is pacing it, he is waiting as he wants to choose the time and place. I have seen him do this before, he will not attack when everyone expects him too, he will hold, feign weakness and retreat even only to turn back suddenly a bite back – look carefully what is happening my fellow bloggers? It is not that people not persuaded by what he says that is the real danger, they are! They are now not so sure whether this whole thing will bring a freer net. Even if you read the thread I attached you can see that people like Aaron are slowly being influence. That is how the devil weaves his spell, that is what I mean when I say if you give him one inch he will take a yard, you can even see this, it is happening all over again, yesterday the online citizen came out with a free the net logo, but you see how few bloggers have even flown it, why? They no longer know whether it is really free the net or as the great devil would say to them the arrival of the new reign of terror, we have to all fly this flag, we have to put our differences aside and stand together for once as bloggers against the great devil

  22. dentist jan says:


    If you go to The Online Citizen, you will notice one thing. Everyone who doesn’t support the G-15 are automatically labelled as trouble makers and asked to justify their position or they are bullied into acquiescing.

    Converse anyone who supports the G-15 can say whatever they want, even if it doesnt make the sligthest sense they are never considered trouble makers as they are members in a community, neither are they required to explain.

    So is this the new democracy offered by the G-15? Is that what we might even be seeing? Is this what it means when TOC says “free the net?” Is this what we will see when we bloggers regulate ourselves?

    Then dowan lah!

    Bambi Darkness asked a simple question in Aaron’s blog, it is this, why wasnt there any provision for anonymous bloggers to be represented? Did he even get so much as a repl, no?

    Let me tell you something Iknowwhothedevil, the way I see it is like this. I see one man asking very intelligent questions. I see that he may even have a right to do. But I also see a handful of ppl who are out to pull out every dirty trick from the bag to bring him down, to gag him to even threaten him etc why are they so frightened to even talk to him and if that is so how are we supposed to believe this very ppl will even be able to protect our rights?

    How can that be? They are not even in power yet and when a question is asked they are already not answering, can you imagine what will happen when a question is asked when they are in power? The person will probably be hunted down by their vigilante community court.

    Dowan lah

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  24. shoestring says:

    I know who the devil is. He is a sneaky, cunning, character assassin who goes full force to discredit anyone who is a threat to him, and is especially vicious when he feels most insecure. He’ll use whatever methods and lies he could to demolish the obstacles in order to get what he wants.

  25. Censored says:

    The G-Spot. You’ll be insaintly rewarded when your touch is right.

  26. kkp says:

    What is darkness waiting for?

  27. Rafflessians says:


    You know the G15 keep telling us anon bloggers that they made it as open as possible by inviting and telling everyone about it. But what they do not seem to understand is I dont want to show up in public as that will reveal my identity. I do not know why I have to even justify this. Isnt it my right? So why do you people have to treat me like some disable person. And even if I want to make it to those meeting, I cannot. 3 years ago I was diagnose with a spinal disorder, I spend most of my time in bed and my only life line is a computer my parents bought for me. and I am in and out of hospital most of the time. I cant even do basic things that normal people do like walk without feeling exhausted. All I have is this computer. This is my life. Here, I have good legs, lungs and my bones are strong, they will never fail me. Here I can do all the things I can never ever do in the real world because although no one talks about it, that is the way it will go. Yet you farking 15 bloggers keep on not wanting to see me the way I want to see myself. Infact you dont even want to see, talk or even say to yourself that I am a human being. I feel very divided now as I have always felt bloggers are a family. But I have changed my mind as you people who blog openly have been treating us anon bloggers all like people who do not have a voice, brain, right to vote.I have had enough of you all.

  28. Unlightness says:

    From the apex of learning comes the following:

    “All of you need to ask yourself why wasn’t this proposal even discussed in a public forum in the internet?”

    LOL – are you serious? Most public forum discussions tend to go off-topic and degenerate into flame-wars. You’ve never taken part in internet discussions and face-to-face discussions before, BOY?

    “Now this is the part where I will share with you what should have been done, this proposal should have be layed out pasar malam style before everyone in and outside blogosphere – whether you choose to be engaged or switched off is another matter, but that’s the gold standard of what it takes to be a real consultative trilogue between named bloggers, anon bloggers and govt.”

    Armchair criticism at its very best. You didn’t even say how this could be done. Again – rephrasing what was said above – do you know why government policies are discussed by only 80+ people and does not comprise of referendums involving the entire Singaporean populace?

    And have you attended parliamentary hearings to personally see how many locals actually bother to go down to hear discussions about policies involving ALL of them?

    Think about it and you have the answer why this “gold standard” was not done. Duhh.”

    “You see my dear friends, if a new dawn in the internet is to purchased, then it will have to emerge directly from the class of these moderates, progressives and far sighted thinkers; it stands the test of reason as it can never emerge from the ranks of the parochial, insular and illiberal minded;”

    Not necessarily. History has precedences that the political machinery is not the main driving force behind change – POPULAR MOVEMENTS are the more common factors behind it. Have you even studied basic history?

    “Yes, I am not doubting for one moment it may even prove amenable to clarify your position and mine against the legal accounts, but what actually happens when something is codified? Where does that power to decide upon this or that eventually shift too? How it continue to reside within the ranks of those who may be best position to make those sort of decisions? Or is it relocated to another governing body, where it could be said, they neither have the skill or imagination to decide beyond the dictionary meaning of words imposed upon them by the discipline of black letter law?”

    What happens when something is codified? It becomes LAW of course….and this POWER is proof of a government which listens to its citizens’ input, which is always good.

    “Whatever your decision one thing remains patently certain to me, as even those within my ranks fail to understand where I am coming from, we shall be none the wiser my friends, if all the decision concerning this matter resides in only the hands of a few men who claim to see the world clearer than everyone else.”

    What does this mean? It would of course be good if MICA takes up this group’s ideas. And of course with writing like this, it’s hard for your friends to see where you’re coming from. Try writing in English. :-p

    PAP Vs PAP?

  29. shoestring says:

    Hey Unlightness,

    You are Warblings…whatever, aren’t you? If not, you shouldn’t be cutting and pasting excerpts from that blog.

    If yes, how come no “Deregulate the Internet” logo on your site? Because Warblings… whatever sounds really pissed with the “cold water” on the G15 proposal, so I assume he must be a supporter. No logo, not very convincing.


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