Daily Tech: WiiFit Release Date Announced!

Coolest-Gadgets: WiiFit Release Date Finally Announced

Tech News
– PCWorld: The Next Big Thing: Twitter and Microblogging
– Information Week: Windows XP SP3 Pegged For Release On April 21
– CNet: Yahoo grabs search-advertising slice from Google
– Wired: Will Smith Launches High-Def Music Video Site
– CNet: Defiant Psystar back selling Leopard computers
– Guardian.co.uk: So exactly who or what is Psystar? We dig a little..

Reviews and Guides
– ars technica: Emulation station: GP2X F-200 gaming handheld reviewed
– HWZ: Intel’s 1600MHz FSB Platform: Tried, Tested, Judged
– Fudzilla: Gainward 9600GT 1024MB likes overclocking
– Techgage: Creative EAX vs. ASUS DS3D GX 2.0
– Macapper: DIY Hackintosh Tutorial: Build a Mac Pro for Cheap
– The Tech Report: Overclocking Intel’s Xeon X3320 processor: For servers, workstations, and overclockers too?

SG Tech
– The eOK .network: Top 5 technologies to bridge the digital divide

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