Daily SG: 14 Apr 2008

Prison Break, Singapore Style
– Sheep City: The multi-million dollar question

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– Sgpolitics.net: The iceberg of Singapore politics
– Simply Jean: Pwned by the National Wage Council?
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Send this to the ST Forum 5: S’poreans Complacent and Greedy

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Insane Polygons: The MRT- No Place For An Able Bodied Male

PM V1.3. Search for the next Prime Minstar
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Successor Question

Transport Reforms Announced, Same ‘ol same ‘ol
– Endoh Pure Ranting Room: Private buses suggest having different IU with ERP charges displayed

– Enblocing Singapore: Being Bullied: What to do in Out-of-Control EOGMs.

Free Tibet
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Human Rights Protestors wasting their time!
– Yawning Bread Sampler: Lee Hsien Loong calls on world to kowtow to China

The Price of Rice
– Readings From A Political Duo-ble: Oil and Food Costs
– The Void Deck: Sowing Unnecessary Rice Price Panic

Daily Discourse
– The Daily Backtrack: PM Lee, protector of pragmatism
– Desparatebeep: I’m No Longer in Charge
– Nomed Letters: Knee Jerk Economics
– e pur si muove: Andy Ho: articles and ripostes

Life, the universe and everything
– The boy who knew too much: A world without the smell of flowers
– Singapore Life and Times: Sweat out the invention
– Rambling Librarian: Kankakee Public Library asks “How Wiki should our Wiki be?”

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7 Responses to Daily SG: 14 Apr 2008

  1. NEW ARTICLE 15-4-08 / BP says:


    There are many careers out there in the world that lend themselves regularly to unwarranted jibes, taunts and ridicule. For skin doctors, politicians and crow shooters, learning to be a dart board is considered an occupational de rigueur. But journalism certainly takes the cake.

    I’ve been well aware of the public’s disdain for the media all along. And to a certain degree, this wariness of journalist being purveyors of truth has been thrown into the spotlight recently. Mind you it was never always like that as youth, I can recount vividly how an uncle of mine was almost treated with a royal air as he happened to be a reporter – the jewel in the crown – one of those who had managed to break free from the regularity of ordinaries – but so much has changed since then; didn’t a reporter in the ST once write an article entitled, “Why I will never ever read a blog?” – Does anyone remember Arthur Fook and who can possibly resist the temptation correcting Andy Ho from time to time given many of his wide sweeping generalizations concerning every topic under the sun? For the most part people are often forgiving only because everyone makes mistakes, but I feel certain professions such as journalism and heart surgery should at least try to be a true to their form even if it means sacrificing on the art quotient – I wonder is it because we expect the media to act as gatekeepers? But what do we get in return? Isn’t it true what we have in print publishing today is largely a consolidation that’s inimical to the diversity that exists in everyday life? Nothing special really. With the rise of the Internet, most people these days don’t need to be subject matter experts in the true sense, they simply need to be googlist to by pass the traditional assemblies of information and voila there they have it; the truth.

    The internet offers endless spigots of information – and this simply means whatever reporters write these days can easily be thrown back at them with a counter argument of equal gusto. One phenomenon which I have noted, since I work in the field of communications is the advent of the net has given voice to a lot of alternative points of view. The monopoly of perspective forming is not longer the sole preserve of the reporter. Even those who regularly follow the American occupation of Iraq will readily testify, there is usually a parallel universe between reportage from blog soldiers in the field and journalist – usually the latter loses out, because they are sitting somewhere in some air conditioned cubicle, while the latter is blogging about what he did, saw and experience just moments ago – this brings into focus the importance of viewpoints and how it has even successfully manage to transcend into the realm of the multitude, gone are the days of the one and only all seeing and knowing eye which once monopolized collective consciousness in the radio, TV and newspapers.

    These days with even rocket scientist regularly blogging commentary by reporters seems almost shallow and amateurish at best and almost willfully ignorant at worst. Yet despite this emerging reality more and more blogger seem to be leveraging on their vocational skills to make sense of happenings; reporters continue to insist only they have some special ability to winnow the truth. I always thought the role of the journalist is to ensure that the voice of the people should be brought to the forefront?

    One reason why I believe blogs and other forms of online journalism are on the rise is in part due to the rapid decline in the credibility of big media, real or imagined. For one it’s no longer regarded as the sole purveyor of the truth and increasingly seen as an accomplice to construct a delusional reality. In the long run if this continues, the web will simply become more credible while established media continues to hemorrhage.

    I once asked Darkness why he thought blogging was such a phenomenon in our age. He gave me a fascinating historical account of what he considered to be the prototypal blog – the tales of Genji, written as a first-person account, it’s a story of that revolves around Japanese court intrigue in the 17th century recounted by a lowly geisha, with her personal ruminations it became a best seller of its age and well beyond even today, and this he said testifies to one of the most enduring pull of blogs – according to darkness blogs aren’t a new style of reportage as much as it remains a very old way of recounting events and happenings – blogs to him didn’t change the whole idea of “news,” as much as it allowed us all to reclaim its rightful perspective of how the truth should be rightfully seen – through the first hand account of those who experience the world.

    Will blogs eventually bring about a new form of journalism that shifts ‘news” from the public to personal domain?

    Right now it’s still too foggy to make those distant connections. But one thing remains certain, content is only king when it is written, published and widely discussed, but what happens when all one hears is the deafening cry of silence?

    Not to worry, someone will blog about it. Me thinks. Do blog on.

    [This is a debut article by Systematic – this is her first article – The Brotherhood Press 2008 – pls note spelling and grammar mistakes have been deliberately added to enhance the sense of authenticity]

  2. KKP says:

    I am very glad to see the BP is finally taking concrete steps to open up their ranks to more female writers. My take is this adds considerably the diversity of avaliable content here and elsewhere. In the past many of the BP articles were written very much in a matter of fact style, but reading Catherine the great and now Systematic thoughts, the personal note sings out and for the very first time, we can experience the otherside of how the average BP reader sees the world. This is also a good opportunity for ppl like Darkness to interact with these new cadre of writers, so that they may dismantle certain myths and put to rest other negative assumptions concerning the boys. Do Keep it up. And I must say what you girls are doing certainly inspire many of us to do the same. Perhaps one day when we all look back, we would wonder where all those boys went too???? No chance, maybe…. I also hope unlike the BP who doesn’t usually encourage people to post and instead expects them to just read and move on. These new writers will take the trouble to engage their audience and hopefully build a rapport


  3. dentist Jan says:


    You all speak as if this is something new and improved? We have been down this road aplenty. Remember the Siglap read club? What about Montburan & co. Everything will proceed quite well at first, then when the girls really begin to start organizing themselves, then some of those monkeys will start to get really nervous and then some idiot will just push the chicken button and roll in the stormtroopers, tanks and guard dogs.

    After a while when everyone has forgotten abt it and it’s calm again the whole thing will start all over again. Seen it all even have the T-shirt and membership card to go with it!

    *Yawn* *Yawn*

  4. silverado says:


    I am for one glad to see the BP is finally opening their ranks. This has been a long time in the waiting. I would just like to add that while all of us appreciate your essays unreservedly, some of us are very concerned abt the overt protectionist mood that has recently infected the ranks of the brotherhood. I may be misinformed but judging from the published views of figures like Darkness et al, it seems to me, they want nothing to do with our press, political system or anyone. I can understand why there is such a deep level of schism leading to mistrust, however what I cannot comprehend is how someone who is as learned as the others eg vollairane, Cerebus and Harpoon will go along with this suggestion???? I dont wish to stoke the fire, but it sounds counter productive to me, the brotherhood press is widely read and why should it recluse itself? Doesnt make any sense to me.

    It seems a terrible waste to me the brotherhood should suddenly clamp up and recluse into its hiding hole just because of what transpired with the National Library Board. I am very sure if Darkness et al gives them the opportunity, they will more than make up for their shortfall, after all there are another 100 blogs to go and so please do not be disheartened.

  5. Harphoon says:

    For me the greatest lost was the broadcast of the Beijing Olympics – I have discussed this previously with Inspirid etc and we were all very excited, but when this NLB matter blew up – it just all went up like a cloud.

    I can assure you of one thing, those ppl in NLB hope that it will blow away if they ignore it hard enough, but it’s really like the matter with Darkness vs his church, it will go on and on and on and on and draw in more and more ppl into the fray, he will make sure everytime there is an opportunity for progress, this matter will first have to be addressed first.

    My feel is we are all in this for the long haul. To me this is just incredibly stupid, all one needs to do is say sorry, we made a mistake and move on to right the matter, that to me is what a smart person will do. Instead they have decided to ignore us and hope it will blow away.

    As it is, we will fight to the very last man and while this happens everything is on hold.


  6. Harphoon says:

    I’ve be very honest with you, I have never seen anything more stupid than this bfr in my whole life.

    How can 11 blogs = the entire history of the Singapore blogosphere?

  7. Harphoon says:

    The way I see it, in life, if you don’t have the intellectuals i.e thinking ppl behind you.

    It’s uphill all the way, doesn’t matter whether you are a politician, ceo or even a small time leader, either way it’s trouble and in this case the support is nearly 100%.

    I really can’t see how far NLB can go with this ball, they will have to drop it eventually – its only a matter of time.

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