SGDaily Roundup: Week 15

Prison Break, My Fault
– Mr Wang Says So: Very Poor Service By The Straits Times
– The Online Citizen: Mas Selamat’s escape – Government shifting the blame to Singaporeans’ “complacency”
– i have succumbed to peer pressure: Re-reading Mr Lee vis-à-vis Pierre Macherey
– Die neue Welle: National Education: On Complacency
– The Daily Backtrack: ST and the betrayal of intelligence
– Princess from the Planet of Venupitarius: Let’s start playing ‘Pass the Parcel’ and banning films!
– Insane Polygons: Playing The Complacency Game
– mollymeek: Send this to the ST Forum 4: S’pore Govt Too Good
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: MM Lee : Some are “Living in a Make-believe world”…
– Feed Me To The Fish: COMPLACENCY – Finally Tsunami hits Singapore!
– mrbrown: Mas Selamat’s escape was not gahmen fault, it was yours and mine
– Desparatebeep: When in Doubt – Blame the Guards
– BP: Who Is Really Responsible For Our Complacency? [Recommended]
– The Itch To Write: MM Lee has given us the green light
– The Sun Shines on Singapore: Responsibility and Blame, Shame Shame
– vinyarb: Sorry, I screwed up.
– THE armchair critic: No bombs from Selamat (thank God), yet we see cracks all over [Thanks Edroos]
– Chemical Generation Singapore: Who’s Left to Blame, Who’s Right to Blame?
– Random Rants: Complacency
– My sketchbook: The great wise one speaks again..
– Singapore Patriot: Where is our “full account”, independent Committee?
– The Red Grade: The Reliably Unreliable Government
– The Citi Never Sleeps: Garhman Not At Fault, Singaporeans Are Being Complacent
– Coffee Shop Talk: Straits Times : S’poreans are COMPLACENT
– HWZ: MM Lee : MSK Escape. Guards Negligent. Citizen Complacent. Govt Not to be Blamed ??!!

PM V1.3. Search for the next Prime Minstar
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Finding the future leaders of Singapore
– My Sketchbook: The tea session just gets harder
– Mr Wang Says So: The Search For Political Leaders
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: A Postmodern Dynasty [Recommended]
– BP: The Singapore Talent & Leadership Challenge
– Nomed Letters: Succession is all about grades
– BP: The Perfect Leader – Finding The “Singaporean” Forrester
– Insane Polygons: My Straight “A”s Buddy
– Snapshots of Life: Brain Drain in SG. The 2 Os
– sgForums: Everyday, 10 sporeans quit SG for Aus

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Simply Jean: As Singapore (*cough*LTA*cough*) embraces ERP, New York trashes it
– A Mind of My OWn: So, Commuters Should Shut Up and Accept?
– Sheep City: The Best Passenger Experience in the World
– Ian On The Red Dot: Why I Dislike Taxi Drivers
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain 鸟话连篇: An April Fool’s Joke – One Week Late
– Ian On The Red Dot: I Finally Realized SBS Transit’s Intelligent Route Information System Was Meant To Suck
– Singapore Life and Times: The Thick and the Thin
– EDMW: SMRT wins international award for “Best Passenger Experience”

Strangers in a Strange Land
– Looking through the eyes of_ _: Everything also our fault…
– utopia: Over-populated Singapore

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Elderly Cleaners in Singapore [Recommended]
– Desperatebeep: Still the Fault of the Guards
– Michelle Almighty: Inflation/Rising costs
– A Sampan on S’pore Soil: Our “brain drain” terrain
– Wind In My Head: More rising costs
– EDMW: Something’s seriously WRONG going on in SIngapore…

Singaporeans Bailing Out Troubled Bankers
– e pur si muove: New York Times on Sovereign Wealth Funds [Recommended]

The Price of Rice
– My take on high rice prices and soaring commodity prices in general
– Singapore Life and Times: Rise of the Hoards
– Simply Jean: Of the price hike for rice…
– Alice Cheong in Wonderland: Rice…
– eastcoastlife: Where’s the rice?

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: NUS’s The Ridge vs SDP: Censorship or Editorial Prerogative?
– nussu the ridge online: The Ridge: Not a mouthpiece for SDP
– director’s blog: Censors Ban ‘Jihad” in Singapore

Malaysian Bloggers Speak
– Yaw Shin Leong: Of Hearts, Minds & Votes
– Rocky’s Bru: For Spore, civil disobedience is necessary …
– Singapore Democrats: Civil disobedience necessary at times: Malaysian human rights lawyer

Malaysia Elections
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: Singapore politics will be making a fundamental u-turn in the future?

Re Education
– The boy who knew woo much: Where every school is a “military” school [Recommended]

– Enblocing Singapore: A Downgrader’s Nightmare

– Angry Doctor: Rational Rationing? 2
– The Universe Within: Good healthcare but the underinsured: reasons, proposed solutions, doubts and a suggestion

Aesthetic Medicine and Snake Oil
– Angry Doctor: Confidence Goods 13

Pink Issues
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Exploitative Openness and the Myth of Saint KY
– Where Bears Roam Free: So where are the gays now?

Pedra Branca
– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: The Pedra Branca Factor in Singapore-Malaysia Bilateral Relations

Budget 2008
– Siew Kum Hong: Budget 2008: MICA, 29 February 2008 [Recommended]

Free Enterprise vs Government
– The eOK .network: Singapore govt kills
– For Want of a Better Title: My point of view
– My Singapore News: Rule of Law
– Endoh Pure Ranting Room: will stay alive
– Singapore Life and Times: Virtually gone

Starhub EPL, Singtel CL, Sports Fans LPPL
– Singapore Life and Times: Money in your mouth
– Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: Singapore’s pay TV scene a free market?

Daily Discourse
– The Online Citizen: Public Accountability
– The Lionheart: Spirals and Mirrors: The Birth and Growth of Extremist Terror
– Singapore Patriot: More S’pore teens engaging in risky sexual behaviour
– Yawning Bread: The mathematics of elections 2
– BP: Bad Governance + BN = Losing Power, Good Governance + PAP = Staying In Power?
– Yawning Bread: Why the Films Act should be trashed
– Singapore Patriot: Sunday Times to include ‘blogosphere’
– THE armchair critic: Woman request to ban smoking along corridors??!!
– the boy who knew too much: On the value of Beauty
– Simply Jean: Singapore amongst tops in service?
– Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: Jaywalking an expressway
– Ong Jiin Joo: Building the Optimal Global Footprint on the Causeway
– Wake Up Your Idea: Steve Irwin, Nick Petroulias & Singapore = SCAM
– The Itch to Write: Step forward to making it happen :)
– Musings: Challenging Prosecutorial Discretion in Singapore
– Simply Inconceivable: The Lee’s Strike Again
– Used Brains For Sale: Law, Morality and Religion [Recommended]
– Feed Me To The Fish: Country in trouble? [Recommended]
– Desparatebeep: Founding Fathers
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: 1 US$ = 1.357 S$

Life, the universe and everything
– Reality of Kai: Are you an astronomer or an astronaut?
– Celluloid Reality(s): 10 Misconceptions in Photography
– THE armchair critic: Fitna movie is merely what it is, a Fitna
– Organic-Ally: How could mothers do that?
– Juvenile colloquialism – Understand?: An exploration into the motivations of a chronic skirt-chaser

– Bishan Busy Body: Dare to Document, Dare to Talk, Dare to Blog etc etc
– Singapore Indian Voice: An Open Invitation to Political Bloggers

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9 Responses to SGDaily Roundup: Week 15

  1. NEW ARTICLE13-04-08/BP says:



    The questions this paper will attempt to address are as follows: Is there a need for Singapore blogosphere to define an internet identity? What are the elements of this shared identity? How will it be constructed? What will it look like? And what function will it perform?


    The theme of identity be it the supra national, tribal or ethnic context has long been noted to be important – here questions such as “who are we? What do we believe in? Where are we going?” forms the main montage of a narrative that successfully binds people to place and purpose. Foucault referred to this as “collective-centredness – the glue that makes possible coherent progress in all societies.” What binds the community together, for him, was not so much a place as it remained a “discursive narrative” which manages to successfully bridge the intellectual gap by allowing different groups within a community to form linkages, bonds and work towards a common enterprise. How conceivable is the idea of a “common enterprise”; how true is the contention without such a shared identity, blogosphere as we know it may not even be able to grow holistically?
    We presented this question to Vollarine, the head of the brotherhood think tank / ASDF:

    Vollariane: “Will blogosphere be able to grow holistically without a shared identity? The short answer is yes, but it’s a bit like the last leg of Phileas Fog’s race around the world in 80 days – where to reach the finishing line, he needs to strip every plank from his steam boat to feed into the furnace. I really don’t believe that’s a very intelligent way to goal set. And this simply underscores the importance of having a shared identity, if blogosphere is to progress coherently and not erratically – there are a few ways in which we can discuss this; by examining the works of the great intellectuals like Foucault, Nietzsche and even Marx. The problem with that approach Harphoon is only a room full of people will understand what we are really talking about……it seems more profitable to illustrate the nexus between identity and growth by looking at straightforward case studies which cut to the chase; e.g why did the North American Indians and aborigines die off suddenly in the early half of the 20th century after successfully surviving for millennia? – what accounts for their untimely extinction as a ethnic class? What’s the anatomy of failure there? Well, the executive summary is simply this; the white man took away their peace pipes, boomerangs and tepees and put them into reservations – that’s to say, they attempted to civilize them by imposing their version of what they considered to be order, structure and symmetry, but this was nothing short of cultural genocide as it had the effect of eradicating their sense of identity so completely, their social hierarchy corroded to a point where it could no longer effectively regenerate itself? Result: They all just took to the bottle en mass and eventually degenerated to a point when they could no longer renew themselves culturally and politically and died off. Granted, I am painting with very broad strokes here, generalizing in iceberg even, but that in a nutshell is the sad story of what can happen when the idea of shared identity is decoupled from the broader context of a community – the question we really need to ask ourselves is this; when we talk about the internet in the context of Singapore; we really need to identify what are the conditions that may precipitate such mega extinction event? It may appear this seems implausible given there is so much diversity in the Singaporean blogosphere – that we may even feel justified to label it as resilient – but all our research tells us the Singapore blogosphere is very fragile.


    It’s conceivable not only does crafting a sense of identity in the net marries a collective memory amongst stakeholders, it also fulfils a didactic purpose for the community. History teaches us if a genuine dawn of collective consciousness is to be had, then it must also be able to avert a monstrous cultural collapse and a complete loss of identity and autonomy – here the net is essentially a double edged sword; while it possesses the unparalleled capacity to circulate information – it can also precipitate a process of transculturation or even accelerate deculturalization – In this dystopian vision, the survival of multi-cultural discourses within the not so united states in blogosphere is threatened along with its capacity to renew its vitality. Neither can it counter outside forces in the absence of a shared internet identity as it lacks the pre-requisites of autonomy. This brings into focus the form and shape of the share identity.
    Vollariane continues:
    “How should this sense of shared identity be constructed in the internet? A better way to answer this; is to reverse the enquiry, only because we know more about that end of the story (LOL); how should it NOT be constructed? Now this is where I am going to hit very hard; a theoretical short cut is to assume just because the new media prevailed in the recent general elections in Malaysia, it has succeeded in transforming Malaysians into an more enlightened society where they are well on the road to blissful democratization.
    Nothing can be further from the truth Harphoon. You need to understand we studied the Malaysian GE in great detail and all the evidence suggest, what we may be seeing in the Malaysian experience has very little to do with democratization and its even conceivable what we may actually be witnessing it a form of electronic Balkanization – where online consciousness is polarized, fragmented and fractured into smaller pieces; what does this translate into? It goes a long way to illustrate the point without a shared identity; the worst case scenario is; Malaysians may not even get what they bargained for; in the best case scenario, if they are very lucky they will get something resembling a patch work democratization that may not even work properly…”
    To be Con’t

    [Harphoon, Catherine The Great & Jasta 1 – Vollariane / ASDF – The Brotherhood Press 2008]

  2. NEW ARTICLE13-04-08/BP says:



    “….One reason for this less than favorable prediction is because what we usually see in the internet culture in Malaysia is essentially a reactive anti-government identity – much of it has to do with Malaysian internet legacy and the historical baggage it has managed to accumulate after so many years of state inspired harassment. In certain instances, the condition was rendered acute and chronic by BN – this accounts for why; the internet sense of identity in Malaysia can be best summed up in “us against them” terms. IMO that sort internet identity does very little to solicit real meaningful change and its not even is even a credible basis to move forward constructively – what I believe has often been disregarded in the recent Malaysian GE analysis is the degree to which some internet agencies contorted the truth. You really need to ask yourself whether this would have been possible if there was a shared internet identity which is able to solicit intelligent discourses, recruit intelligent minds and sustain the intelligent movement?
    Where I feel the analysis the for the Malaysian GE may be skewered is how so little attention has been directed towards the bad currency i.e how the internet as a means of disseminating information is able to compress even the complicated to make it conform to serve a very specific goal; history, the notion of progress itself, grand legitimating myths, all of this can just as well be rehashed and reprocessed to fashion a form of reality that represents the truth – the question one really needs to ask Harphoon is where were the intellectuals? What were they thinking when all this happened? Did they have a means, a quorum to even say, “hey stop, but something is not right with what you’re saying here?” – I know what I am saying here hits very hard. However, let me be very clear here. I am not trying to exonerate the BN for their misgivings or the way they ran down their mandate and failed the people, but I do question as a political scientist whether in the absence of a share identity that provisions room for the intelligent; is it possible to even bring about real and meaningful change?
    The picture that emerges in post Malaysian GE remains very disturbing, as no where in both of qualitative and quantitative research did we even observe; the internet dismantling ethnic boundaries (this incidentally debunks the myth ethnocentrism should have become obsolete with advancing modernity) as its often claimed. Neither did it successfully snuff out partisan votership and inure racially inspired politicking with any degree of added rationality – on the contrary, you can even say in certain instances it even exacerbated the divide and sharpened the contrast and this simply brings into stark focus the question; can we even afford that sort of internet identity to take hold in Singapore? Especially when it cannot serve to deliver a higher purpose, good or calling? That I believe is a good case to weave into any form which the share identity needs to take – central to its raison, is it needs to be able to deliver the measurable good currency.

    Vollairaine: “Whatever the eventual shape and form of this new internet identity – no progress can be made without first addressing the MSM and Internet divide. I believe this is really the main bulwark that stands in the way of any real progress. Here we have to grapple with not only different schools of thoughts, but also entrenched interest – if you ask Dr Cherian George, he would advance the idea of increasing the latitude for reporters, if you speak to someone like Darkness, he will tell you the direct opposite as he considers it akin to renovating the ball room in the Titanic just 2 minutes after it struck the iceberg – to him you might as well go and plough the sea – so what we have here is really a summary of fundamental differences which may not lend themselves very well to compromise; then to complicate matters we have the position of the government who believes the press should focus on nation building and interspersed along the whole length of the spectrum in the internet, we have different view points harbored by each community each using their respective means to reach out, be it the P-65 bloggers or even using satire as in the case of Mr Brown – what we are seeing in cumulative terms is something very close to the not so united states of blogosphere – I think before we can even make any progress, we may all need to first buy into this reality; this may well be the starting line and all we have to work with.”

    Thank You. Vollariane.

    [Harphoon, Catherine The Great & Jasta 1 – Vollariane / ASDF – The Brotherhood Press 2008]


  3. rtk says:

    Hello All,

    I would just like to ask a few questions. I like to live and learn.

    I heard from a very good friend of mine, the ASDF are actually bunch of mercenaries who have been known to farm out their services in the gaming world for the right price. Otherwise known as the Praetorian Guard of the Brotherhood. They are paid advisors. Is that true? Pls remember, I am not trying to be controversial. I just wish to live and learn.

    I also wish to know why the brotherhood has refused to work with our press. I have reliable info confirming that there have been at least 10 attempts to contact the great sulker Darkness but to no avail. Tell me doesnt the brotherhood share in our gahmens national agenda? Surely, even they know, they cannot go very far without the MSM. BTW did they not read the Sunday Times write up on Xiaxue and Mr Miyagi. Remember I am not trying to be controversial. I just wish to live and learn.

    I also wish to know why did the brotherhood suddenly pull out all data, programming and streaming work out of Singapore and relocated all their pacific servers to HK? You know as much as we all like to believe it has something to do with NLB, there have been rumors circulating in the WWW that’s simply a decoy, you ppl have entered into a secret pact with the Chinese authorities, rite? You will loan them strategic brain juice along with your know how in the form of advisors and technocrats eg the ASDF and protect their interest in the virtual. Tell me is that why all Chinese assets of late have been flying the neutral allied flag of the brotherhood? Since when did Imperial troops protect Chinese assets? How true are these allegations? Remember I am not trying to be controversial. I just wish to live and learn, but with you ppl controlling everything, I cant seem to tell my left foot from my right.

    I have a right to all this questions. You ppl keep blaming NLB bc you say they ignore your questions. Now I asked these questions and I expect the same courtesy that you demanded. Will I get a reply? Or maybe this post will just disappear?

    The Choice Is Yours.


  4. KKP says:

    OMG! But I am not very surprise BH is not what it used to be. There was a time when they would stop regularly to offer first aid regularly to anyone who they came across during their regular cycling sessions. These days in the age of the 2.2 million man, they actually have the cheek to ask you to fill up a form! Otherwise everyone just pretends they didnt see anything and zooms by as if life is just streaming by happily. Sign of the times, I guess, but I am not happy its heading this way, but what did you expect, these days even churches are building shopping malls in the name of our father. Expecting anything else in the age of the 2.2 million man is simply an admirable sentiment.


  5. KKP says:

    We live in a topsy turvy world these days. The current health minister for example who is also responsible for some of the largest price hikes and cost cuts in Singapore healthcare history has also been praised recently by sm goh as “the best health minister, we ever had!” A “compassionate” man.

    So this round of revelations concerning BP do not surprise me at all RTK, no even a bit. Like I said, we live in a topsy turvy world. People like Bambi Darkness are basically politicians, they have to read the wind, they know its not worth it to go up against the grain, one can never win, its irreversible even, so they just close one eye and go with the flow.

    As time goes by I believe it pays dividends to see, hear and only think about things which are pleasant and just treat the rest as if it never ever happened otherwise how?

  6. Harphoon says:

    Good Afternoon RTK,

    We don’t know who you are, but you are very well informed, let me address each of your questions.

    1.Are the ASDF mercenaries?

    There is nothing insidious or subversive abt their role in either the virtual or the real world. It’s a widely publicized fact, serious gamers and game developers regularly study competitive scenarios especially conflict. As it offers a reliable means to generate learning outcomes which will allow them to build better games and deliver increased value to their customers – these competitive models could just as well be the Tibetan or the recent Malaysian GE or even something as mundane as why most people prefer to regularly pump fuel on Sundays in Singapore.

    Wherever there is an opportunity to learn, the ASDF will study it for what its worth – that’s why you all call them, the think tank – they generate value through research.

    However, I believe your main issue concerns the nature of our association with some of our partners and allies notably the Chinese component, in the virtual specifically our strategic alliances. We are well aware these alliances have been the source of much negative speculation recently resulting in the ASDF being labeled as a mercenary outfit. We feel the term mercenary has a negative connotation as it implies their primary motive is limited to only serving a pecuniary interest. I assure you this is never the case with the ASDF, as there are always other factors to be considered whenever they decide to forge alliances. We very prefer the term business partner or valued advisor as this is a far more accurate reflection of the nature of the relationship with our channel partners.

    2. The Press

    We have no comment on this matter for the time being. Beyond what darkness has already said concerning this subject, “we don’t disturb anyone. We are very happy here and we just want to do our own thing.” My understanding from reading this is we are to all intents and purposes self sufficient – we are happy to note the bloggers you mentioned have benefited from having a close relationship with the press. We wish them the best of luck.

    3.Pull Out

    Pls allow me to reiterate this point again for the benefit of those who may not be informed – I believe this is my 3rd time clarifying this issue on this site alone and I sincerely hope this will be my last – we did not effect the pull out, there was never any pull out by us, those activities you mentioned were undertaken by our channel partners who believed HK would be a better locale to stage the broadcast on the Beijing Olympics. My understanding is this was a business decision. You really need to ask them why they considered HK such a competitive environment – we know the reasons, but I do not wish to embellish our current relationship with NLB further.

    I hope this reply answers all your questions satisfactorily RTK. Cheers.


  7. lim boon keong says:

    Dear Sirs/Madam


    I read the above article and I must say it proved persuasive and scholarly on a few fronts. Just a question, are the spelling mistakes deliberate? No I am just joking.

    Though I agree with the author on a few issues, such as the urgent need to hammer out a distinctly Singaporean internet identity. I do harbor deep reservations when I consider firstly, one prominently figure in the brotherhood has publicly proclaimed, he wants to have nothing whatsoever to do with the press. Not only has he made a meal out of this untenable position, but on many occasions, he has also insulted members of the press corps, one of such vile references is by referring to them as SPH (sisters of perpetual hesitation, presumably as a denigrating reference to their singlehood).

    However, these are only very minor points.

    I do however, believe if people like Darkness are sincere about bring about real and meaningful change, instead of just ruminating no end about it he could do significantly more by joining the good fight by filling up a PAP application form.

    You can all start by landing in YPAP website.


  8. Darkness says:

    Mr, Mrs or Miss Lim,

    You know I am not joking when I say this. I believe LKY actually started the ST as sort of nunnery to provide gainful employment for spinsters, because he is first and foremost an alpha male, so he would have summarized based on his well honed hunting skills, these unmarried woman would pose a long term social problem for the rest of us well balanced men. This is matter that hardly requires any elaboration. Most of you who regularly read what I write know my views on this area. We have all witnessed first hand the predilection of these famous bo lang ai’s sorts for unmitigated verbal diarrhea whenever someone is silly enough allow them free rein to vent their pov’s in the public square. Although I am not a clinical psychologist, I do believe mechanical engineering offers a host of explanations why unmarried woman of a certain age and ilk frequently display an unbridalled tendency for battiness. It’s simply like this my friends, when the cylinder cavities of an internal combustion engine aren’t regularly given a good shafting from end to end, then only a few things are likely to happen – if left to fester, its likely to produce a phenomenon known as ‘engine knock,’ a strange swan choking sound that usually induces peng san spells with lashings of nervous disposition of aiyohs – two, incomplete engine combustion, this is a far more serious malady that usually precipitates incomplete shafting. In this case, fuel is only partially oxidized, resulting in carbonization to the side wall of the manifold. Incidentally modern fuel injected engines are especially vulnerable to carbon build up. If left untreated, such an engine will eventually break off its rack and pinions only to go pear shape, resulting in costly repairs. In most cases the damage is so severe the vehicle is usually considered beyond economic repair – this should serve as a reminder one should always try to ensure a vehicle is kept in tip top condition, remember a happy car needs regularly lubricated and shafted to ensure both a pleasurable, safe and predictable driving experience – please drive safely – Darkness 2008

  9. Darkness says:

    On joining the YPAP? You must be shitting me! I rather stay here. Why would I even consider driving a beat up VW if I can drive a Ferrari? Tell me what can I possibly learn from you all? Let me give your famous P-65 bloggers a few words of wisdom on blogging to youths – psychology 101 aka the golden rule; rule number one, if your target audience is going to be youths, then don’t ever tell them you’re targeting them, I can think of a bigger turn off, that guarantees you zero readership, I sumpah – if possible, even discourage them from reading what you regularly write – tell them its out of bounds and strictly for adults only – better still make it difficult for them by setting up road blocks that only heightens the illicit thrill and piques that interest further – as anyone who has ever been in a position to mentor youths will share with you – if you really want to cultivate the reading habit in youths – the best way to root it is by confiscating their torch lights and books and telling them to go to bed or else – that only guarantees they will continue reading beneath their covers behind your back.

    There you go – wisdom in the palm of your hands – now take it and go away and never come back to me again – as I said, we just want to be left alone to do our thing in peace – today you all learnt something you didn’t know yesterday. There is plenty more where that came from – Darkness 2008

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