Daily SG: 10 Apr 2008

Malaysia Elections
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: Singapore politics will be making a fundamental u-turn in the future?

Transport Reformed? Same ol’, same ol’
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain 鸟话连篇: An April Fool’s Joke – One Week Late
– Ian On The Red Dot: I Finally Realized SBS Transit’s Intelligent Route Information System Was Meant To Suck

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– Wind In My Head: More rising costs

The Price of Rice
– Alice Cheong in Wonderland: Rice…
– eastcoastlife: Where’s the rice?

Free Enterprise vs Government
– Singapore Life and Times: Virtually gone

Re Education
– The boy who knew woo much: Where every school is a “military” school

Daily Discourse
– The Itch to Write: Step forward to making it happen :)
– Musings: Challenging Prosecutorial Discretion in Singapore
– Simply Inconceivable: The Lee’s Strike Again

Life, the universe and everything
– THE armchair critic: Fitna movie is merely what it is, a Fitna
– Organic-Ally: How could mothers do that?

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8 Responses to Daily SG: 10 Apr 2008

  1. NEW ARTICLE/10-4-08 BP says:


    I don’t know whether any of you have watched the movie, “Finding Forrester?” It’s about the trials and tribulations of a teenager, Jamal, played by Rob Brown, who gains entry into a toffee nose private high school. Jamal is basically a kid from the rough and tough ghetto world. Although he’s intellectually gifted, he hides his talent with enough believable street cred. One day on a dare, he sneaks into an apartment and, to his surprise, befriends a Salinger type recluse writer. The recluse takes a shine to Jamal helping him to wordsmith his essays, in exchange Jamal has to keep their association a secret: the recluse William Forrester is a bit of an enigma himself, watching the film, I couldn’t help but sense there was an unspoken tragic side to his story.

    Finding Forrester is really about the story of leadership and how excellence can even emerge from the unlikeliest of places; where adversity and failure gives rise to practical wisdom – it’s a story about people who are compelled by circumstances to step up to the plate and lead themselves out from their respective comfort zones to win the day– we see this metaphor being played in varying degrees throughout the film – in one scene when Jamal is accused of plagiarism by a higher than thou professor and the only one who can save him is Forrester, we see the latter struggling to reconcile himself with his self imposed isolation as he considers the prospects of stepping out into the light – with Jamal, we witness how a young man navigates gingerly around his new oak paneled environment as he befriends a girl and slowly begins the process of unfolding the friendship into love – to me the film documents beautifully the transition from chrysalis to the marvelous completion of what it means to be a leader – the message is clear, leadership cannot be planned and even if you don’t want to be a leader, circumstances may force you to step forward. You could even say the entire film is on big celebration of this accidental process. Though the film can be viewed from a multitude of perspectives – what the film does exceedingly well is; it draws our attention to the paradox; what we consider good leadership may not even emerge from executing all the cool runs like scoring good grades, getting into the best universities or being nominated as a Vice President of a firm before turning 30 – that good leadership may even be born from failure and adversity as it’s in the mill of success and failure that a real leader really emerges.

    The lives of great leaders seem to echo this theme; leadership is best understood as a life journey with undulating peaks and valleys. It is not easy to sink beneath the burdens of being falsely accused and yet nurturing the dream of the great return (Anuar Ibrahim), having to deal with crippling illness and yet finding the courage to carry on as best one can for the sake of the common good (Roosevelt), having to raise a severely handicapped daughter, yet keeping bitterness in abeyance because one needs to rebuild a war torn country (de Gaulle) and even having the moral fiber to believe in the promise of redemption when the world has moved on and forgotten about you (Nelson Mandela) – these are just some of the windy roads to name a few that world class leaders have successfully walked.

    To be con’t

    [This debut article was written by Jasta 1 & Catherine The Great / The Brotherhood Press 2008]

  2. NEW ARTICLE/10-4-08 BP says:


    I guess when one sees leadership through this less than perfect lens, then what one scores in A levels or where one graduates from really peels away as irrelevant and even silly – my point is that’s really the compressed message of the movie; finding Forrester; it poses the question obliquely to the viewer; what does it take to be a good leader? Is it just the gloss of good grades, EQ and having a whiter than white personal life? Then what happened to Forrester? Why did the fade out after winning the Pulitzer?

    I don’t doubt for one moment good grades may prove valuable, but in the greater scheme of things they should never be allowed to color the selection process so completely, that it squeezes out the relevant. My gut feel tells me good leaders must be able to solicit deep reflection and introspection in not only themselves but also in others (I for one have never respected a leader who doesn’t have the skills to walk into a crowded room and say, have you all consider this? Only for the crowd to suddenly grow silent and walk away seeing the world slightly different) ; this is what the Greeks called “phronesis,” practical wisdom, that’s really where Jamal and Forrester were heading too through out the whole movie; the point of convergence; when each of them had to struggle with their respective demons; Jamal from the crushing cacophony of poverty, violence and the land of lost hopes that threatens to pull him back despite making the grade; Forrester from his long hiatus from the world brought forth by his inexplicable self imposed exile; that in essence is explores the various hemispheres of the word “Phronesis” as in every case, we see not only the main protagonist successfully bridging the divide, but he also emboldens Forrester to do the same – to win the day.

    The comparisons are apt. Given today’s pressing global problems having a leader who is able to think pragmatically and intelligently isn’t enough, he needs to be able to beacon out the murk creatively and if possible even laterally but more importantly he needs to be able to bridge the divide and reach out to those islands of thoughts out there.

    I cannot see this ever happening if a leader is just preoccupied with the hum bug nuts and bolts of keeping a country running smoothly – not against the backdrop of an ever changing world; a world where the poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer – a world that’s increasingly homogenizing into one gigantic global mass where individualism is systematically relegated in favor for collectivism – a world that’s constantly throwing out spin balls where its increasingly more difficult to seek out that happy balance between economic growth and social and spiritual development. Against such a heady backdrop, good grades don’t nearly measure up by half against skill sets like self awareness and self reflection – here humility plays a pivotal role i.e the willingness to learn from others – I am not saying leadership is only about feelings, emotions and soft skills, but even the most pragmatic amongst us cannot deny it cannot be only about hard nosed quantitative numbers either – in my view, there has to be a balance of the two and if I had to distill it into one word – spirit will do very nicely; as its able to effectively link mind, body and heart to the broader issues which leadership is supposed to addressed – paradoxically, it is usually in others that we glimpse ourselves and understand how our acts and omissions would have either a positive or negative effect. Real leaders are custodians of that spirit of greatness they regularly seek it out in others; in the everyday; in housewife’s, bus drivers, care giver and even the man who simply fights for the right to ride his bike on the pavement – as the task of leadership cannot be just about telling us all how perfect and infallible the system is or how if we keep to the system, the system will keep us, or how the world will suddenly cease to turn on its axis, if all the leaders just pack off; if the truth be known; the real task of a leader is simply to elicit, great ideas great deeds and great dreams from all of us, for every good leader knows the greatness is already there.

    [This debut article was written by Jasta 1 & Catherine The Great / The Brotherhood Press 2008]


  3. The Chronicler says:

    I give you all “finding Forrester” – a tale of friendship, redemption and what it means to be a true leader.


    The brotherhood press.

  4. Darkness says:

    LOL You know what? I know exactly what is happening.

    Harphoon ram up the production to 200%.

    Darkness 2008

  5. To All Gamers! Now hear this! says:

    To All The Gamers In The World,

    I have been informed by very reliable sources that some of the research crews responsible for the broadcast of the Beijing Olympics have instituted a sit in and a boycott of all work relating to this project. This disappoints me. I want to say, I hear you all. Every single one of you, I even know why some of you are angry with the Chinese, I even understand why some of you mothers are behaving in this manner, but this is not the way to seek common ground! I tell you this is not the way. Do you all hear me? I will not be given ultimatums! I have requested the guild to send one of our senior ranking third stage navigators to demand an explanation directly from the Chinese representatives in the virtual on the situation in Tibet, they are scheduled to arrived in the inter- space federation zone on board the Cheng Du something @ Primus time: 00833/38 – we will get the truth out from the Chinese, you have my assurance my friends: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=VSV9S2Ol3bc&feature=related meanwhile as a precautionary measure our fleet has declared a 300 parsec exclusion zone around the Alrionion Asteroid belt – please note ANY vessels entering this exclusion will be downed, after that we will gladly go to the UN and talk shop, but we will down them first! No exceptions will be made, both the Dimitri and the les enfant du paradis will be arriving to establishing emergency space traffic control. I have also summoned our allies the Free French, The Germania and the Immortals to assist us in this policing role to protect the Chinese, just remember we fly the neutral flag and anyone who attacks us must understand we have a right to defend ourselves in accordance with the rules of engagement of the Interspacing charter – I just wish to say this, we are not allied to the Chinese govt, do you all hear me? I am Darkness and I give you all my solemn word, I have no art of part in a secret compact with the Chinese and I know such rumors have been circulating – those responsible for spreading rumors will be rounded up! My friends in this last week Chinese assets in the virtual have been subject to unjustified sporadic attacks from certain quarters – we wish to inform these elements that they should desist from their activities.

    Even as we speak our fleet the fist of God has established a security cordon around the Alrionion belt – Martial law has been declared in the strangelands and all our divisions, the 130th, Totenkopft, Liebstandarte I & II and the Sardu Khan are poised to invade any planet who harbor counter insurgents bent on creating mayhem – meanwhile an emergency session will be held in Primus Aldentes Prime, this is an open session which flies the purple order and all quarters will be granted amnesty to participate in this forum. We have opened our Parliament so that all matter concerning the Chinese Tibetan issue can be discussed and even broadcasted live, without censorship. I have even invited the chief perfect of the Chinese govt to be present to address some of your concerns. This is all our diplomats can do for the moment – I sincerely hope reason will prevail. None of you have any idea how disappointed I am. You have no idea. For years, I have cultivated your friendship and all I ask in return is reasonableness and this is how some of you repay me!

    Darkness 2008

  6. dentist Jan says:

    What does [ 563838, standing by…] mean? Is this some kind of Brotherhood secret code? Like Abacadabra? Standing by? What’s up?

    All I see is down with the Chinese, these days, tell me how accurate was the brotherhood Oracle this time.


    Seems like this whole incident blindsided all of you. Actually to be really honest with you, even I didnt expect it to blow up the way it did, it was certainly slow burn in this case.


  7. The Singapore Daily says:

    Please stand by… something’s about to happen.. :)

  8. Darkness says:


    Mmmmmh….some of you Bad ass white gamers want to burn the house down. For what? OK bc of a bunch of bald headed folk who go around in funny curtains in Tibet.

    Be my guest. Here take the matches, blow torch and flame throwers. I am cool – hey man, ain’t my problem, I’ve decided, I don’t want to get involved – I ain’t here to save to the whales or the world – either way it cuts, I am cool man.

    Btw one small detail, which one of your mother ******* are going clean up the mess after the bon fire is over? Aha! I promise you all, it ain’t going to me and my crew bro.

    On that little note all you mother ***** try to have a lovely day now you hear.

    Darkness 2008



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