Daily Tech: Yahoo vs Microsoft

Yahoo vs Microsoft
– Yahoo! Inc: Yahoo!’s Board of Directors Responds to Latest Microsoft Letter
– ZDNet: Thanks for the letter Steve; Now give us more money or get lost
– Telegraph: Yahoo!’s Yang hits back at Microsoft’s Ballmer
– Marketwatch: Yahoo takeover battle turns into a game of chicken

Tech News
– Touch Podium: Quake III + 2(iPod Touch) = Pure Win
– X-bit Labs: Ex-Microsoft Executive Predicts Dusk of Video Game Consoles in 5 to 10 Years
– Wired: Scientists Unveil High-Res Map of the U.S. Carbon Footprint

Reviews & Guides
– VR-Zone: Gainward Bliss 9600GT 512MB & 9600GT Golden Sample!
– Bit-tech.net: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500, E8400 and E8200
– Benchmark Reviews: Best CPU Coolers of Q1 2008
– Techgage: Logitech diNovo Mini
– Legit Reviews: Nyko Zero Wireless Controller for Playstation 3
– Tweaknews: Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000
– HWZ: Smartphones Versus UMPCs: Mobility Meets Mobility

SG Tech
– The eOK .network: Interview with the man behind Rednano.sg
– Tech65: 65Bits’ Episode 65: Yea, Repeating Numbers are Sexy!

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2 Responses to Daily Tech: Yahoo vs Microsoft

  1. seraphicradiance says:

    Distasteful picture

  2. Sooty says:

    I almost thought that the site had started featuring Daily Chiobos out of fairness. Guess not!

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