Daily SG: 7 Apr 2008

Prison Break, My Fault
– Mr Wang Says So: Very Poor Service By The Straits Times
– The Online Citizen: Mas Selamat’s escape – Government shifting the blame to Singaporeans’ “complacency”
– i have succumbed to peer pressure: Re-reading Mr Lee vis-à-vis Pierre Macherey
– Die neue Welle: National Education: On Complacency
– The Daily Backtrack: ST and the betrayal of intelligence
– Princess from the Planet of Venupitarius: Let’s start playing ‘Pass the Parcel’ and banning films!
– Insane Polygons: Playing The Complacency Game
– mollymeek: Send this to the ST Forum 4: S’pore Govt Too Good
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: MM Lee : Some are “Living in a Make-believe world”…
– Feed Me To The Fish: COMPLACENCY – Finally Tsunami hits Singapore!
– mrbrown: Mas Selamat’s escape was not gahmen fault, it was yours and mine
– Desparatebeep: When in Doubt – Blame the Guards

The Price of Rice
– Sgpolitics.net: My take on high rice prices and soaring commodity prices in general
– Singapore Life and Times: Rise of the Hoards
– Simply Jean: Of the price hike for rice…

PM V1.3. Search for the next Prime Minstar
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Finding the future leaders of Singapore
– My Sketchbook: The tea session just gets harder

Free Enterprise vs Government
– The eOK .network: Singapore govt kills streetdrectory.com
– For Want of a Better Title: Streetdirectory.com: My point of view
– My Singapore News: Rule of Law

Strangers in a Strange Land
– Looking through the eyes of_ _: Everything also our fault…

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: NUS’s The Ridge vs SDP: Censorship or Editorial Prerogative?

– Enblocing Singapore: A Downgrader’s Nightmare

– Angry Doctor: Rational Rationing? 2

Pink Issues
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Exploitative Openness and the Myth of Saint KY

Starhub EPL, Singtel CL, Sports Fans LPPL
– Singapore Life and Times: Money in your mouth
– Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: Singapore’s pay TV scene a free market?

Daily Discourse
– The Online Citizen: Public Accountability
– The Lionheart: Spirals and Mirrors: The Birth and Growth of Extremist Terror
– Singapore Patriot: More S’pore teens engaging in risky sexual behaviour
– Yawning Bread: The mathematics of elections 2
– BP: Bad Governance + BN = Losing Power, Good Governance + PAP = Staying In Power?

Life, the universe and everything
– Reality of Kai: Are you an astronomer or an astronaut?

– Bishan Busy Body: Dare to Document, Dare to Talk, Dare to Blog etc etc
– Singapore Indian Voice: An Open Invitation to Political Bloggers

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5 Responses to Daily SG: 7 Apr 2008

  1. NEW ARTICLE/BP 7-4-08 says:


    It’s easy for all us to buy into the path of least resistance and assign our terminal door knob state of complacency to the Singaporean good life – but let’s begin by taking stock of how we managed to lock ourselves in the basement while leaving the keys somewhere in the living room? Tell me do we regularly get real news from our newspapers, TV or radio? Or is it something closer to the mashed potato saccharine processed version that does little to facilitate real understanding? Mmmmh I wish at this point, I could say something very sad has happened to our media services, but in all honesty, its always been like this ever since I could remember – not only is the democratic debate that determines our fate never really fleshed out in any detail, there are always gaps in my understanding and it’s being rendered ever-more useless by the looks of it.

    From what little I have been able to make out, the focus of the MSM these days is one fixated on cosmetics at the expense of the cogent; you may already have seen the latest extreme make over of our beloved rag, the ST recently; what do you think about it? A bit like the proverbial Cheshire cat, big on the smiles but sadly still pastry light on the content – the message is all too clear; we’re sorry, if you’re still not getting the beef, but we hope if we put more color and spice up the layout, you will hardly notice the deficits, need I say more, happy reading!

    When I wonder will we really get intelligent people arguing over the week’s news instead of monologues and narratives which do little to highlight the salient.

    Is it such a wonder complacency has set in? What’s happening has to deplorable only because I am one of those who have seen the other side of the fence; I studied in the UK and much of my free time was spent watching really intelligent political programs on telly. Hence I am one of those who firmly subscribe to the adage; if you use the public airwaves, you have a responsibility to deal with the great public issues of the day, but unfortunately that never seems to happen in Singapore. Instead what we are regularly feed is a steady stream of unmitigated diatribe masking as the truth and nothing but the truth. This depresses me, because I was born into a family that didn’t know anything about politics. My parents are working class stock, often feeling the political sphere was an alien and lofty preoccupation – so really my interest in politics only really piqued when I stumbled across TV programmes like Question Time and Brian Walden’s interviews in the UK during my student stints – I have often wondered whether I would have such an unalloyed right of passage had I remained in Singapore?

    While I don’t doubt our MSM does a very good job of serious coverage from time to time – I feel there really isn’t enough to go around – what’s the effect of all this leaching? After all isn’t the MSM the only reliable means for the vast majority of us to learn about how our country is run? Where we are heading too? Or is this another case for agent Mulder and Scully?

    What happens when nothing is regularly substituted for something? I am reminded something has to give. Does the truth get distorted? Does it disappear? Or maybe the debate just picks up like a traveling circus and continues elsewhere – underground perhaps – in a place where angels fear to thread and I shudder no end at the prospects what happens then when radicals come in to fill up the blank spaces with their self serving accounts. I wonder is that how terrorism takes root? I am sure it can’t possibly ferment in a well ventilated society where issues are regularly brought to light?

    I guess one damaging aspect of not having a reliable news agency that’s able to take pride in itself as a purveyor of truth is democracy just doesn’t work properly. People need real discourse to connect the dots and when they are substituted for convenient sound bites what really happens is they’re never going get to know the full story to make an informed decision about their past, present or future.

    As a result only a select few can make informed decisions. In the midst of all this, a tool of democracy corrodes silently away and is it such a wonder complacency follows in its wake?

    I wonder who is really responsible for our complacency? I wonder.

    [This is a debut article written by Jumo – The Brotherhood Press 2008]

  2. LCC says:

    Hmm… I can’t help but noticing that there perhaps was an error made in the attribution of “NUS’s The Ridge vs SDP…” to Looking through the eyes of _ _ …

  3. The Singapore Daily says:

    @ LCC
    Sorry about that. Links went berzerk there. My fault, complacency lah ^_^

  4. shoestring says:

    Although the media played a large part in blocking out the stimuli needed to keep complacency at bay, we need to look inward and ask ourselves whether we have exercised personal responsibility to seek alternative sources of information, opinions etc.

    Many of us are satisfied with living in our own comfort zones, and we do not care about issues that seemingly do not affect us directly or will potentially rock the boat. Even if we’re a little perturbed, we’d leave it to others to take the risks if digging deeper. But we fail to recognize that change won’t happen until the majority does something about it. Every single one of us has to contribute. There is no free lunch.

    The Mas Selamat episode is a much needed wake-up call. It’s a signal that all is not well with our “well-oiled” machine. And it is not the only symptom of possible rot within. Where there is lack of accountability, complacency begins to breed. And that applies to every citizen as well as the government.

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