Daily ChioBu: Miki Shen Lijun

Miki Shen Lijun (沈丽君) a model from Shanghai, China is touted as “Shanghai’s First Beauty” (上海第一美女). Miki came in 3rd in the Asian category of the Initial D race. Pictures after the break.

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4 Responses to Daily ChioBu: Miki Shen Lijun

  1. Meng says:

    Nice girl-next-door look. Thanks.

  2. Dan says:

    Post some Caucasian babes sometime can? Maybe Australian since they are consider as Asian!

  3. booGie says:

    Ang moh woman pictures are a dime a dozen, boring la. Australia is not Asian

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ya i agree.. angmoh see till sian..
    Japanese best!! =)hahas..^^

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