Daily SG: 28 Mar 2008

Prison Break, Singapore Style
– The Void Deck: Kan Seng’s Tora Bora Remix
– Princess from the Planet of Venupitarius: We have not forgotten about Mas Selamat , or have we really?
– utopia: only hear the good stuffs
– Mas Selamat Kestari: is RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!! [Facebook]

Co-Space Initiative
– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: My Thoughts about the Co-Space Initiative & Virtual World
– Ian on the Red Dot: 4 Things About The Co-Spaces Event
– Nomed Letters: Giving Virtual Space in a Crowded Island

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– Singapore Angle: Beyond Obamania in Singapore – Change You Can Believe In
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Badawi : I underestimated the power of blogs…

Aesthetic Medicine and Snake Oil
– Angry Doctor: Stop using that word!
– nofearSingapore: Aesthetic Medicine and Snake-oil-My unabridged letter to the Straits Times

Malaysia Elections
– The Online Citizen: Farquhar – A Freak Result
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: Badawi now ‘loves’ bloggers; what about the PAP?

Daily Discourse
– catherinelim.sg: A challenge for the future: Democratising the Lee Kuan Yew model of governance?
– Sam’s Thoughts: The modesty of a woman
– Singapore Patriot: How did LTA manage to tai-chi away the blame?
– Endoh Pure Ranting Room: Is United States the greatest nation?
– My Singapore News: Paranoid or Mean

– Muruah: “Women and an ASEAEAn Human Rights Body” By Maruah, held on the 29th of March 2008.
– Unique-Frequency: 29th March 2008: Social Media Breakfast: Singapore
– ALVINOLOGY: No Flash vs No Photography
– the(new)mediaslut: Bangkok Car Show – Babes and all

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