SGDaily Roundup: What’s Hot in Week 12

As you can tell, the SDP protest topic was hot! Opinions in the blogs were split down the middle. Some saw the protest as yet another lame publicity stunt by SDP especially as SDP came up with new moves inspired by foreign activists. Others saw that the police was over-reacting and victimising SDP again especially when priorities should be diverted elsewhere, like finding the now skinny still missing Mas Selamat limping around somewhere in urban Singapore. Chia Ti Lik’s prose of being jailed was almost as entertaining as Francis Seow’s seminal “To Catch A Tartar” where fact and fiction blurred in the fascinating government-slighting narrative. Talking about fact and fiction, what about the officers of the law almost gnashed by a protester? That story never took off it seems.

And since we are on the topic of lame protesters and police, what about our limping JI terrorist-fugitive? Everybody with common sense in the blogs is questioning the government’s management of the “security lapse”. I’m sure the authorities are trying their best to recover lost face and those trudging in the woods are having a hard time being ridiculed by their friends and family. With the is-it-independent or not-independent Committee of Inquiry going on, the public are eager to get to the bottom of the toilet break, bear the pun. However, it is still not too late for the security agencies to struggle for redemption and get a dramatic capture before the COI administers blame, and the public, bashing.

Elsewhere, the paper chase is another area of gripe with the A level results released recently. Who will become a Mandarin in the Establishment? Is paper qualifications, a prestigious scholarship and a job secured in a MNC or government all is there to it? Let’s be clear on this, perfect A-level scores are nice, but life certainly does not end if one’s A-level results are not “good” enough.

What to watch out for in the coming week? Maybe Tibet and Sovereign Wealth Funds.

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2 Responses to SGDaily Roundup: What’s Hot in Week 12

  1. abao says:

    Probably the SWFs or the Subprime crisis for next week’s big news.

  2. BlackTeeShirt says:

    Next week, Mas dons a red Tak Boleh Tahan tee shirt and limps about Sg. With that, he slaps the COI and Wong their senses.

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