SGDaily Roundup: Week 12

Tak Boleh Tahan! Protest
– sgpolitics: My personal account of the 15 March 08 debacle involving arrest of peaceful protesters
– Sgpolitics: Chia Ti Lik: Confessions of a Protestor on World Consumer Rights’ Day – Protest in front of Parliament House Part 1, Part 2
– The Online Citizen: Protesters arrested for World Consumer Rights Day event
– The Daily Backtrack: Taking down consumers, one at a time
– Sheep City: Unmasking the disgruntled sheep
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: SDP turns militant!!!
– Nomed Letters: Victors as King and Losers as Slaves
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Chee Siok Chin to be charged for Animal Abuse
– Pseudonymity: PHOTOS: Singapore Police Manhandle & Drag Away Peaceful Protesters. More photos
– Alien Nation: Something Rotten [Thanks louie]
– Singapore Life and Times: Futile Demos
– The Void Deck: SDP Tak Boleh Tahan and Tak Boleh Tahan SDP
– Pseudonymity: Chee Siok Chin To Police: Produce Evidence Or Retract Statement
– The Sun Shines on Singapore: The Right to Public Entertainment
– The States Times: Tak Boleh Tahan
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: ST Reader Offers Chee Advice
– Chia Ti Lik’s Blog: Confessions of a Protestor, World Consumer Rights’ Day – Protest in front of Parliament House Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
– Die neue Welle: Politicians Biting People – A States’ Times Letter
– the girl nobody remembers: (One of) my favourite chicken rice is now $3.30, up 10%!! [Recommended]
– EDMW: 15 protesters arrested
– HWZ: police arrest 10 protesters at SDP rally today!
– SgForums: Confessions of a coward on World Consumer Rights’ Day

Prison Break, Singapore Style
– Singapore Kopi Tok: The Logic of Rewards
– S-man’s bullsh*tbox: Have you seen this man?
– PREVAIL: Mas-terminds [Thanks Francis]
– Chemical Generation Singapore: More Like a Private Inquiry than a Public Inquiry?
– vinyarb: Survivor Singapore: Wild berries version [thanks Richard]
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Contradictions and More Nonspeak
– utopia: DPM Wong should do what other Ministers would do
– My Singapore News: Time to say a few good words
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Apology to the MHA
– Mr Brown: We haven’t found him yet, but we can search 121 buildings in one day!
– The Online Citizen: If one were Dr Choong..
– Singapore Patriot: We screwed up but we’re still the best
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Mas Selamat : 21 days and counting!!!
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Mas Selamat, where are you?
– My sketchbook: It’s not a good time to be a journalist

Paper Chase
– e pur si muove: Perfect scores, perfect students – a perfect storm for future failure [Recommended]
– takchek (读书): Stressed-out varsity applicant? Check.
– Die neue Welle: Examination Eugenics [Recommended]
– l’oiseau rebelle: Frankly, I don’t see the point
– The Lionheart: The Road Less Travelled
– utopia: the disadvantaged lot: poly grads
– Theory of Knowledge: Diploma or Death?
– Looking through the eyes of_ _: Education Corporation
– Kojakbt’s Blog: How many actual places in our local Univ are reserved for real Singaporeans?
– EDMW: Lecturer belittles ‘weak’ poly student at NUS open house

Malaysia Elections
– Yawning Bread: The mathematics of elections [Recommended]
– SG Review: An opposition coalition
– Sophie’s World: A new beginning for Malaysia

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– pORcIN: Common Sense Please
– Mr Brown: The LTA CBD Taxi Stand fiasco
– Simply Jean: New taxi rules adjustments
– Singapore Life and Times: Cooked Deal

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– EDMW: PM Lee urge us to LIVE WITHIN OUR MEANS!!!
– SgForums: Cost of electricity to go up from April as oil prices rise

– Where Bears Roam Free: Racial Quota for HDB is for PAP to be stay in power – and it is racially discriminative
– The Online Citizen: Uniquely Singapore – Is the HDB fulfilling the needs of Singaporeans?

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– Sgpolitics: “Tyranny is worse than a Man-Eating Tiger”

Free Tibet
– Yawning Bread: What to do with the Tibetan question?

Daily Discourse
– Singapore Life and Times: Give me my money
– Alice Cheong in Wonderland: Li Bing Bing donation drive’s controversies
– Nomed Letters: Global Markets, Tibet and Opposition Down Out Throats
– Highway of Life: Singapore Slingers – Traditional media does it again?
– Simply Jean: Why is it that the fuel prices never go down?
– Ramseh Jain: Research in Singapore
– Jed Yoong: Singapore’s Languishing Lawyers
– Simply Jean: Are you moonlighting? Don’t get caught!
– Angry Doctor: Take my rights… please! 2
– Nomed Letters: Taking the heat off the Incompetent
– She Spins a Yarn: Bad service encountered at MIS. (Marketing Institute of Singapore)
– Reporting, then and now: The role of the press in Singapore
– The Daily Backtrack: To pontificate
– Myrialogues: My beef with the ST
– Singapore Patriot: A lesson in diplomacy
– The Red Grade: A Patriot’s Perspective
– This lush garden within: Search for the happiest person in Singapore? Nothing more than a marketing stunt
– HWZ: We sell our national asset to CHINA!!!

Life, the universe and everything
– The boy who knew too much: The David Beckham of Singapore
– Where Bears Roam Free: If third world nations can have women leaders, why not Singapore?
– Eastcoastlife: A mistress is a mistress, don’t flatter yourself!
– Singapore Donkey: George Yeo finds out Singapore is a small country on trip abroad [Funny]
– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: Is Singapore ready for Social Entrepreneurship? Two Years later [Recommended]
– The boy who knew too much: St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Singapore
– A L V I N O L O G Y: Dawn Yang vs Xiaxue: Who is prettier?
– The Itch to Write: Why Did I Procrastinate?
– Unique-Frequency: Where Did SMU = NTU Ad Go??
– Occulta L5 + S1: Some guy’s idea of Singapore’s future skyline.
– Lost in Transposition: Singapore Fling
– the(new)mediaslut: Will find Google’s gold?
– Jaunted: Changi Airport’s Getting Greedy for Terminals
– Ian On The Red Dot: Why Online Piracy Of Books Is A Good Thing
– The eOK .network: Blogger relations: What works

– Rentinsingapore’s Weblog: Singapore Rental properties and google maps mash up
– Singapore News: Prisoners getting more interviews than you
– GarageBand Meetup: Hello world!

Odex Update
– The Odex’ed — Time For Justice: Roll Call of the Odex’ed — The Time to Act Is Now

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18 Responses to SGDaily Roundup: Week 12



    [Harphoon]: How true is the Chinese assertion that the recent uprising in Tibet was inspired by the Dalai Lama? Were the Chinese caught by surprise? What’s the main grouse of these protestors?

    [ASDF]: Was the Dalai Lama involved? Were they blindsided? What’s their beef? Let me take each question in turn. Firstly, we don’t believe the DL was responsible for the recent uprising in Lhasa – see Darkness and Vollariane’s analysis; much of the heat appears to be lumped into one mass; we believe this is a serious omission. If you really look at it carefully, there are distinct groups here (1) The Tibetan diaspora throughout the world, and. (2) The Tibetans who still continue to reside in modern day Tibet. These are two entirely different factions, driven very much by mutually exclusive goals which have nothing in common with each other.

    Were the security forces blindsided? After allowing for some exaggeration and rumor-mongering in these reports, it is clear that the Chinese military are not facing a revolt in Tibet the like of which Tibet has not seen since the Khampa revolt of the 1950s. All the evidence suggest this was a spontaneous occurrence. Neither does it involve the broader social political narrative of the Dalai Lama. As with the Burmese uprising we witnessed recently; what sparked it off was a general mood of discontentment concerning very basic primal concerns such putting rice or in this case having enough butter in their money tea. In a nutshell, the Chinese government specifically the local provisional government have miscalculated their policy of Disneyfication in Tibet. This has displaced many of the indigenous population from jobs and opportunities. It’s interesting to note one of the grouses during the first few days of the uprising wasn’t about independence or even autonomy or even about politics, but many of the youths, who joined in were shouting slogans against the new railway line to Lhasa alleging that it would lead to an influx of massive resettlement of Han Chinese leading to fears of a situation of exclusion for the Tibetans. It’s interesting to note; the wealth of the local Chinese merchants attracted the ire of the Tibetans. This remains one of the most convulsed affairs at the local level and without doubt, this lends considerable credence to Vollariane’s and Darkness’s assertion that culture and identity forms the main montage of the grouses rather than the broader geo-political issues of ‘independence.’

    Here what needs to be emphasized is the issue of displacement, marginalization and estrangement – it’s not so different from the same powder keg that set off the Burmese or Indonesian revolt. The economic context of Chinese development in Tibet is never in dispute; like everywhere else in China Tibet has on paper at least benefited from unprecedented central government investments. In the last few years, the central government has been trying to sell Tibet as a fish bowl to promote tourism, but growth in inequality and presently, high inflation hampers most Tibetans from sharing in this economic miracle. In this sense it’s conceivable that what we may be seeing in the streets in Lhasa has everything to do with very primal and basic needs demonstrations more closely related with job and business opportunities.

    At the other end of the spectrum. The Tibetans in exile seem to be motivated by another set of grouses; they were demanding the release of the Panchen Lama designated by the Dalai Lama in accordance with the Tibetan traditions. He has since been arrested by the Chinese authorities and replaced by a nominee of the Communist Party. Here we see the broader issues of ‘independence’ and ‘autonomy.’ This we feel has been fleshed out already by Vollariane and Darkness.

    Our point is simply this: there are distinctly separate factional interest even within the body of protestors. Contrary to MSM reportage, this is hardly a monolithic movement where they all share one common goal – we believe both Vollariane and Darkness were spot on when they highlighted this differentiator; it’s significant because it throws out the assumption that there is even one definition of what the Tibetan people really want to accomplish from all this; this should always be borne in mind.

    [Harphoon]Q: A question that dogs many is why should the Chinese continue to pursue an uncompromising policy towards Tibet? Firstly, there are hardly any natural resources there and by virtual of geographical constraints, they cannot even be economically mined! Neither does Tibet fulfill the buffer zone function it once did against India during the 50’s. This I believe continues to vex most people when they try to understand the hard line stance of the Beijing govt. What’s the take of the ASDF on the hard line position of the Chinese towards Tibet?

    [ASDF] A: One of the fears the Chinese have always harbored since embarking on their limited open door policy in the 80’s is the Balkanization of the autonomous regions; they have seen first hand how fractious the Soviet break up has been spawning a myriad of free and independent pocket battleship states which have all helped in one way or another to reduce a once great empire to an ignominious and inexorable retreat. And even today, these residuals of Balkanization continue to mire the Russian regime, no end – Chechnya stands out most notably, along with Serbia, Kosovo, Crimea, Georgia, Lithuania and probably ten other countries which once formed the Soviet federation – it’s a litany of grief that really adds up to equal, the sum of all the fears multiplied many times over!

    These realities (real or imagined) naturally color their domestic policy and compels them to regard the on-goings in these regions as having capacities for wider social and economic ramifications.

    What we need to appreciate is China is not Singapore. It’s sheer size is something that I feel cannot be properly conveyed to the lay reader – she is bordered by Russia, India, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Macau (semi-autonomous), Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and to exacerbate matters she is further divided into 5 autonomous regions, and 4 municipalities – it would be foolhardy to assume, each of these locales have not defined themselves sufficiently to break away from the gravity of central government! They are just waiting for the right conditions and opportunities to take off. Once one breaks away, it will be like a domino effect! The Chinese planners at a senior level must be fully aware of this dooms day report. If we can see it so can they – it’s scary!

    So you are absolutely right Harphoon, in saying Tibet in real utility terms has probably the same value as the desolate surface of the moon – but in relative geo-political terms like the space race, it remains invaluable especially when one considers Tibet against the broader geo-political map of China and take into consideration similar hot spots like Xinjiang and to a limited extent Mongolia, when we see it in this geo- political perspective; things aren’t so simple.

    I don’t really believe most journalist understand how much the fear of Balkanization features in the general calculation of managing conflict in these autonomous regions.

    [Harphoon] Q: You mentioned the Chinese fixation with Balkanization. Does this policy of ‘containment’ extent to cover the broader on-going’s in Chinese society?

    A: Yes, “containment” seems to be the right word. I think what we need to appreciate is Balkanization has alot more to do with raising a flag and singing a brand new national anthem – it’s a polyglot term that encompasses a host of intangibles such as culture, identity, race, religion and probably 10 million other things and this explains why the Chinese planners continue to take an interest in the development of religious and sectarian led movements. The Falun Gong movement is one such example of things-gone-wrong. Even today, it continues to be a formidable force within and outside China and they have even been spreading allegations about how many of the sports facilities in Beijing were constructed with forced labor. They are trying to stir up demonstrations for political mileage. The same holds true for the Christians and even 30 million odd Muslims. So yes, you are absolutely right – Balkanization is a very malleable and extendable term.

    All our research leads us to the conclusion Xinjiang is the real and present threat to the Chinese government – but that is another story.

    [This Strategic Analysis of Tibet was conducted by Harphoon, Astroboy and Scholar Boy / The ASDF Think Tank comprise of Vollariane (Head), Cerebus, Memphisto, Kadjal and a representative from the Interspacing Guild – The Brotherhood Press 2008]

  2. Montage says:

    Yes, XinJiang will be China’s Chechnya when it explodes.

  3. Darkness says:

    I realize many of you do not want me to con’t asking this question, but I must:


    Why wasn’t the brotherhood press mentioned in the Singapore Blogosphere review conducted by Bernard Leong and Kevin Lim?

    I told you ALL this question will not go away so easily.

    Why? Think abt it, I will be back again.

    Darkness – 2008

    Request the Totenkopft to cancel the broadcast of the youth Olympics – find out from Raju when will the list of the next 100 come out!

    Darkness 2008

    I am very sorry, remember I did not start this. The ppl who planned this must learn the hard way.

  4. KKP says:

    It will be nice to see a similar analysis on the US primaries. I think one of the questions most ppl have at the back of their mind is whether B.Obama is for real? Or is it just a case of elections rhetoric? I am holding back judgement for the time being. However, personally, I’ve go with Hillary. What da you all say?

    You ppl have really gone underground. I can’t even detect you ppl in google any longer!!!!!!!!! There is not even so much of trace!!!!!

  5. Dentist Jan says:

    Dear Bambi Darkness,

    Underground? This isn’t the first time! My feel is you are all setting up NLB for the fall. As officially, you people do not really exist. So can you really blame them, if you are not included in the next 100? Maybe that is what all of you want. All I can say is this, if bfr you were not even considered a blog by Dr Bernard Leong. Then now, by posting full essays in the comments section of the SG DAILY, you do not even exist!

    I am just telling you the truth as I see it!

    I just wish to say that I have previously mentioned the difficulties assoc with navigating the comments sections to read essays / this is a very curious situation that most BP readers currently find themselves in. Could you elaborate further on what you ppl are really doing?

    Or maybe it is time for the Singapore Daily to just say, hello brother please kindly migrate to a proper blog like most bloggers.

    Many thxs. BTW great work on Tibet…what abt the US? I believe this is 10 millionth time, I have asked. It’s terribly boring here in between teeth works.


  6. Darkness says:

    Hello Jan,

    Don’t sweat the small stuff – we are not dumb. We know exactly what we are doing.

    As you, yourself said; this is not our first time doing this.

    This I understand may not be what expect, now they have no information to work on. No template. No road maps, they are flying blind. I understand it’s impossible to plan under these circumstances. If one cannot even count heads – then where does one even begin? They are in unfamiliar ground. Good, that’s very good.

    We on the otherhand are in our element.

    They don’t even have the technology to separate the chaff from the wheat. All they see is one IP. Beyond that it’s a cloud. They are at least 5 yrs behind. We on the other hand see them all, we even know what they will do next.

    Play on. it’s just a game to me.

    Meanwhile we are happy here, all we want is to be left alone and do our thing – we are not disturbing anyone – we will stay as long as we are welcomed.

    Relax. Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

    Darkness 2008

  7. Darkness says:

    We will grow together – you will see – I promise you all.

    But you must let us do our thing – in our own speed, in our own time.

    You will see where all this leads too – it will be a good place.

    I promise you all.

    Darkness 2008

  8. KKP says:

    “This I understand may not be what expect, now they have no information to work on. No template. No road maps, they are flying blind. I understand it’s impossible to plan under these circumstances. If one cannot even count heads – then where does one even begin? They are in unfamiliar ground. Good, that’s very good.

    We on the otherhand are in our element.”

    May I pls ask. Is that why the report of how the internet featured in the recent Malaysian elections has been deliberately held back from the public.

    I also notice this applies to the American Presidential Race.

    In both cases, there is a systematic policy of restricting information.

    Who are you fighting? Why dont you warn others?

    It just seems like a great pity to me. Things were going on so well bfr all this blew up. All of you even settled into a blog etc. And when I compare it to now, when all of you are watching furtively from the shadows, half scared, half brave and half sure, it seems far from being whole.


  9. nohoper says:

    Dear Sirs/Madams,

    All I can say is this Brotherhood VS NLB matter has the same material facts as vs HK govt – in the case of the latter the pull out of the BP resulted in a massive brain drain that still affects the HK cyberspace. It never recovered!

    What is clear to me is both sides are digging in – this is no good. Firstly, let me just say I do not agree completely with NLB for restricting it to just a list of only 11 blogs. This was foolish and I can see why it has caused provocation. However, I must say their list is not exhaustive and from what I have been able to observe the nominated 11 does a pretty good job of reflecting the composition in cyberspace.

    Now that Bambi Darkness is directly involved. My fears have been confirmed. I remember this man. There was a time when many looked up to him in our church. He would have gone very far. One day allegations were levelled against him. It damaged his business and reputation. But the way he fought back was brutal. It was in every sense a dirty war in deepest meaning. Today the church has done everything to placate him and recently when it seemed he had all but recovered. He was invited to dinner, he behaved well enough through the first half, then mid way the question cropped up, “why do you do the things you do to me?”

    Everyone simply looked down. The evening wore on. This is just the beginning, it is best is some one up there destroys him now. He is relentless and he will never stop asking.

  10. nohoper says:

    When I think to myself, there was a time when he would have served the lord as a faithful servant and compare it to what he is today – Darkness.

    It’s enough to break any believers heart into a thousand pieces. As it simply says, he has gone beyond the point of no return.

    There are times when a man goes too far off the beaten track and he will just lose his way and not be able to make his way back.

    This happened before and now it is happening now before my very eyes.

  11. The Singapore Daily says:

    “Meanwhile we are happy here, all we want is to be left alone and do our thing – we are not disturbing anyone – we will stay as long as we are welcomed.”

    You are welcomed to stay as long as you like. Glad that you are happy. ^_^

  12. dentist Jan says:


    Are you for real?

    “it is best is some one up there destroys him now.”

    Surely, you can’t be serious nohoper.

    From the little I know, Bambi is just terribly spoilt, he has a charm with the ladies and he knows how to work it, so he gets what he wants as we do.

    I really don’t see him coming across as “brutal” anything. Assertive maybe and at times even slightly dog headed, but never in a negative sort of way, but this thingy with his church I heard was mucho bad.

    There was one story (unconfirmed) where he actually came across someone in their church who had a nasty fall, broke one of his ribs and punctured his lungs, during their regular weekend cycling sessions and when they asked Bambi for help, as he’s a certified medical technician, he just shrugged his shoulders and rode off knowing full well that his actions would put the person in harms way.

    When I asked him why he did that, he said, “I have no recollection.”

    That was sad, very sad.

  13. shoestring says:

    So, let me get this straight. They destroyed him, he fought back and they suffered the consequences of their malice. So, they tried to placate him to limit the backlash but it didn’t work and now they wish someone up there would destroy him (on their behalf).

    Many such instances in the Bible where the offenders got carried away to cover their own tracks. Sad.

  14. kkp says:

    Now I understand why he packed up and took off, with charming brothers and sisters in the body of Christ like nohoper. Who I wonder needs enemies? (eyes roll)

  15. coyotebear says:

    A good friend makes a good enemy, I’d wager.

    And a good enemy is only good, if he/she is a good friend.


    Best Wishes.

  16. coyotebear says:

    If distance makes the heart grow fonder, what makes one so sure that distance – be it real, metaphoric or psychic – will not lend one some objectivity in due course?

    Where “course” is often grouped with “path” or “routes” or “journeys” and the like.

    The culmination of a life; of any life, lies in waiting, methinks.

    It lies, in the miracle that whence one thought the twain shalt never meet, it will, in the end; even if it was met whilst physically apart.

  17. coyotebear says:

    Premature optimization is the root of all evil.

  18. coyotebear says:

    We prefer Hillary, actually.

    Have you not read Aaron?

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