Daily SG: 21 Mar 2008

Prison Break, Singapore Style
– The Online Citizen: If one were Dr Choong..
– Singapore Patriot: We screwed up but we’re still the best
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Mas Selamat : 21 days and counting!!!
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Mas Selamat, where are you?
– My sketchbook: It’s not a good time to be a journalist

Tak Boleh Tahan! Protest
– Chia Ti Lik’s Blog: Confessions of a Protestor, World Consumer Rights’ Day – Protest in front of Parliament House Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
– Die neue Welle: Politicians Biting People – A States’ Times Letter
– the girl nobody remembers: (One of) my favourite chicken rice is now $3.30, up 10%!!
– SgForums: Confessions of a coward on World Consumer Rights’ Day

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– EDMW: PM Lee urge us to LIVE WITHIN OUR MEANS!!!
– SgForums: Cost of electricity to go up from April as oil prices rise

Paper Chase
– Theory of Knowledge: Diploma or Death?
– EDMW: Lecturer belittles ‘weak’ poly student at NUS open house

Free Tibet
– Yawning Bread: What to do with the Tibetan question?

– The Online Citizen: Uniquely Singapore – Is the HDB fulfilling the needs of Singaporeans?

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– Sgpolitics: “Tyranny is worse than a Man-Eating Tiger”

Daily Discourse
– Journalism.sg: Reporting, then and now: The role of the press in Singapore
– The Daily Backtrack: To pontificate
– Myrialogues: My beef with the ST
– Singapore Patriot: A lesson in diplomacy
– The Red Grade: A Patriot’s Perspective
– This lush garden within: Search for the happiest person in Singapore? Nothing more than a marketing stunt

Life, the universe and everything
– The eOK .network: Blogger relations: What works

– GarageBand Meetup: Hello world!

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2 Responses to Daily SG: 21 Mar 2008

  1. anon says:

    is there any way to separate the chiobu posts from the daily links? Some of the photos borderline on NSFW…. 8(

  2. Just a Guy says:

    maybe can change the first photo to not so nsfw. read in office quite dangerous!

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