Daily SG: 20 Mar 2008

Tak Boleh Tahan! Protest
– The States Times: Tak Boleh Tahan
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: ST Reader Offers Chee Advice

Prison Break, Singapore Style
– My Singapore News: Time to say a few good words
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Apology to the MHA
– Mr Brown: We haven’t found him yet, but we can search 121 buildings in one day!

Daily Discourse
– Jed Yoong: Singapore’s Languishing Lawyers
– Simply Jean: Are you moonlighting? Don’t get caught!
– Angry Doctor: Take my rights… please! 2
– Nomed Letters: Taking the heat off the Incompetent
– She Spins a Yarn: Bad service encountered at MIS. (Marketing Institute of Singapore)

Life, the universe and everything
– Unique-Frequency: Where Did SMU = NTU Ad Go??
– Occulta L5 + S1: Some guy’s idea of Singapore’s future skyline.
– Lost in Transposition: Singapore Fling
– the(new)mediaslut: Will Rednano.sg find Google’s gold?
– Jaunted: Changi Airport’s Getting Greedy for Terminals
– Ian On The Red Dot: Why Online Piracy Of Books Is A Good Thing

– Singapore News: Prisoners getting more interviews than you

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4 Responses to Daily SG: 20 Mar 2008

  1. Daryl Tay says:

    Thank you for the link!



    [This is a lightning strategic report undertaken by both Astroboy and Harphoon – the respondents are Vollariance (head of the strategic think tank) and Darkness (Darkness has no official position in the brotherhood movement]


    This strategic analysis is in response to a recent article published on the March 20, 2008, “Why riots got out of hand.” Three possible scenario’s were advanced by Miss Chua the China correspondent for ST; Intelligence failure? Miscalculation by Beijing? Ploy to draw out instigators?

    Our team of strategic planners will rebut each of these claims. And forward their accompany theories as to what is the actual strategic situation in Tibet.

    1.1 [Astroboy] Miss Chua of the ST contends the recent uprising in Lhasa could possibly be an Intelligence failure or miscalculation by Beijing? How would you respond to this analysis?

    [Vollariane] Let me understand this correctly, Miss Chua contends, “The precise cause of the violence remains a mystery.” This is curious as it is remain well known to all, this is hardly, the case, please see here, Daily Telegraph

    What’s beginning to emerge even as we speak is there is a bigger story in the midst, one that even goes beyond the simplistic assumption; the Dalai Lama, the de facto leader in exile is pulling all the strings as it’s commonly suggested by the MSM.

    In reality even within the loosely defined organizations which all make up the Tibetan liberation movement there already exist divisions and even distinctly separate entities which appeal to different segments of Tibetan society, both in and outside the country.

    Not only are they divided in principle on how best to move forward, but there exist differences on how to craft the ultimate goal. For example: Should Tibetans be seeking “autonomy” or “independence?” Along with differences such as approach, strategy and policy – contrary to the misinformation that is frequently churned out by the MSM, not every Tibetan supports the Dalai Lama. Yes, he remains the undisputable political focal point for the masses. However what needs to be emphasized is he may not even have any control or bearing on what is happening in present day Tibet.

    I realize, I may be rushing ahead, let me just backtrack a bit into history so that you will understand the set pieces better.

    When we talk about Tibet only a few things regularly crop up, the Dalai Lama, Richard Gere and maybe Brad Pitts movie, “Seven Years in Tibet.” In many respects, this has added to the general disinformation and misinformation concerning Tibet. Before diving into the deep end and asking such questions like whether the Dalai Lama is responsible etc.

    Every strategic planner knows to get a handle on the subject one needs to ask the basic question like where was Tibet before? How does it compare to the now? How does it measure up against the social, technological and cultural curve? – now if one goes through these attributes even a basic level. And I am not even talking here about primary data, but just perusing through available data – a few startling truths emerge very quickly. Firstly, the Tibet of Dalai Lama no longer exist, it’s gone! In 1951 when the communist rolled in not only did they put an end to the “chabas” feudal system which more or less accounted for the social hierarchy of Tibet – they also adopted a policy of trans-migration to settle Han Chinese into the region along with a massive infrastructural projects such as rail, airports, highways, hydro electricity dams. Now what does this all mean? Till now, I am just spewing up numbers, but in relative terms this means Tibet is probably the most highly developed province in the whole of China in relative terms! They key word here is “relative.” I need to emphasize this otherwise math wise folk like Darkness is going to pounce on me! Let me get the metrics right, so that you understand what I mean by this. I am not saying for one moment Tibet has more wattage per square kilometer than let’s say Shanghai. Or that it has more spaghetti fly-overs than Beijing – or that it remains the poorest region in the whole of China! It is! However, in relative terms Tibet has progressed so dramatically that it’s perhaps the most transformed region in China! Why is this pertinent? Because when we talk about Tibet, many of us do not realize, we are not even talking about the same country that the Dalai Lama once ruled over.

    Now with this fragment of realization; what you need to do is feed it into the mind and go on to ask the question; is it’s still possible for a personalities like the Dalai Lama to assert control over the masses in modern day Tibet? That’s only possible, if you believe society can remains static and it doesn’t have the capacity and evolve. So what we have now is a social equation that we can play around with to make sense of the world. What I feel needs to be further investigated is fundamental base line questions, like; do most Tibetans youths want a return to Buddhist theocracy that’s basically the feudal government? (many in present day Lhasa do not see the value of reinstating a Buddhist theocracy that has the effect of Talibanilising their already emancipated way of life and returning it to the corseted age of feudalism.) – what I feel has often been often neglected by the international community is their failure to appreciate how these new generation of Tibetans are so culturally and politically different from their predecessors. They may not even be able to connect with the Dalai Lama to see him as their effective leader. And this brings us to the “equal” notation in this conversation i.e the proof. That’s precisely why organizations like the Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement (TPUM) has sprung up. The TPUM is a global movement of Tibetans comprising mainly of émigrés who live outside Tibet, though they share commonalities with the camp of the de facto leader of the exiled government, the Dalai Lama that’s all they have in common. Apart from this, they share very little else except the common goal of rooting the Han Chinese out of Tibet. The difference between these two movements if we really look at them under a microscope is like comparing heaven and earth; the Dalai Lama is seeking “autonomy” (please go and find out what this means, otherwise this report will overrun 10 pages). The TPUM want all out “independence.” The Dalai Lama subscribes to the “middle path” approach that is based on Gandhi’s nonviolent resistance movement, called “satyagraha.” The TPUM believe in the World Wrestling Federation minus the rule book! More importantly, the TPUM do not see the Dalai Lama as a solution to the problem. You need to realize, many of them have since grown disenchanted with the Dalai Lama’s middle path approach which they consider to be a pop gun that fires out a paper flag that says, “bang!” They believe rightly or wrongly change can only come by denying China the international acceptance and approval it so fervently desires – as you can see, they have voted with their slippers to spill out quiet openly in the streets. Where I wonder is the Dalai Lama in all this?

    The question, Astroboy that you need to ask yourself, if we can see this all in the cards, don’t you think the Chinese strategic planners simulated all this long before? Where then is there even scope to entertain the possibility there was ever a miscalculation? That’s simply a sterile debate.” Vollariane (head of the Strategic Think Tank)

    To Be Con’t

    [This report has been compiled by Harphoon / Scholarboy / Astroboy – support from the ASDF Team – The brotherhood Press 2008]



    Q: [Harphoon] Was this a Ploy to draw out instigators? Was it as Miss Chua described, the late Chairman Mao Zedong used this tactic, loosely known as ‘baiting the snake from its hideout.’

    A: [Darkness] Well Astro, I think Miss Chua & her troupe of spinsters have been exposed to too many dust storms in Beijing. You know what? For all we know, she could even be overdosing herself on too many reruns of Edison Chen run away snake emerging from dark ******** – look here, there is no crouching tiger hidden dragon here. Even if that were true, always remember Mao’s strategy was imperfect, they come with loads of penalties. Yes, he won all the battles, but by vigorously hunting down those undesirable elements 毒草 he decimated China socially and culturally for decades and lost the war! I don’t believe any strategist can embark on such a high risk strategy with the Olympics in the wings, I cannot see anyone at the upper echelon signing off on it – unless they want to be posted permanently to the mobile laundry unit in the Sino-Russian border forever.

    The Chinese are simply too fixated with the Olympics to even risk playing such a risky strategy, so Miss Chua’s assertion is simply the stuff of alien abductions and Nigerian money scam, I am not even going to feed it into the game computer, it’s just a waste of time. Trust me!

    Now I know that all of you people consider Vollariane to be the brains here, but I am going to go out 10 steps further in his analysis and even argue that it makes absolutely no sense for the Dalai Lama to stir up shit in Lhasa! The reason: it would jeopardize the moral high ground that his govt in exile has been assiduously cultivating for the last 50 years! That’s just incredibly dumb, strategically, diplomatically and even competitively. In fact, what I think is really going here is: the Chinese are trying to pre-empt the Lamaist by taking the fight to them – I have studied the events very carefully with the ASDF team and we all agree this has all the hall marks of a classical pearl harbor raid. You got to understand, the Chinese planners aren’t dummies, they realized the TUPM is the wild card here – and they have been trying to plug them for years to no avail as most of them are outside China!

    Look it stands to reason, but we have to use the lateral train here, if we are going to get anywhere near a meaningful strategic analysis. My point is this; if any PR damage is going to be done, its not going to be by protestors standing before a T-72 Chinese tank in Lhasa boulevard! That will not happen as it’s a restricted zone – journalist are not even allowed in!

    If maximum damage is going to be inflicted, it will emerge from the free west from Tibetan émigré who will protest in Times Square in NYC. Or march down the Champs-Élysées in Paris with placards shouting for a free Tibet. The Chinese aren’t dummies. They realize they can never hope to control these foreign Tibetan elements. But they know someone who can; (steps in) the Dalai Lama. Follow me as this is not a simple strategy to understand, it’s what I call a hybrid, Sun Tzu, Art of War combined with classical theories of encirclement. I have personally used this strategy to launch raids on at least 4 planets.

    You see, if you observe very carefully. The Chinese strategist have gone for the classical straight kill, so to speak – they have linked the Dalai Lama to the unrest in Lhasa in clear and unequivocal terms. They made that decision within less than 24 hours! The ASDF asked themselves, why were they so confident? – they came to the conclusion, it had to be a classical re-play of the Pearl Harbor raid. In war every general knows, it stupid to attack the enemy directly – unless of course the elements have all been calculated before hand, so this suggest what happened in Lhasa was planned. I believe Miss Chua was right there, 30% at least – the Chinese planned and probably simulated this attack a million times! They have all the permutations in their finger tips. Otherwise how could they launch such a scathing attack on the Dalai Lama?

    What happened thereafter? Like all surprise attacks, he (Dalai Lama) puts up his hands and denies all involvement – then the second part of the strategy kicks in, the encirclement, follow me, we are going for the kill in one move here, what Kendoist call kase giri – the Chinese force him into a corner. What does he do? The Dalai Lama threatens to step down, if there is violence! The Chinese then close the pincer; this time, the Dalai Lama is faced with only two possible decisions (1) repudiate the Tibetan militants TUPM and send the emigre Tibetan movement into a tail spin. Or (2) support the uprising and allow the Chinese to portray him as an impotent leader who is a captive of irrational and extremist forces.

    For those unfamiliar with strategy, this isn’t Chinese strategy anything or waiting for the Edison’s snake to peek-a-boh from some dark ******* of one of his dearly unfortunate dates – what we are seeing here is a classic strategy of command and control that is designed to pre-empt the Dalai Lama. It was timed with military precision and its effects were so well oiled, there was never any room for even the slightest mistake – this way they can shut the Dalai Lama’s troupe up for the rest of the Olympics. Remember its still early days.

    My feel we should watch and see what will happen; this will be very interesting for all strategy based gamers, especially planners; so stay sharp, alert and keep your eye on the ball!

    Will the Dalai Lama continue to support the militants? Or will he denounce them and cut them off? Maybe, he will step down? Whatever the outcome, I am sure, those boys in Beijing are cool as cucumbers. You see, the plan so far has panned out without a hitch. They covered all the bases beautifully Scholarboy…..do you see….how beautiful it is. Yes, we will probably see the occasional black panther styled Tibetan flags on the victory dias and probably a few victory laps with some bearing the Tibetan flag at the olympics, along with a few monks immolating themselves for good measure in the times square for the MSM, but for the better part – most people would not have read this and they would be none the wiser – as they say, the show must go on.”

    Darkness 2008 (Darkness does not hold any position in the brotherhood)

    [This report has been compiled by Harphoon / Scholarboy / Astroboy – support from the ASDF Team – The brotherhood Press 2008]

    END 9973-03-00387 EP

  4. Gordon Banks says:

    FREE TIBET!!!!!!!!!!!!

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