Daily SG: 14 Mar 2008

Prison Break, Singapore Style
– My Singapore News: Story of woman seeing Mas Selamat
– Alas, a blog!: What’s the coverup?
– Wake Up Your Idea: What The Hell Is Wong Kan Seng Doing In Laos?
– SG_LJers: Nobody’s Perfect
– HWZ: minster trying to spin again

Malaysia Elections
– The Online Citizen: Malaysia boleh! Can Singapore boleh too?
– Journals of a Philosophic Inquisitor: What’s in a Vote?
– The Void Deck: The Malaysian Election and the Northern Exposure on Spore

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– This lush garden within: Healthy to ask if government is doing enough?
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: See what the Opposition is doing in Singapore!!!

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Sgpolitics: Rule restricting where cabbies can pick up or alight passengers in CBD is silly
– Simply Jean: I wonder how many more criminals there will be…

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Annual State Department Report on Singapore’s Human Rights Practices

Daily Discourse
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain: Random Ramblings…
– Nomed Letters: Damage Control Begins
– Singapore Life and Times: Top-down vs Bottom-up
– Useless rantings of a few disgruntled S’poreans..: School Principal Bans Non-Halal Food In School Canteen; Students to Eat Halal Pork Instead?
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: War Drums beat on Iran
– My Singapore News: The temporary nature of being

Life, the universe and everything
– The Daily Backtrack: The Leap Years” and assorted horrors
– Looking through the eyes of_ _: The Virtues of being a Cynic
– Life and other wierd things: Singapore scribbles

Odex Update
– Xedo Defense: Anime dispute tangled in legal minefield

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6 Responses to Daily SG: 14 Mar 2008

  1. lostinsingapore says:

    Fantastic Site! I am a newbie here, just heard they are all here. :)

    I am looking for Darkness, can someone please tell him that we want to pay him 2.2 million rupiah (smiles!) ;)

    No honestly, we wish to do an interview abt his best seller, the confessions, that is published in the site at the Intelligent Singaporean. ;)

    The trouble with him is he’s terribly shy, stays only a while in every site, then pooof, he’s gone. Doesn’t even leave a forwarding address or number (reminds me of all the bad boys, I’ve known all my life.)

    Nice article, but very hard to find and almost impossible to navigate. I will help pass the word around.

    Why can’t all of you just be normal like 99% of bloggers out there and post it all in a nice and proper blog with even a contact address.

    I am very sure many people would like to make contact with you.

    Just a suggestion and once again thanks for sharing.

  2. chronicler says:

    You all know the terms and conditions – we don’t give free interviews – we want money first.

    Give us the money, then we will talk.


  3. KKP says:

    Hi Chronicler,

    Why do I get the feeling, all of you boys are giving us all, the run around.

    We all requested information abt the US elections. Result: zero.

    Reason forwarded, let’s wait for NLB to come out with the list of 100!

    (What has that got to do with anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Then we all requested information abt the recent GE in Malaysia. OK we were given something. However, I dont have to be Einstein to figure out so much was either censored or water down. To the effect. It told us absolutely nothing new.

    Once again we are told to wait for the NLB roll out of the list of 100!

    (Again, what has that got to do with whether BP produces or not!)

    Then very recently, we have been getting the newly formed Malaysian read clubs inviting him over for makan. Once again we are being told to wait for the outcome of the NLB!!!!!!!!

    (This time everyone is completely confused)

    May I ask Darkness whether he is giving us the run around? This is the poorest coverage in years! Usually the BP is first in and last out with the analysis. This time there is hardly even a squel.


    I believe, I have the right to ask this question!


  4. Darkness says:

    Let us wait, besides….

    “In all, the library aims to archive some 100 blogs by the end of the year.

    Eleven have been selected so far, ranging from offerings such as Air-Conditioned Nation (http://cherian.blogspot.com) by media academic Cherian George, to the satirical Mr Brown (www.mrbrown.com).

    Mr Raju Buddharaju, the library’s director of digital resources and services, described blogs as an ‘invaluable’ source of news and social commentary for the present and future generations of Singaporeans.”

    We will have to wait them out.

    If they do not reply, then we will just have to remind them…..be patient.

    Meanwhile for further info pls do write to NLB.

    Remember, I did not start this war.

    Darkness 2008

  5. Darkness says:

    I was just minding my own business when some idiot decided to wake up and believe he was Augustus Ceasar and started putting a curry leaf crown on his head and proclaiming, this is history, this is not history.

    I want to know why? I pay taxes, I will ask again and again and again and again.

    It will not go away.

    Guild, if we do not get a reply within a reasonable period proceed forthwith to cancel the broadcast of the youth Olympics.

    Darkness 2008

  6. KKP says:

    Bambi Darkness,

    They will never include the BP within the next run of the 100. You know why? Because you have made it impossible for them to even include any of you! Dotty has copyrighted all the BP articles and knowing her, everything as well. The other thing is all of you have gone underground despite the denials.

    Be that as it may. I am only interested in the run. When and where will the next article come out?


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