Daily SG: 10 Mar 2008

Malaysia Elections
– nofearSingapore: Malaysia’s GE Tsunami and implications for Singapore
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: wave of politcal change in Malaysia spooking Singapore?
– Chemical Generation Singapore: (Race) Politics and Malaysia: The Answer by Tomorrow
– Simply Jean: Malaysia’s ruling party BN failed to get 2/3 majority – and relating it to Singapore
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: The hand behind the Opposition Victories in Malaysia!
– Insane Polygons: Standing Up For Change
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Big Shock in Malaysia
– The Itch To Write: A new Malaysia, when will it be our turn?
– My Singapore News: A creepy silence
– Singapore Patriot: Malaysian Opposition video that would be illegal in Singapore
– Singapore Alternatives: A New Dawn for Malaysia I
– Webs@Work: Bloggers Rock the Vote in Malaysia
– the(new)mediaslut: The new rules of Malaysian politics: How the opposition use new media to reach their voters directly
– Ong Jiin Joo: Tomorrow is the Big Day! Malaysia Decides
– HWZ: Malaysia BN Lose 5 states

Prison Break, Singapore Style
– For What Its Worth: Manhunt
– The Sun Shines on Singapore: Blame the Custodians and Complacency
– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: “Physical breach” = Toilet Windows Without Bars?
– Yawning Bread: The great hunt: bunker chaos?
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Custodians: Terrorists and Other kinds of Terrorists
– Where Bears Roam Free: So whose complacency is MM Lee referring to?
– Singapore Life and Times: Conspiracy Theories
– Pseudonymity: Suspicions Over Singapore Jailbreak

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Alice Cheong in Wonderland: Public transport, taxi, private car or greener pasture?

– The Online Citizen: Uniquely Singapore, F1 or F9: HDB Lease Buy-back?
– Sgpolitics: High-handedness of URA and HDB

Daily Discourse
– Nomed Letters: Time to Select those new Yes-men
– Singapore Angle: Preventing a Bioagent Great Escape
– Yawning Bread: Sex is all around, get over it

Life, the universe and everything
– The boy who knew too much: On sensitivity and toughness
– Harmless? bananas!: Public relations for Public relations
– My Way: Changing The World, One Compliment At A Time
– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: “The Illusion of Sexual Equality” Revisited

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4 Responses to Daily SG: 10 Mar 2008

  1. noticed a typo in the title.

    Title should read ” The new rules of Malaysian politics: How the opposition use new media to reach their voters directly”

  2. The Singapore Daily says:

    Edited. We apologize for the typo.

    Thanks the(new)mediaslut

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