SGDaily Roundup: Week 10

Prison Break, Singapore Style
– The Lionheart: Manhunts and Ministers, Questions and Perspectives
– Mr Wang Says So: The Independence of the Inquiry Commission
– The other casualty of the Great Escape: mainstream media credibility [Recommended]
– Singapore Kopi Tok: How to nab Mas Kastari?
– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: Did He Really Said He Was “Sorry”…? [Recommended]
– Looking For LaLaLand..: Why Wong Kan Seng is incompetent – and not just for the JI escape
– Random Rants: Jemaah Islamiyah Fugitive – Mas Selamat Kastari
– The Sun Shines on Singapore: The One That Got Away
– The Daily Backtrack: Think happy thoughts
– e pur si muove: Caught with their pants down: the police and the media
– Balderdash: ..conspiracy theorists thrive in the lack of information
– mrbrown: Singapore’s most wanted terrorist on the loose
– Nomed Letters: The Predator and The Prey
– My Singapore News: Calling Kan Seng to resign
– Singapore Media Watch: Shame on the State Media’s coverage of the JI militant’s escape
– The Void Deck: Mas Selamat Cabot – Let’s Get Calm and Get Him First
– Slutty: JI terrorist leader escape = Black magic?
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Diary of A Singaporean Mind
– Singapore Alternatives: The World Class Joke!
– Baloney and Balls: Man Hunt!
– Darth Grievous: A foul up and all we get is an apology!
– DK: Limping terrorist escape using the classic tried and tested method
– In hibernation: Prison Break, Singapore version!
– AEN: Possible Appearances of JI Fugitive Mas Selamat Kastari
– AbelisLove: Mas Selamat Kastari – Confession of a terrorist
– inter alia: Why it is improbable that Mas Selmat was killed by the ISD
– mr brown: Escaped terrorist helps Singaporeans bond
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Mas & Why I’m Not Singapore
– the(new)mediaslut: To err is minister, to forgive is not so divine
– Webs@Work: A Uniquely Singapore Toilet Break
– Nomed Letters: Short of Yes Men Lately?
– Yawning Bread: The great hunt limps along
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: A joke begins like this: T’was once a govt-appointed ‘independent’ Committee of Inquiry consisting of 3 current/ex-civil servants…
– THE armchair critic: Err.. who again is this Mas Selamat?
– miatan: If you see him…
– Recruit Ong: The missing van
– Singapore Kopi Tok: Will Reason ever Prevail?
– Simply Jean: Warning: Do not wear baju kurong over a beige round collared tee-shirt and a pair of brown long trousers
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Where is Mas Selamat bin Kastari?
– mr brown: Pointless Mas Selamat Letter/News of the Day
– Kamal Dollah’s Art Journal: Most wanted man in Singapore: Mas Selamat Kastari
– The Wayang Party Club of Singapore: Singapore netizens express their frustrations and dismay through satirical posters
– Pseudonymity: Mystery Of The Vanishing Prime Minister
– The Online Citizen: Escape has yet to dent govt’s hubris
– Unfortunately Singapore: Committee of Inquiry: Institutional Deficiencies vs Personal Liability
– Sam’s thoughts: “Mas Selamat” does not exist
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain: Mas Selamat Kastari – The Conspiracy Theories
– The Sun Shines on Singapore: Resignations and the Apportion of Blame in the Escape Debacle
– The Online Citizen: Has our Prime Minister gone missing too?
– Looking For LaLaLand..: PM Lee Hsien Loong has gone f#*# AWOL
– Singapore Alternatives: Forum Rebuttals to MHA over blunders
– Sophie’s World: Selamat caught at causeway?
– Pseudonymity: Singapore Faces Blogging Ire Over Militant Escape

Budget 2008
– Die neue Welle: Ego Nego! [Recommended]
– Nomed Letters: When you give an inch, they take a yard

CPF & Annuities
– National Lifelong Income Scheme (CPF Life) 2nd Update – My Critique [Recommended]

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Singapore Life and Times: Battering Ram
– The boy who knew too much: The most inconvenient taxi service in the world

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: Can we practise what we preach, please?
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Change in Upgrading forms, but no change in political underpinnings?

– Perspective Unlimited: The Pressures of Excessive Do-Goodness
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Means Testing Details Out!!!
– this lush garden within: Healthcare costs & subsidies for low income households
– The Void Deck: You have been served! Means Testing
– Angry Doctor: Subsidy and Other Preoccupations 19

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– ST Forum Letter (rejected): Time to tackle inflation by allowing interest rates to rise
– Ergo Cognito Sum: Inflation and your Shrinking Dollar

Pink Issues
– Yawning Bread: From my mailbox 1

Daily Discourse
– theCollectiveUs: No Sports Please, We’re Singaporean
– Sgpolitics: Response to Peh Shing Huei’s ST column on “The partitioning of the opposition”
– The Wayang Party Club: The “premediated” partitioning of the opposition
– A Partisan Guy: PQ, Political Quotes
– Yawning Bread: Of airports and demonstrations [Recommended]
– HWZ: The Partitioning of SG’s opposition
– Nomed Letters: Making Good News out of nothing at All
– The Cranky Flier: Singapore’s No-Win Decision to Go All Business Class on Ultra Long Haul
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Sex, Rationality and Nation-Building
– e pur si muove: Another naïf on entrepreneurship
– A L V I N O L O G Y: Wanbao’s headline today
– Simply Jean: So much about loyalty to company…
– ST Forum Letter (rejected): Liberalization of Speaker’s Corner would make Singapore more vibrant, not hurt us

– Random Rants: Web of Deception – The Rules of Disinformation : The Politician’s Credo
– Atrocity Exhibition: No Worst Time
– Looking through the eyes of_ _: A Sham We Believe In

Life, the universe and everything
– Atrocity Exhibition: Not Opening Doors for You
– Fresh Brainz: Sexual Healing
– Ian On The Red Dot: The Problem With Indian Outsourcing
– Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth: a word on ‘nation-builders’
– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: Online Advertising on Blogs in Singapore & Malaysia
– The eOK .network: Riding Singapore’s giant wheel
– Ian On The Red Dot: Turning Life Into A Game … Will It Make It Better?
– Used Brains For Sale: Review: Theatre Idols Semi-finals
– eastcoastlife: Dragon Fruit Farm in Singapore – WW
– Ian On The Red Dot: I Think Using Tissue Papers To Chop Seats Is Stupid.
– Rat in the Lab: A*STAR’s Star Challenge Updates and White Paper
– the(new)mediaslut: The Singapore Eye – the great wheel of boredom?
– Ridzwan.Com: Fixation for Installments
– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: Marketing & Monetization of Facebook: Hype or Gold Mine – Post Thoughts after the Panel

– The FØØL’s Progress: 13.03.08: You Are (Not) Alone
– Apartment Therapy: The Golden Plungers: Best Bathrooms From Around the World

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16 Responses to SGDaily Roundup: Week 10

  1. abao says:

    A most fitting picture to use for the weekend… i had a good laugh ^_^

  2. Darkness says:


    Since you do this for a living, then must know what I have written thus far was never meant to be even remotely exhaustive – as you rightly mentioned colonialism, empire and everything that goes with it is after all a whale – what I feel needs to brought into sharp focus is the original scope of my article, it relates to a few homespun areas, the NLB’s recent decision to record only 11 bloggers, Cherian’s write advocating more press freedom and Catherine Lim’s recent statements concerning the climate of fear.

    Let us not run too far away from the original ambit of the discussion by recruiting the British Museum along with asking irrelevant questions as to why Elizabethan courtiers suddenly decided to give up French in Hampton court in preference for pidgin English to impress each other.

    Let me put it this way, so that you can all make the vital connection with imperialism with the everyday. Otherwise all we will be doing here is waste time! When Cherian speaks about the idea of freeing up the press what is he actually saying? Is it so different from colonial Indians who once insisted on their right to make salt? This they did voting with their slippers en mass by partaking in the salt satyagraha. OK, you can say there are no similarities and not even a hint of empire even, but I say look again – when Catherine Lim rants about her favorite bug bear the climate of fear, what is she really doing? What are the competing elements which she is trying to allude all of us too? When Raju decides to put on his crown of curry leaf and say to the whole wide world this and that is our history. What is he doing? When 5 or 7 bloggers exchange mail with each other saying, I tell you what, let’s just boycott the brotherhood press, we will cut them off from our network, not a single link even and see whether they can survive! What are they doing? These are precisely the elements of imperialism, I am referring too; pls don’t expect me to connect the dots for you here, you can more of less draw every manner of lines to seek out the incongruities between citizen, newspaper and state or how this or that may relate to the main theme. But for any formulation to qualify as robust, it must be able to successfully superimpose itself on the original. If it cannot do that, then you may chuck aside. But none of you have done that so far!

    Let’s get back to the topic. What do we have on the table? Are you right Dorothy in saying the concept of empire is not extendable? Disagree, reason: power and politics continues to feature in the equation of past and present. What has changed? OK nationalism has supplanted imperialism you say. But what is nationalism? What makes up it’s core elements? Is it altogether so different from the idea of imperialism? I think not and this is my whole point. There is always a danger that we walk down a dead end.

    Of course these days when we talk about imperialism it is easy for us to say it’s dead and gone, but one only needs to pay closer attention to certain startling dilemma’s that nationalism leaves it it’s wake; does nationalism brings with it great wattage in terms of enlightenment and emancipation? No, and this is evident when we consider how abject poverty, corruption and the politics of blame still proliferates many of the regimes in the third world? Indeed the fact; these countries are free and independent sovereign nations is never in dispute, but the question that exposes the remnants that imperialism still operates becomes all too evident when we ask; are they still gainfully reliant on the West for market access, technology and investments?

    This is what all of you should do to make sense of the hubris – now again let’s not sail too far least we fall off the edge. What Cherian, Catherine and many people even in blogosphere do not seem to comprehend in any manner, shape or form is the economics of imperialism as a logic of statecraft or even how to manage ones household. Granted it may be a dirty word to moralist. But to econometrist and economist, it proves extremely robust as it makes amenable and practical the whole idea of command and control. If I had to single out one reason why Imperialism in all it’s shape and forms ranging from fascism to communism remains effective is because at any given time, it comes into being only because it is one of the most efficient means to organize labor and manage resources and opportunities; contrary to myth, slavery was not brought to an end because Southerners woke up one day and wax lyrical that all man should be treated equally under the sun – the demise of slavery in the cotton fields coincided with the invention of the first combine harvester which rendered impractical and uneconomical human labor – and even after 100 years after the abolition of slavery, slavery did continue in one form or another, only because many slaves did not see either the allure or practical value of freedom. In Mark Twain’s Huckberry Fin, written some 100 years or so after the abolition of slavery, A closer reading reveals the sentiments prevalent in the period. In one scene, for instance, Missy Sally hears of explosion in a river boat she’s traveling in and true to the manner of all Southern belles she ask.

    “My, My, is anybody hurt?” she asks.

    “No ma’am,” comes the answer. “Killed a nigger that’s all.”

    This attitude can be said about every single cultural fetish from the economy that supports child labor to even the idea which makes possible apartheid – in every instance what we see is economic interest gaining supremacy over morality; why? What is the lens that makes this possible? What’s the instrument that continues to advance this logic despite it’s moral failings?

    Darkness 2008

  3. Darkness says:


    This is what smart people will ask when they propose change – central to the question is the idea that change is essentially an accretion brought forth by principles of management.

    Both Cherian and Catherine do not ask themselves this question; they are philosophical purist, who would like to believe the world is only divided into black and white; decamp on closed and the result is open; foreclose on dictatorial and you automatically get happy democracy. No where (and I challenge you all to find it and prove me wrong) is there any mention of the mechanics that makes all these happy conditions possible. To me this is not unusual when one considers the audience of these ‘experts’ are regularly made up of young minds who do not have either the work or experiential knowledge to question the breadth of their logic beyond the cursory.

    Whether you subscribe to the idea of liberalism or any form of ideology in the spectrum – no one can deny the proficiency of imperialism in being able to successfully supply an endless stream of self forgetful delights, ranging from the delectable rationale from reducing the native as someone to be ruled and managed in the name of salvation and redemption. To promoting culture itself as an elevated practice to the level of theory, which made amenable the whole idea of empire. From displacing people and purpose from their historical location in the written word or from their lands. You could say it even has the capacity to make the topsy turvy possibe.

    Even to the extent of profiling a newspapers for nation building and demoting everything else to the secondary can be considered an unassailable position in the vocabulary of empire as it serves a functional purpose! What I feel is often discounted is the yield and the pay out which makes this tool so prized for those who are well acquinted with the art of statecraft – it will only qualifies as dumb and a travesty of liberal thinking, if you believe for one moment, the truth can subsist independent from lies. Or that empire man can remain hermetically apart from his empire world, he cannot – empire for lack of a better word remains an on going process akin to a way of life, the process nourishes itself on narrative to dispel contradictory memories and occlude it’s very misgivings, pardoning it’s misgivings and sins, leaving hardly a trace for historians to pick up on it’s caper.

    Can I be so wrong to assume even a significant quarter of the press corps doesn’t buy into this idea of a free press? How is that possible you ask? After all, everyone wants freedom wax lyrical the voice of Washington. It’s a real possibility when you consider the sheer scale of the imperial presence so dominating as to make it almost impossible for any effort to separate it from one’s historical necessity as a human being; Granted. A journalist may have once nurtured the ideal that he would bring light to this world. In this scouring narrative, he may look at the mirror once or twice a day only to proclaim that he remains useful to himself and society, despite the dedicating himself to the practical necessities which makes up his averagely miserable life; in this life, he may struggle once or twice, thrice even if he is feisty and wieldy enough to hold the geography of his utopian in his mind, but like solitary confinement, it has to give way to a perverse logic eventually, eventually, eventually………. like the bricks in a cell, they may at first be seen upon as the architects of one’s imprisonment. Given time, one may even come to see them affectionately and with even more time, they become indispensable as the means to keep one’s decrepit world intact, providing sustenance, meaning and even purpose.

    That my friends is to look directly into the jaws of empire. To be even be one with it’s all encompassing terror, to be part of it’s over powering and crushing power to fashion an amalgam of life and more; and what if all the gates were flung open. What if? Will this man who once harbored dreams to write the truth rush out and run as a lion? Will he run as fast as his legs would take him? Would he would cry out, “freedom, freedom, at last sweet freedom?” Perhaps.

    But slowly as his sinews gives way the languor of a tired soul to the setting sun, the scene that confronts him as he surveys this new country he has heard so much about fills him with foreboding. For the very first time, he realizes it’s hardly his ideal. Somewhere in between two lamp post it dawns on him, his known world has ceased to exist altogether; no sooner had he discovered his new found freedom, he’s assaulted by an underlying current of despair; he yearns the balm of familiarity; he pines no end for the world that he has just escaped from. As the sun gives way to the night, he makes his way slowly back to the cage and sits down; here, this man tells himself at least he doesn’t need to reconcile himself with his profound sense of estrangement, here there is meaning, purpose and symmetry to his life, here there are no endless mysteries to torment the soul and with these words, the gates will clank shut again – and how do I know this sad tale you ask?

    Because I have glimpsed your heart, I the quintessential product of empire knows precise what courses through the deepest recesses of your brain – you see it is very simple my friends, If you cannot beat them, you simply have to join them – somewhere written in stone set against the omnipresence of empire, this is the first lesson one learns – you could even say it is what we all have to learn, the art of betraying oneself so completely that it matters little. For the world was ending then, it’s ending still, and I’m happy to belong to it again – I am Darkness 2008

  4. Darkness says:

    I have a feeling many of you will stop your wise cracking and instead reflect deeply on what I have shared with all of you – do have a productive week ahead.

    Darkness 2008

  5. Darkness says:

    Many of you have asked when will we resume normal BP production – let us wait for the next NLB roll out of the 100.

    My feel is we will have to be very patient till then

    Darkness 2008

  6. Mat Salami Custard says:

    the picture very funny hahahaha

  7. Dentist Jan says:

    Hello Darkness,

    Why are the rest of the boys taking this NLB thing so seriously that it can even affect the fate of BP? If you care to look around you, no one in blogland even gives two hoots about them! It seems a great pity to me, that many of the articles here are really excellent and they will just die a natural death as most of you have obviously gone underground proper, they will only be read by dedicated BP readers, who know how to navigate in the rough. I really do not believe the new readers know how to even do this! Why can’t you Bambi Darkness Bad Boy speak to the boys? it’s not as if you have never spoken about other stuff to them and they do not listen, so why?

  8. Dentist Jan says:

    Hi again,

    Sorry, but where is the Part I of the II, or is it rated as top secret something?

    Pls refer

    “Darkness Says:
    8 March 2008 at 10:24 pm

    [Akismet ate it. Rescued and up]

  9. Darkness says:


    It would seem Jannifer, it’s possible for me to answer your question economically, in one sentence. But, it cannot be done. Let me ask you a question; “what is your understanding of blogging?” This appears to be an unassuming question, but it actually relates to part of an answer to your question.

    You see, what remains a constant source of amusement for me is how I have often noted how different people around the world have different ideas about blogging. In the US and EU, if you casually strike up a conversation with someone in the airport lounge and the issue of exchanging contacts arises, it’s not at all uncommon to exchange blog addresses.

    You could even say, blogging is often seen in an altogether different light from Singapore. Have you asked why? In the US for example, if a CEO shares with a group in the water cooler that he blogs regularly, it’s not unusual, for people to exclaim, “cool, care to share your time management software?” My point is blogging in the West is often seen and equated with being positively engaged, on the ball and part and parcel of being savvy. Could this account for why blogs in the West lead the way? And there is considerable scope for improvement in the local blog scene?

    Conversely, in Singapore whenever the subject of blogging crops up, it’s treated almost skittishly with a coyness that speaks of self effaced narcissism – one would do well not to admit that one blogs in Singapore, if you want to be taken seriously or get that promotion or even marry that girl. In Singapore there are only a few reactions to blogging, “you must have too much time” – or “do you ever get out and sun yourself.” I have even come across disparaging statements like, “what’s the point of renting your views on line? If you really want to do something meaningful, just don’t talk, do something! Go join the PAP!”

    Jannifer, I want to ask you a question; why is there such a big difference in opinion? It seems this has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of imperialism, but look at it again – this time carefully. What are the elements which make up this schizophrenic view towards blogging? What really accounts for the difference in opinion? How was this perception that blogging is negative even get rooted in the first place? Who put it there?

    One clue lies in how blogging has been systematically dumbed down by the press and virtually everyone who stands the most to lose from it. In the press, there is never a shortage of journalist you declare prima donna style, “Why I will have never ever read a blog or ever?” The joke is even their editors allow such a bent article to be published. Why? Running parallel to this trend, along the length of the hate-the-blog spectrum there are no shortages of self appoint pontificators and again the scene is replete with every article and commentary which paints the dire picture blogging is closer to perdition than salvation. I noted very recently with amusement even Catherine Lim mentioned, she doesn’t read blogs as it “overwhelms her.” Very strange indeed when you consider even she resorted to posting her articles on line because the MSM considered it undeserving for even a mention. My point is this; everyone and his dog is taking a bite out of blogging!

    Now the question you need to ask yourself Jannifer is what is the long term effect of this chelating, leeching and sanding off on the blogging community? As time passes, it’s fair to assume many bloggers will eventually come to see themselves as engaging in a useless and non-productive activity; you can even say with a certain measure of accuracy that in time this community may even come to associate blogging with everything that is bad about our society; being feral, wasteful, vulgar, confrontational, subversive and even narcissistic – so thorough is this dumbing down that if I had to find a word to describe it, it would have to be imperialism. You see not even once in the past 4 years do I even recollect a single public figure extolling the benefits of blogging, not even once. Instead what I see is a continuous and unrelenting attempt to dismantle blogosphere, my imposing the corrosive belief that the system is always more important than the individual, that accountability is more important than intelligence and creativity, that compliance is to be valued above autonomy, that the system is more important than the individual, with the result blogging as an activity is likely to continue to limp along skittishly as an anti-social activity, and. This brings me to my main point Jannifer; as long as blogging as an activity holds a low sense of its own valuation; how the hell do you expect bloggers to take pride in what they do? How do you expect aggregators like the Singapore Daily to do the things that they regularly do?

    Recently (and this takes the cake! Hopefully, he chooses the Prima Deli variety), there is even one idiot who runs a site mentioned by NLB as one of the hallowed 11, who proclaimed, to the effect, I do not care and I am apathetic! I do not know what one calls this, the wisdom of the weeds or what, but I know that it’s reasonable not to expect too much from this site; as nothing usually comes from nothing!

    If I had to tell you one thing that I regularly do in the brotherhood press, it’s to break down this belief that blogging is a useless activity that one has to be ashamed of – on the contrary, if thinking as an activity stands any chance of broadening to show the imagination and verve expected of them. Instead of getting narrower and narrower and increasingly forced into the mould of officialdom, then the people such as bloggers like BP and aggregators like the SD need to be given their right to take their respective positions – be it with the NLB matter or whether cycling on the pavement should be considered an elemental right matters little to me – what’s important is they take a position, learn to defend it and above all take pride in it.

    There is a time to make this happen and a time to let things happen. My feel is this is the latter.

    Besides we have all the time in the world.

    Darkness 2008

  10. shoestring says:

    I am not sure if it is entirely imperialism. Could there be other reasons for their stance toward bloggers? Such as, the inability to compete on a level playing field that is the Internet or fear of being exposed as insubstantial if they join the blogosphere? Because they’d rather exterminate the threats from their sheltered enclaves so as to preserve their ‘territories’?

    Or is there some truth in what they claimed about the Singapore blogosphere?

  11. KKP says:

    Bambi Darkness Bad Boy,

    You are smooth, very slick, but I am going to call Scimitar and the rest here to put your arrogant ass in a box! hehehehe


  12. JD says:

    I just want to say, this is my very first time posting on this site. I love this website. I like the unvarnished and really real feel abt it. It’s not fake, its very authentic not like stomp or even TOC. In the threads you have the Brotherhood Press, they always lend an underground air to everything, then the daily chiobu’s seem to do a good job of conveying the rebel appeal along with the whole aggregation works. I works very well. Well done. Great job Singapore Daily! Should say it more often and reading Darkness’s piece reminded me, even the best of us need a bit of encouragement every now and then, keep it up

    Peace out!

  13. JD says:

    Dear Dr Darkness and gang,

    I would like to say firstly everyone in my office loves to read the BHP. We just think its the best thing since sliced bread, hard hitting and ubuttoned frank without out even holding back on steel capped boots! However, no matter how good a read you people are, I agree absolutely and completely with Dentist Jan @ # 7 when she says it is very difficult to find some of the great articles posted here. It can very easily be missed out. I dont think it is a matter of whether one is a new or old reader. As navigating with threads to find articles is really not done! Not even in the US or any where else, the only ppl who regularly do this is BP

    It will be nice Dr Darkness, if you ppl can settle into a blog and that way the webmaster in SG Daily can aggregate it properly. I believe this will boost your readership and also increase your presence, thx

  14. KKP says:

    Daer JD,

    Why do you pick up and leave all the time? You know, you are absolutely right. I have to take full responsibility for this state of affairs. I wish, I can manufacture some happy reason why, but I cannot, not without insulting your intelligence.

    However, this is not a new grievance, when we were in many and Sony decided to hassle us, we picked up, left and shut it down like a traveling circus. It made the front page in the Whampao post. When we were in the IS the same thing happened, this time, we had a fantastic partner, in inspir3d, who many of us in the brotherhood consider to be one of the pioneers of the modern blogosphere, this guy took a lot of shit for us and again we just packed up and left. Today my heart is heavy, as I do not even believe he knows why we did what we did. They we had WOS, and again the same thing happened. And recently we have dotty in just stuff, who gave us everything and more and yet the same thing happened.

    It would seem something is terribly wrong with us – I know. Please bear with us and be patient. One thing that many people do not realize abt the BP is there are a lot of people who contribute to it. I wish, I can say it is only me and me alone, but if you care to read any of our articles, the first thing that strikes you is no one man can hold so many thoughts in his head! It’s just impossible. I cannot be that smart! So there are always others and as a leader, I have always believed it is important to respect their views – whether they are right or wrong is not important to me, but they must be given the space to discover the truth in their own time under their own terms. I thank the Singapore Daily and everyone who supports us – I thank them for not judging us to even impose their views on how to do the things and to allow us the freedom to create and innovate under our own terms – I thank them for their understanding and patience.

    Give us time and I promise you if you stick with us, we will grow together. You found us and many more will, readership has never been our problem. Life is not so simple that you point the way and others will just follow, they will go off the beaten path, they will search, discover and find – I promise you – Darkness 2008

  15. KKP says:

    [for darkness, he is travelling JD]

  16. The Singapore Daily says:

    Thanks for the encouragement! ^_^

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