Daily SG: 7 Mar 2008

Prison Break, Singapore Style
– The Online Citizen: Escape has yet to dent govt’s hubris
– Unfortunately Singapore: Committee of Inquiry: Institutional Deficiencies vs Personal Liability
– Sam’s thoughts: “Mas Selamat” does not exist
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain: Mas Selamat Kastari – The Conspiracy Theories
– The Sun Shines on Singapore: Resignations and the Apportion of Blame in the Escape Debacle
– The Online Citizen: Has our Prime Minister gone missing too?
– Looking For LaLaLand..: PM Lee Hsien Loong has gone f#*# AWOL
– Singapore Alternatives: Forum Rebuttals to MHA over blunders
– Sophie’s World: Selamat caught at causeway?
– Pseudonymity: Singapore Faces Blogging Ire Over Militant Escape

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– The boy who knew too much: The most inconvenient taxi service in the world

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Change in Upgrading forms, but no change in political underpinnings?

– Angry Doctor: Subsidy and Other Preoccupations 19

Daily Discourse
– Random Rants: Web of Deception – The Rules of Disinformation : The Politician’s Credo
– Atrocity Exhibition: No Worst Time
– Looking through the eyes of_ _: A Sham We Believe In

Life, the universe and everything
– Rat in the Lab: A*STAR’s Star Challenge Updates and White Paper
– the(new)mediaslut: The Singapore Eye – the great wheel of boredom?
– Ridzwan.Com: Fixation for Installments
– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: Marketing & Monetization of Facebook: Hype or Gold Mine – Post Thoughts after the Panel

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5 Responses to Daily SG: 7 Mar 2008

  1. Jane Austen says:

    Hi Harpoon,

    I gather you are standing in for Darkness? That’s unfortunate, as I am all dressed up for safari and ready to mount him on my mantle. I have just finished reading his four part series on


    Imperialism on the social political. I must say, I am not in the least impressed. This merely confirms my suspicion all along, we are dealing with a very clever dillatente who probably assumes he has earned the right to laud it over us mere peasants who come seeking wisdom by trying to regularly pass off black rock as gold blocks.

    Allow me to be very specific in my charge Harphy boy.

    1.1 What I find incredulous is how he often treats the whole idea of imperialism as a mathematical formula. Do this, this will happen; do that and we will get this. Now it would appear there’s nothing wrong with this type of logic. However, what I love abt it is how he conveniently forgets to share with us the limits of his formulation, which is, it only applies reliably, if only everything is as predictable as a Stalinist tractor assembly line. His “great” formulation fails in practice because he never mentioned how the free market enterprise is able intervene and even change the planned outcome.

    Reading his four part series, one can certainly be forgiven for believing we live in a world where everything can be planned to such fidelity, there is no difference between reality and fiction. Whereby outcomes can only emerge through central planning and nothing else. If that were really the case, how does he account for the demise of the soviet union?

    My point goes something like this, govt’s can certainly plan their great imperialistic architecture from everything from neighbor to shools to what people should read or how they might even come to view the whole idea of retirement and work.

    However, at the end what cannot be so easily accounted for is from the stage of conceptualization to implementation right through to the final result, the role of market forces shapes much of the final outcome. Allow me to give you an illustration, the govt can certainly market the tagline the Singapore brand is synonymous with the efficiency, reliability and infallibility, but all it takes to undo this chimera is for some gamey terrorist to climb through a window and thereafter everything unravels majestically. Where then stands Darkness totem of imperialism rule all? Please do not tell me I do not have a sense of scale and perspective over this matter! Or make light of my gender. I will box you! As what I have just described is my humble opinion on why no one including the MM to the PM wants to go near this JI escapee issue or even touch it with a barge pole. Before the point is lost completely or gazzumped by you chaps, this demonstrates clearly my point; imperialism as a means of sustaining anything is incredibly fragile and wispy. Bear in mind, I could just as well apply this counter to tell why the British Empire eventually waxed and waned in the Straits as it did, when the Repulse and Prince of Wales were both sunk by slit eyed, myopic Japanese pilots who were always potrayed as half blind and incapable of shooting a white elephant in their living room! So again there you go.

    1.2 My second criticism concerning Darkness formulation of Imperialism as a means of accounting for phenomena relates to what he terms

    “the practical necessities of having to sustain the idea of what he describes as a colonial attitude.”

    I wonder did Darkness forget that the colonial masters maintained command and control by an intricate series of draconian laws that ran diametrically against every single tenet of civil liberties? Where I wonder did our much vaunted ISA come from? Is Darkness even remotely aware of the Salt and Cotton act which barred the colonized to produce bare necessities which were widely available in their own lands so as to subsidize factory and mill workers in distant Manchester? So pleeeeeeeeze, let’s not embark on a litany of woes by simplifying the matter further when he goes on to comment quite mysteriously, “I believe empire had to be based on veneration and adulation….” What tripe! Imperialism may have well been sustained in part by these sentiments he described so vividly, but the main phalanx suggest it was by the imprint on of the jack boot on the face of the colonized that managed to hold back the crowd from regularly storming the winter palace!

    Errh your formulation didnt account for that did it?

    1.3 My final comment I consider to be the coup de grace and I demand to know where he is hiding this time? Please don’t tell me he is busy, we all know he can be contacted any where on his little toy communicator. Can someone please powder our feted prince and do us all the favor of rolling him out for the tomato shower along with drum beat? That will do very nicely.

    1.4 Finally, over 10 million request have been made by me and many others here concerning the US presidency and what the BP has managed to learn from it all. Yet on every single occasion, there appears to be only the deafening sound of silence. When are we going to feast our eyes and feed our minds?

  2. Jane Austen says:

    When will be BP resume normal production?

  3. Darkness says:

    With the permission of the com, may I simply say this to Jane, you need to lie back and relax first.

    I am afraid, I must insist

    Then everything will just open up nicely.

    I promise you – Darkness 2008

  4. dorothy says:

    Hello Bamibi & Co

    “Then everything will just open up nicely.” Open your head lah! This happens to be my field of expertise. I get paid for doing this. So I feel, you should all listen to me carefully. All I can say is both Bambi Darkness and Jane Austin have got themselves in a bind. First lets agree on a few things, this is a huge topic. Even today the British Museum has 18 categories of Empire and Orientalism and nearly twice that number of generic studies! Let me give you just a brief time line of Empire, the first British expedition took palce in 1608; the departure of the last viceroy in India in 1947, that covers plenty of ground.

    One thing note worthy abt Bambi Darkness write up is how he questions; where did imperialism go? He goes on to use the analogy of how certain customs eg carrying water on the head continues to remain popular because it’s efficient. Then he uses it as a crowbar to suggest that if something is useful, then it cannot just disappear, it must have evolved into something else. As much as I like to buy into this theory allow me to just say, this didn’t happen to sail ships, they died off when the coal furnaces were introduced. The age of sail may have returned in the form of modern electricity generating wind farms, but it’s far removed from the principle that is used to power timber boats.

    Bambi’s Darkness theory can only make sense, if there is one definition of colonialism. However there are definable versions of “command and control,” The British subscribed to “empiricism.” The French to “Cartesianism.” The Belgians to “platonism.” The Americans to “universalism.” And this goes on. Yes, I agree with Bambi Darkness there was a strong “civilizing mission” the carried the whole idea of empire along with the western idea “salvation and redemption.”

    However, allow me to be clear, these are just very vague and general outlines you have painted here with a child’s brush.Contrary to what you mentioned, “British East India Co = McDonalds” not true sir,

    I do highly recommend that you drop me a line and I will be more than happy to show you the error of your ways and even supply you with a read list.

  5. Teddy with red shoes says:

    Open up where?

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