Daily SG: 3 Mar 2008

Budget 2008
– Die neue Welle: Ego Nego!
– Nomed Letters: When you give an inch, they take a yard

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: Can we practise what we preach, please?

– Perspective Unlimited: The Pressures of Excessive Do-Goodness

Pink Issues
– Yawning Bread: From my mailbox 1

Daily Discourse
– theCollectiveUs: No Sports Please, We’re Singaporean
– Sgpolitics: Response to Peh Shing Huei’s ST column on “The partitioning of the opposition”
– The Wayang Party Club: The “premediated” partitioning of the opposition
– A Partisan Guy: PQ, Political Quotes
– Yawning Bread: Of airports and demonstrations
– mrbrown: Make up your mind CNA!
– HWZ: The Partitioning of SG’s opposition

Life, the universe and everything
– Atrocity Exhibition: Not Opening Doors for You
– Fresh Brainz: Sexual Healing
– Ian On The Red Dot: The Problem With Indian Outsourcing
– Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth: a word on ‘nation-builders’
– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: Online Advertising on Blogs in Singapore & Malaysia

– The FØØL’s Progress: 13.03.08: You Are (Not) Alone

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