Daily SG: 28 Feb 2008

Budget 2008
– e pur si muove: Acidflask’s summary of Budget Speech 2008
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: What is your problem, Sylvia Lim?
– Nomed Letters: Now we got more money for…
– Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: Home ownership as a hedge against inflation
– Sgpolitics: Parliamentary snapshots (26 and 27 Feb 08)
– The States Times: A Fishy Story
– Siew Kum Hong: Speech by Minister Tharman: 27 February 2008

Prison Break, Singapore Style
– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: CNA: “JI detainee Mas Selamat Kastari escapes from Singapore detention centre”!?
– Singapore Patriot: Terrorist leader escapes from Singapore detention centre
– Simply Jean: Tons of Special Operations Command forces spotted near SCGS
– Unfortunately Singapore: JI Detainee Escapes: State Not Intrusive Enough?
– Used Brains for Sale: Great, Now They’ll Start Checking My Shoes
– Xy Mudane Life: Highly Wanted Man Escapes
– Earth@sg: Ji Terrorist leader escapes from Whitely Road Prison
– Coffee Shop Talk: JI Detainee Escapes From Whitley!
– SPUG: Singapore’s most wanted militant escaped from the Whitley Road detention centre today
– HWZ: JI detainee escapes from detention centre

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– The GP Tutor: Minister of Home Affairs: Media Censorship in Singapore – Role played by the Government

Daily Discourse
– nofearSingapore: Letter about Parkway Novena Hospital

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12 Responses to Daily SG: 28 Feb 2008

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  2. Darkness says:

    You know something during my NS, I was a commando officer – I made the grade for all the wrong reasons because I believed they would post me as a staff officer and I could get an air-con room and even get a 9 to 5 – instead my CO assigned me to a chiat lat combat / front line role, the first to parachute into enemy territory theatre and promptly put me in charge of a troubled platoon – this was no ordinary platoon, it was called the platoon from hell as the last two officers suffered serious mental breakdowns and the last officer even attempted suicide – when I took command, I was supposed to give a speech, I told them all to go and die as I knew they were out to kill me like the rest and just went to sleep – I told those motherfuckers, that they think this 2 year stint was a joke, but it wasn’t as we are a small country surrounded by rapist, murderers and terrorist and they will not hesitate to kill, rape and do unmentionable things to their mothers, sisters and sweethearts.

    I also told them that if they wanted to continue their nonsense it was fine by me, because I was just interested in finding a few cardboard and sleeping my way through this 2 year stint – something rattled in the heads of those men, they said, lead us, we do not want to see our sisters, mothers and sweethearts getting raped, then I said, if that is the case then we cannot fuck around – and I got the best platoon in SAF, it was a privilege to serve with such fine men, but first and foremost they must know why they were born in this age, once this is given, the rest is simple – that is the essence of leadership, not the shitty variety that you all find in Singapore Angle – do you all understand? – that is why all this nonsense post cannot con’t anymore, I have stuck my neck out to defend you, do you have any idea what that means, if you let me down? There is only one role you can play here, you are with me or against me – I am Darkness 2008

  3. Darkness says:

    With the Singapore Angle it is very simple indeed, they have this caption:

    “Notice: Each writer on Singapore Angle is in control over the comment threads associated with his own posts, to edit or delete individual comments, or to close the thread as he pleases.”

    You know what I think abt this? I call this fuck leadership, because that is precisely what it is, it is fucked, let me tell you why it is fucked in every single direction, bc this is just a very convenient way to say, you can do anything you want and it is your responsibility and I have nothing to do with it!

    I hold them ALL responsible as I did with BL post, it changes nothing, let me ask you a very simple question, if one day you see your neighbors wife’s getting raped in the landing what do you do? Do you close the door and say,

    Notice: Each resident is in control over her chee bai associated with her own destiny, to edit or delete any batang that comes her way, or to say carry on as she pleases.”

    If that is the case maybe it is time for me to visit his wife with my tightest jeans on?

  4. Darkness says:

    If you find this offensive, then that is how offensive, I find it.

    The down turn in such an approach is simply this, if another off comment comes and if it is not promptly deleted, everyone will ask why?

    You cannot win when you lock yourself in the basement and forgot your keys – that is why they (the Singapore Angle) are foolish.

  5. KKP says:

    I used to think one reason why there is still so much activity in the Intelligent Singaporean was because you people made it into some secret sort of cyber space station or inter-change to move readers?

  6. Malraux says:

    Hi Darkness,

    Very interesting, but I dont much care especially when the whole discussion seems to careen off somewhere else. This may appear a trifle impolite, but may I please insist that we all return back to the main issue in discussion?

    You seem to speak vitrolically of Bernard Leong failure to include you in their Singapore Blogosphere review. I wonder did you also fail to note that the also omitted many others. As for NLB, we all are informed this is just a “snap shot” in time exercise of blogosphere, I am sure when the compilation of the remainder of the 100 rolls out, we will all have a more representative spread.

    Now I may be imagining this, but you seem to regularly take all these things out of proportion, why? One might well ask Darkness, why give so much emphasis to what NLB and the rest do? Don’t you think you are overeacting?

    Many thanks and do have a nice weekend

  7. shoestring says:

    What is the main issue in discussion? Censorship? The BHP, to me, is not just any of the many others that have been omitted. Their contribution is significant enough to deserve recognition. To omit them is as good as coming out with an official list of MPs in our country and missing out one of them.

    And what is the point in hosting a common site if the owners do not want to bear the responsibility of their partners? They may as well stick to their own individual blogs. No need for SA.

    As for NLB, snapshots are supposed to be representative, if not complete, pictures regardless of the point in time they are taken.

  8. teeth business says:

    There must be some more to this whole business. How did they come up with the magic number of 11 any how? Besides not even one of the 11 is a anon blogger, so what does that say? Isnt that an official proclaimation, we will only see, hear and record you, if you a prepared to register yourself. On top of that why is the BP investing so much in studying the Clinton and Obama president race? They have close to 12 teams studying every single detail. Why?

    I think it goes much deeper, very deep, I feel

  9. Darkness says:

    This NLB and BL issue is old ground. But there are lessons to be learn here; contrast the NLB saga with what has happened recently in the case of JI guy who hobbled off.

    In the latter Wong.K.S came out and he apologized for the lapse, IMO that shows, he has a good overview grasp of the sentiments i.e never reinforce a fail position, cut loss and shift gears and he has successfully managed the fall out. I give him a score of 100/100. Everyone is happy. To me the matter is cut and dried.

    In the NLB case, when the press asked why XX was included in the 11, they started to go on the defensive and instead of seeking resolution or finding ways to seek common understanding, they decided to defend the undefended – IMO that was silly and demonstrates clearly, they have no idea what they are really doing.

    One succeeded in putting out the fire professionally, speedily and competently, the other simply had absolutely no idea why they even wake up every morning and go to work.

    There are lessons here for all to learn.


  10. TBL says:

    Dear Darkness,

    I would really appreciate it, if you could bring yr attention to bear on Mauraux’s question. I myself have observed, this entire NLB issue especially how they managed to narrow the selection to only 11 blogs offers a suspicious starting point for grappling with larger issues concerning imperialism: correct me, if I am wrong Darkness, but on numerous occasions, even you have openly said, it is only a matter of time bfr the govt will project into the net; along with countless references why no govt can possibly ignore the net. This naturally spins out the question; what are special mix of power and politics at play here? The ideological energies which will have the effect of shaping the net?



  11. TBL says:

    This is perhaps going to be the understatement of the whole decade, many have mentioned the online reaction to the NLB efforts to document our history was greeted with a mix of skepticism and disbelief. However, I believe most netizens may not be able to draw the connection between history, power and politics to even make a reasoned and informed judgement?

    I really hope this question is not going to be lost in the whirlwind again, may I request for the webmaster of the SG Daily to repost this again, if it disappears? Thanks.


  12. DiamondKnife says:

    Actually what I have trouble with is getting my head around the idea

    (a) what does NLB and what they are doing have to do with the whole idea of controlling the net?

    (b) How do they accomplish this by specifically controlling or manipulating history?

    I believe this will make a good case study. I just want to say this is incredibly enriching and educational, thank you singapore daily.

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