Daily SG: 25 Feb 2008

Budget 2008
– The Online Citizen: Reflections on Budget 2008
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Lucky to be a citizen of an affluent island..

Singapore Wins 2010 Youth Olympics Bid
– Where Bears Roam Free: Youth Olympics – Victory for Singapore or 2011 Election prop for PAP?
– Sam’s Thoughts: The rhetoric of the Youth Olympics
– rynowned: My take on SYOG 2010

– Beyond SG: Of Scholars and Scholarships
– Stresed Teacher: Am I Now A Researcher Too?

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– Simply Jean: Singapore’s middle “sandwich” class is really very well to do…
– My Singapore News: When the music stops?

The Phantom Menace. PAP mole in the mist?
– Nomed Letters: The Power of Money: From Opposition to Budget 2008
– The Wayang Party Club of Singapore: Embattled TOC unleashing its ferocious “internet brigade” on critics

Freedom, Choice and a place for my Voice
– Pseudonymity: CASE Gets To Do It Again While SDP Gets Rejected

– Ong Jiin Joo: Interesthink @ ThePod, Climax, The Lunch

Daily Discourse
– Musings: Better Hours for Doctors?
– Rat in the Lab: A*STAR/NTU Visiting Science Writer-in-Residence Programme
– Singapore Angle: Dansong’s Angle Ticker: Budget Sandwich, Satyr Fencing, Green Hypocrisy
– The sometimes damsel in distress: On scantily-clad women and prostitutes

Life, the universe and everything
– Ian On The Red Dot: How To Tell If A Girl Will Have Sex With You
– SG_Ljers: more about that LIME CD Compilation
– Marina’s Bloggariffic: An Evening of Southeast Asian Music and Dance
– Jialat dot Com: Why the hell I toutured myself visiting the fiacking airshow?

– The FØØL’s Progress: Anime Screening @ NUS Arts Fest

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