SG Daily Special: Singapore Budget 2008 (updated)

– Singapore Budget 2008: Budget Speech 2008 [PDF] [WORD]

The Budget
– The Online Citizen: 5 Minutes With… Leong Sze Hian on the budget
– My Little Corner: Singapore Budget 2008
– The States Times: A Bo-Chap Budget
– utopia: alternate view of Budget 2008
– Blowin’ In The Wind: Remarkable Singapore
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: Singapore is reserved about our reserves domestically, but not internationally…
– Singapore Life and Times: Better to recieve
– Musings of a Stay-at-home Mum: Budget Day
– Perspective Unlimited: Is the Budget Inflationary?

For the Ministers and the Elites
– Pseudonymity: Singapore Government Ministers To Cost Taxpayers 15% More
– My Sketchbook: ministers’ impending pay raise?
– Simply Jean: Estate duty to be abolished in Singapore
– Nicholas M Ong: Singapore Government Mnisters to Cost Taxpayers 15 pct more

For the Elderly, the Poor and the Meek
– in a blink of an eye: Budget 2008
– Feed me to the Fish: Hongbao Budget 2008 – Straits Times or Reuters?

Growth Dividends
– LadyJava: Singapore budget 2008
– My Singapore News: Ungrateful Singaporeans
– Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: Greedy Singaporeans

– ringisei: Spare some change please

Forum Chat
– HWZ: Budget 2008: Your thoughts?
– SPUG: Budget 2008
– sgForums: $$$ BUDGET 2008 $$$
– sgForums: Govt going to give money again
– Coffee Shop Talk: Budget FAILED to address issues

The Media & Analysts
– PWC: Budget Commentary 2008 – Singapore [PDF]
– The Singapore Stock Market: DBS Vickers talk about singapore’s budget 2008
– Yahoo News: Singapore budget disappoints on tax, sees deficit
– Reuters: S’pore govt ministers to cost taxpayers 15 pct more
– Gulfnews: Singapore budget disappoints as income taxes are held steady
– Guardian: ANALYSTS VIEW 4-Singapore’s FY2008/09 budget
– MSJ: Singapore Budget Tackles Inflation
– CNA: Budget Speech 2008
News from the 146th by Paddy Tan

If nothing else, click here. [Household Benefits Calculator for FY2008 Budget Initiatives]

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