Daily SG: 15 Feb 2008

The Phantom Menace. PAP mole in the mist?
– The world is thinking..: TOC, conspiracies, truth, and me
– The Sun Shines on Singapore: The TOC Fiasco – Truth is the First Casualty of War
– SgForums: TOC’s Choo Zheng Xi Paid by PAP MP!
– HWZ: I support the Online Citizen

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– Yawning Bread: Inflation has hurt poor more than rich
– sgForums: Are We Getting what We are Paying so Much For?

Human Rights
– la nausée: A Non-Citizen’s Constitutional (Non-)Right to Freedom of Speech in Singapore
– No political films please, we’re Singaporeans: Film ban hurts Singapore’s press freedom
– The GP Tutor: Info-pack on Censorship

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Cheng’s Corner: Some Remarks..

Get Rich or Die Tryin’
– Siew Kum Hong: OPQ 22 January 2008: GDP Bonus for Ministers

Daily Discourse
– Looking through the eyes of_ _: Value of Success
– The Itch to Write: First world country having ‘brain drain problem’
– utopia: brain drain problem does not lies with the people
– Singapore Patriot: Police were boh chap in their investigations: Judge

Life, the universe and everything
– Insane Polygons: The Ladder Theory
– ringisei: Ethical campaigns leave a bitter taste

– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: Singapore 2030: Views from the ground
– Sayoni Speak: 3rd ILGA-Asia Regional Conference
– Singapore Budget 2008: About The Singapore Government Budget

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13 Responses to Daily SG: 15 Feb 2008

  1. topghost2 says:

    Dear Darkness,

    Thank you for your most interesting take on the matter Jasper vs TOC – Chro… on Daily SG: 14 Feb 2008

    I wish to take clarify a few points, you mentioned;

    “Our position with TOC is the same with any producer in blogosphere; we respect them for what they are; does it matter to us whether they may be allied to PAP or the army of the 10 monkeys, we couldn’t give a flying fuck – we have an open policy.”

    I don’t believe you truly appreciate the issues at hand. The issue IMO is whether there is a conflict of interest which TOC did not adequately address by allowing with full knowledge aforethought or by default to allow Remy to continue writing. We can say many things about the slant of Remy’s articles, they are anti-establishment etc and they may not even be supportive of the MIV or MSM view, but if I may use your analogy where you mentioned counter insurgency is a “snakey” game, then deliberately coming across as anti-establishment is also an effective strategy to infiltrate blogosphere. Surely even you cannot deny that.

    One can certainly lamblast Jasper’s allegations no end, but even you cannot deny there is merit to his observations as it points to clear evidence of malingering and contrary to your assertion it is IMO grounds to continue to be suspicious of TOC. I for one cannot understand how such an intelligent man would even suggest for one moment, there should be an open policy in the net to even allow political parties to dominate it in the way that you have suggested – have you ever considered, we may not even be in a position to compete against anything as organized as the government or a party political system – that I believe is why Jasper’s allegations has stirred up such a hornets nest, as it provokes exactly these very sentiments which you do not seem to even recognize. Instead of advocating a “open policy” you would go further to suggest that blogosphere should be declared a neutral non-political zone and that I believe would be a far more sensible proposition. That of course also means Jaspers allegations concerning TOC is worthy and should not be dismissed as simply a vindictive attack without merit.

    I hope that you will answer my question instead of skirting it as usual ;). Many thanks.

  2. The Chronicler says:

    “It’s over, finished, kaput, habit (look if you don’t believe me!) – these so called counter insurgents really need to meet up in Long John Silver and sit down before the drawing board and start from zero again. I really don’t know where their strategist got their info from maybe the NLB, but life CANNOT BE THAT SIMPLE. HOW CAN IT BE?

    FYI. if you want to learn how to really do it 1,2,3 etc, then I want $2.2 million, I promise you the head and the tail and everything in between! I sumpah!

    As for TOC, they just need to do what they have been doing all along – my advice to them is produce and produce and produce, tmr will take care of it’self – I wish them well.

    Folks this is in no way bad for blogosphere, if anything, the sleeper has awaken. We have learnt many things and the biggest lesson is life is never that simple – you dont shout and I jump – you must be shitting me. Darkness 2008”

    This has been posted by the Chronicler of the Brotherhood

  3. The Chronicler says:

    “Where were the internet experts, when you really needed them? Tell me where were they? I know what some of you are thinking – this TOC thing is a non-event, childish, infantile even.

    Au contraire, it is significant ONLY because it illustrates succinctly, how fragile and ephemeral the internet actually is and how incoherent your mind is to make sense of the world for what it is, rather than what you wish it to be – don’t ever forget this – don’t ever forget this; it is Kendo, to learn, you must first see your fall, otherwise you are just deluding yourself – denying this reality with false pride does little to give currency to the other position, it simply promotes silence and silence is silence nothing more or less, no wisdom there, no mystery even, absolutely zero with no capacity to even beacon out the murk except perhaps to masturbate no end the belief in one’s overweening self importance that having lived X number years translates into some form of wisdom – the ultimate lie – it’s failure in the purest sense of the word – I want you to remember this always and never forget it. When the chips really come down, it is only you and you alone, the rest, like the chroniclers of NLB you could just throw it away and it wouldn’t matter either way – remember it’s always abt you, not them, or the the need to be part of the we, honing the ‘you’ will see you thru the storm, allowing you to make sense of a given situaton, that is the lesson of TOC vs Jasper – next time I’ve sit on a stone and just watch it burn – Darkness 2008”

    Posted by the Chronicler of the Brotherhood.

  4. mooz says:

    And I still don’t know who is Darkness.

  5. moozonoi says:

    @6: And even in either, there are diff voices.

    So the identity of Darkness is un-knowable.

    So mysterious…

    Will he gimme a free hug for being so cute?

  6. moozonoi says:

    So I suppose it’s live food in a way.

    Imagine being out in the bush and having your tucker.

    Then you just go to the termite mounds to grab a few.

  7. KKP says:

    Hahaha – could keep your cool Mr Super counter insurgent hahahahaha, silly that is exactly what he wanted you to do – hahahaha, you fell right into it.


  8. long time reader says:

    Hello Mr Counter Insurgent,

    It must be very frustrating and irritating to wrap your head around something as cloudy as the brotherhood. I am just a reader, but I know to date;

    (1) Certain ppl in blogosphere has been sending out e-mail to boycot them. We all know this, it is done in the most back handed manner true to the spirit of back stabbing ( I happen to have a copy here and it says many things abt them. What I find morally reprehensive is it never gave them a right of reply (as it’s all happening behind their back), if everyone wants to see it, I can produce a sample here, you will all be surprised who it is from! One of the NLB 11’s – you can come down here and deny it if you want! I dare you!). Impact: they survived and got stronger.

    (2) Then you have ppl like BL and Kevin Lim who do a singapore socio-political blogo review / http://intelligentsingaporean.wordpress.com/2007/07/17/intro-to-singapores-socio-political-blogosphere/ and they deliberately omit them. Impact: they survived and got stronger.

    (3) Then NLB catches “no ball,” I am quoting directly from the mouth of the rambling librarian again the brotherhood were were sidelined and instead the so called 11 nominated dont even produce / you want proof here; this fatty wrote a article in the blog and guess what its a ST publication! http://www.colinandyenyen.com/wordpress/2008/01/29/sunday-times-in-defence-of-our-%e2%80%98dumb%e2%80%99-kids/ so it is a blog or an extension of ST. As far as I am concerned NLB is not getting one cent from me in the future! Impact; they survived and got stronger.

    You really think you can kill them off? Look what they did to those counter insurgents, for days the fire raged, it could not be put out, then they came and in one stroke, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BttG3WNQS90 it was finished off.

    You can try to kill them if they want, but the brotherhood are like the internet it’self, they can even survive a full scale nuclear attack and they will just dust it off. Impact; they will survive and they will come back stronger.

  9. long time reader says:

    You will never be able to get rid of them from the internet, they have too many supporters and like them, they taught us all how to hide in the shadows

  10. moozonoi says:


    People trying to be nice to reassure people, then you come back and say I stupid.

    Like that how to build trust.

  11. saintmoron says:

    The horses are nice to ride, their neighs may not be musical, but the cowboys will be happy for they can do without cows but not without horses. Not funny at all but posted just for fun by moron.

  12. moozonoi says:

    That’s alright.

    That means you’re normal, given where you come from.

  13. saintmoron says:

    My father(deceased) proclaimed that I was from heaven’
    mother said I am godsend.
    But, an atheist me knows nothing with my cow sense,
    I know; never be an enemy, always be a friend.
    Live and let live to a good end.

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