Daily SG: 14 Feb 2008

The Phantom Menace. PAP mole in the mist?
– An Inconvenient Truth: remy choo is a pap boy – fact
– Nomed Letters: Infernal Affairs – Singapore Style
– nofearSingapore: TOC’s mole affair – My personal opinion
– Insane Polygons: What Matters Not.
– For What It’s Worth: sigh
– Wayang Party Club of Singapore: Furore in cyberspace over Choo Zheng Xi’s links with PAP
– Looking For LaLaLand: NOPE. NONE. ZILCH. NATTA.

The $$$ You’ll Never See
– mrbrown: CPF (You Won’t See For) Life: Compulsorily Flexible
– Sgpolitics.net: National Lifelong Income Scheme finalized
– The Online Citizen: Uniquely Singapore – F1 or F9: Income statistics?
– The States Times: R80 Category

Daily Discourse
– Singapore Patriot: Obama praises Singapore’s education system
– Sophie’s World: Missing MRT link, Part 3
– SimplyJean: The solution to brain drain is to draw more brains (sounds quite gross)

Life, the universe and everything
– Catholic Writings: It’s safer to download porn than to download anime?
– YoungJedi: My StarHub Cable TV – Part 1
– BlogF1: Could There Be A Problem With Wet Weather Night Racing?

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7 Responses to Daily SG: 14 Feb 2008

  1. mooz says:

    Everything is so confusing these days.

    It’s good to be out-of-touch.

  2. Jasper vs TOC - Chronicler says:


    “Let me tell you frankly what I believe to be the truth? ( I can only spare 10 min) Is TOC a PAP Trojan horse? Possibly – then again, some have said, based on the way I behave, I could well be related to Ah Meng (god rest her soul) – my point; possibilities do not make for probabilities.

    If someone put a gun to my head and I had to finger TOC against this character called Jasper along with his motley crew aka Soci, Wayangparty et al. I will plumb to call the latter the real counter insurgents – allow share with you why? Because as the term counter insurgency implies, it has to be a snakey game.

    It’s a bit like playing spycraft (I don’t know whether any of you have played this game) cut to the chase; if you want to come up tops, then it doesn’t pay to take anything at face value, that buys you a one way ticket to the morgue. Everything is topsy-turvy in counter insurgency spycraft, there are endless twist and turns everywhere and its pretty much conspiracy theory galore.

    Now, if you really want to know what’s really happening – it pays dividends to ask yourself the basic and fundamental question; who has the most to gain from all this? Remember counter insurgency is a game (that’s all it really is; how do you get two buddies to fight in a cell? Give one a thicker mattress and the other one a wafer thin one – in no time, they will be tearing into each other like rats; prognosis: it’s a very primordial game, that first requires you to recruit your fears instead of trusting your hopes!)

    In this game; the rule of thumb is you can take nothing for granted, nothing is ever what it seems, black can just as well dissolve into black and opportunities can all too readily give way to dead ends – so again, you need to go back to the basics and ask; who has to gain from all this?

    Enough divergence. WHY DO I THINK JASPER & CO ARE THE REAL INSURGENTS? Because they have the MOST to gain from stirring up shit here; here comes the kicker, what are they trying to accomplish? What’s the package? What is the strategic payout?

    Let me share with you a secret report that has been crafted by the guilds (this happens to be our strategic war gaming arm). Recently, they crafted a report stating that the probability of registration in the net is VERY high (nearly 90%), there are various reasons accounting to why they reached this conclusion (I don’t feel it is necessary to share it as it adds nothing to the discussion). This is a topic that hardly requires any elaboration, you could just as well fill up the blanks yourself; the growing importance of internet in shaping social political awareness; the need to institute control and command measures to ensure thought control; the list goes on and on. We may all be divided on many things, but one thing remains crystal clear; the net is currently a vacuum, a terra-incognita that is poised for invasion. We figured this part out, but what continued to dog even the best minds in the brotherhood is how can this be accomplished given the obvious resistance to registration?

    This is where Jasper, Soci and the rest of those motherfuckers come in to fill in the missing jig-saw puzzle (the have moved and we registered it) – you see, one can only justify the whole idea of registration, if a conditions suggest it may hold the promise of a cure all the antidote to solve all the problems of our age. Think about it! But how does one go about selling the whole idea of registration to a community that is diametrically against? Simple, create the problem and that leads to demand for the cure, spread the virus and the antidote is brought into sharp focus. That my friends is the agenda of Jasper and the rest of those motherfuckers (I see right through them like glass) and how are they doing it? You can see for yourself – blogosphere is now in a shambles, brother has turned against brother, our collective fears have been heightened and even sharpened by these recent developments.

    Now let me be perfectly clear about my position with regards to TOC. Is it true that we want nothing to do with them? Hardly, in the past, they have aggregated many of our articles, if there was a problem, we would have voiced it out then! Our position with TOC is the same with any producer in blogosphere; we respect them for what they are; does it matter to us whether they may be allied to PAP or the army of the 10 monkeys, we couldn’t give a flying fuck – we have an open policy and we firmly believe everyone in the internet is free to winnow the chaff from the wheat – if they do not, that’s their problem, it’s got nothing to do with us. Do we support Jasper and his motherfucking crew. No! We do not know how it is but we are aware, there are certain elements in the internet who are capitalizing on the fact we have given them tacit support; this I assure you is a not true.

    We wish TOC well in the spirit of sportsmanship and we do not believe any of the spurious claims that has been vented by Jasper and his motherfuckers.

    Our response to Jasper & Co this: they are insignificant and inconsequential, but let us be clear, we believe they are the real counter insurgents and do not mistake this; they have a clear agenda to disrupt, distemper and spread discord. if I had to place a bet, they are getting more than $500 for what they are doing – our hope as the brotherhood is that the Singapore blogosphere will continue to prosper and we strongly believe it would be a travesty of justice if sites like TOC are tarred and labeled only because many of us here are not exercising our right to discern truth from lies – we do not mind defeating TOC on merit, but this way is clearly underhanded and we cannot condone it – we are first and foremost sportsmen – I cannot imagine a greater travesty befalling any site and my hope is that many of you are able to separate the lies from the truth. We hope this impasse can be successfully resolved. We need to learn how to deal with these problems ourselves, otherwise, others will just come in.

    I wish you all happy reading and Happy Valentine. This is to our new and old readers, it speaks of promise and my fervent wish is that all of you will discover it one day. Permit me to say this: I wish it for all of you……somewhere over the rainbow, there is a land I have heard of….someday.

    Darkness 2008″

    Posted by the Chronicler / this post has been broadcasted through out the strangelands.

  3. Jit Kor Jio says:

    Brother Darkness say is right la. See what happen to Sammyoby. Last time complain tokcok there dame shiok one. Nowadays you say anything got 20 clones shoot you down or change topic until sian. Now I also dun go there liao.

    Eh, how come brotherhood nowadays so cham no website ah.

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  5. flipper says:

    Darkness is deadly. I am afraid even the pappies need to get him one day if they are to move ahead. I cannot see them jumping up and down every time they plans are foiled, it just to frustration. They will finish him off like the rest of the good and fine men, that is the nature of politics.

  6. topghost2 says:

    Dear Darkness,

    Thank you for your most interesting take on the matter Jasper vs TOC – Chro… on Daily SG: 14 Feb 2008

    I wish to take clarify a few points, you mentioned;

    “Our position with TOC is the same with any producer in blogosphere; we respect them for what they are; does it matter to us whether they may be allied to PAP or the army of the 10 monkeys, we couldn’t give a flying fuck – we have an open policy.”

    I don’t believe you truly appreciate the issues at hand. The issue IMO is whether there is a conflict of interest which TOC did not adequately address by allowing with full knowledge aforethought or by default to allow Remy to continue writing. We can say many things about the slant of Remy’s articles, they are anti-establishment etc and they may not even be supportive of the MIV or MSM view, but if I may use your analogy where you mentioned counter insurgency is a “snakey” game, then deliberately coming across as anti-establishment is also an effective strategy to infiltrate blogosphere. Surely even you cannot deny that.

    One can certainly lamblast Jasper’s allegations no end, but even you cannot deny there is merit to his observations as it points to clear evidence of malingering and contrary to your assertion it is IMO grounds to continue to be suspicious of TOC. I for one cannot understand how such an intelligent man would even suggest for one moment, there should be an open policy in the net to even allow political parties to dominate it in the way that you have suggested – have you ever considered, we may not even be in a position to compete against anything as organized as the government or a party political system – that I believe is why Jasper’s allegations has stirred up such a hornets nest, as it provokes exactly these very sentiments which you do not seem to even recognize. Instead of advocating a “open policy” you would go further to suggest that blogosphere should be declared a neutral non-political zone and that I believe would be a far more sensible proposition. That of course also means Jaspers allegations concerning TOC is worthy and should not be dismissed as simply a vindictive attack without merit.

    I hope that you will answer my question instead of skirting it as usual ;). Many thanks. Pls help me as I wish to understand, I am not asking for a fight ;)Thxs

  7. koalabear says:

    I am not comfortable with TOC (period). I have the right to choose and I decide not to read.

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