Daily SG: 12 Feb 2008

The Phantom Menace. PAP mole in the mist?
– The Online Citizen: Allegations against TOC
– la nausée: The Sounding of a TOCsin: Blogosphere in a Bog
– soc.culture.singapore: Beware TOC (The Online Cons) [Thanks messiah]

6 in 10 new jobs go to foreigners
– Decay On Net: Newly improved title – S’poreans and foreigners gain from job boom

Transport Reforms Announced
– Singapore’s Land Transport: New ERP gantries: Part II
– Alice Cheong in Wonderland: Every [Congested] Road Pay may be ready 2010

Daily Discourse
– Simply Jean: Another belt-related death?

Life, the universe and everything
– Luxury Launches: Singapore Flyer is the tallest spinning Ferris Wheel to date

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12 Responses to Daily SG: 12 Feb 2008

  1. robin says:

    Actually why did TOC not answer Jasper’s question? I think it is a valid query. Subsequently why did TOC threaten to sue? Reminds me of some shitty ppl

  2. tomb raider says:

    Whatever the case is one thing is 100% certain, my guess is there are fierce space monkeys behind this, proxy servers etc. I wonder would if had happened if NLB just mentioned them?

    As it is, I can help feel TOC is partly to blame. Firstly, why did they put the question in Moderation for 3 days? IMO it was a perfectly normal and expected question given the composition and background of the editorial team in TOC, so they should have responded.

    They did not! And they only responded when they were check mated.

    Then they begin threatening ppl with legal action. I guess a leopord does not lose its spots.

    Either way, I agree with most here, it is finished.

  3. tomb raider says:

    I am also quiet surprise that the Singapore angle censored and subsequently deleted the post of Darkness. From my understanding it seem a perfectly relevant and very apt observation of facts -it is war.


  4. Chronicler on behalf of Darkness says:

    Re; Allegations Against TOC

    “Dear all,

    I have received mail on this matter – so let me dive in. I believe WE SHOULD ALL REMAIN CALM AND NOT ALLOW OUR MINDS TO RUN WILD! Are the allegations against TOC true? To be honest with you, I really don’t know. Are they baseless and without foundation? Again, on the former, I will have to say I have categorically no idea, but they are not completely without foundation, when one considers the composition of the writers in TOC. You cannot stop people from thinking and even speculating especially when the conditions are perfectly suited for them to do so and all of us can agree TOC has been less clear about their affiliations and this has been much of the cause that fuels endless speculation.

    Moving forward, I have nothing to add for or against TOC ( I don’t even regularly read their articles – frankly, I consider them boring and card boardish). You will all simply have to form your respective opinion as to what represents the ‘truth’ in this case – I really dunno and I don’t feel that it is wise to even label someone as a conspiracy theorist, because I really no idea!

    Having said that, what continues to bother me however is the follow up issues – specifically; the threat to sue Jasper and other bloggers on the grounds of defamation (if that is indeed true). This in my view cannot be taken lightly, as it represents a clear and present danger to blogosphere. As it’s bound to have far reaching implications on how relationships are defined in blogosphere in the foreseeable future. Question; is it wise for bloggers to sue other fellow bloggers? Note; I am not asking you whether they are justified do so. Allow me to paraphrase; what value would it add to the good content in blogosphere? Will it subtract or will it add value?

    Well this is something all of you need to consider carefully, as blogosphere is really very much like our backyard, it doesn’t belong to the government, it belongs to you and me, so if you do not bother to take equity in it – don’t be surprise one day, if people are doing strip mining on your backyard, you cannot blame them, you never bothered to stake your claim!

    Well the short answer (and this is my personal opinion) as to whether resorting to legal action will add or subtract is in the future it would have the effect of irrevocably altering the cultural attributes of blogosphere; that’s to say people may be cowered into submission and may not even feel at ease to speak their minds only because they fear the crippling consequences of being sued. As such we may even run the risk of creating our own little micro-climate of fear.

    That is something that you really need to ask yourself whether you want to see in blogosphere?

    We are not talking about rights here, as much as we are talking about the wisdom of having to tolerate the bad currency in the hope that the collective good can and will continue to be nourished in blogosphere.
    So I cannot and will not support any form of legal action by ANY party and if it should come to that, we would have to seriously evaluate our position to seek resolution.

    My feel is that if the goal is to resolve the matter sensibly, maturely and effectively, then it should FIRST proceed by other means, but legal action is definitely out of the question, it is like using an atomic bomb to control roaches, it’s bound to cause more problems in the long term – there should be a commitment by all parties to explore and exhaust every possible means before resorting to legal action be it arbitration, a point by point rebuttal or even extending Jasper an opportunity to defend his allegations – if for any reason he fails to do so and it’s a no-show, then we may draw our respective conclusions accordingly.

    My hope remains this matter can be resolved peacefully. Darkness 2008.”

    Posted by the Chronicler

  5. Ah Meng for President says:

    Like the authors here (if I am reading them right), I am rather skeptical about the whole affair – the PAP menace in the Internet is a phantom, ie. imaginary. Blog wars, light saber fights, underage princesses and trade blockades are entertaining, but it diverts attention and energy away from rational, objective discussions.

    May the force be with us all.

  6. Chronicler says:

    Pls note; we closed all mail on this subject (no exceptions will be made). Once again we urge for calm and cooler heads to prevail – the chronicler.

  7. Karen Mok says:

    wise words from a wise man, but I feel even they will eventually tear this man down. They have too.

  8. Qui-Gon Jinn & Tonic says:

    if this was star wars then jar jar binks would be chee soon juan haha

  9. nst says:


    Good Morning, the Online Citizen,

    I am a journalist and I wish to seek questions to the following;

    (1) Is it true that TOC threatened to sue Jasper? I understand no legal letter has been sent out, but the question, I am asking is was a threat made? This is what I understand from the reps in wayangparty, who have insisted that this was the reason why a unidentified Jasper subsequently sent a second post apologizing.

    (2) If no threat was made why did Jasper request for help from certain quarters in the internet. I believe one group in particular assented to his request and they even broke into servers altering the trace routes and IP signatures? Why would they do this for Jasper, if there was no reason to suggest a real legal threat was made to sue Jasper by TOC?

    (3) Finally, if TOC is really that kosher. Why is it that certain elements in the internet, namely this particular group who has rendered assistance to Jasper maintaining a policy of non-engagement with TOC? Why do they not feel the need to do the same with regards to other sites in the internet?

    Thank you.

    [pls note: I have posted a similar line of questions here;
    http://theonlinecitizen.com/2008/02/12/addressing-the-allegations-against-theonlinecitizen/#comment-23905 it is currently awaiting moderation and posted on February 14, 2008 at 10:36 am]

  10. oppressed says:

    wa, serious ah

  11. Chronicler says:

    OMG nst! Thank you for alerting us to these so called “certain quarters.”

    We have taken the liberty of circulating your message to the others to keep an eye out for these undesirables.

    If we come across them – you will be the first to know.

    You have our undertaking that we will do our utmost to co-operate fully on this matter!

    As for me, I personally believe it could be these ppl,

    Thank You

    Chronicler of the brotherhood

  12. Pseudonym says:


    Besides Ephraim Loy, I understood that another senior writer of TOC Mr Koh Jie Kai is also rumored to be a YPAP member. Can anybody verify this ?

    TOC apologists will continue to argue that it is the content that matters and not the writers’ background.

    The writers have a choice not to join PAP or write for PAP MPs, do they ?

    Their political beliefs must be closely aligned to PAP’s in order for them to commit themselves to their respective roles and work in the PAP.

    How can they expect readers not to be judgmental about them in view of these recent revelations ?


    I really didn’t know Online Citizen so many PAP stooges…

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