Daily SG: 11 Feb 2008

Ah Meng (1960 – 2008)
The Zoo: Remembering Ah Meng

The Phantom Menace. PAP mole in the mist?
– Singabloodypore: Singapore’s Shame
– The Wayang Party Club of Singapore: The Online Citizen’s reply and our stand
– Newsintercom: The Unknown Extent of the PAP’s Net Offensive
– The Wayang Party Club of Singapore: 8 questions for The Online Citizen’s Remy Choo
– The Void Deck: The Online Citizen Conspiracy Theory!
– Chemical Generation Singapore: What a Tangled Web they Wove
– Sammyboy: TOC connections

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– A long and arduous road of an entrepreneur: Of ERP, COE and Singapore Population
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: Big-brother is putting a GPS-tracker in your car!

– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Slippery Slope : Means Testing + Healthcare Insurance

The Complaints Choir Banned
– Singapore Patriot: Complaints Choir “firing cheap political shots”?

Section 377a
– Musings: 377A Still A Registrable Offence

Ah Meng is dead. Long live Ah Meng
– YoungJedi: Ah Meng left us for a better place called heaven.
– Hard Hitting in the Lion City: Ah Meng is dead
– Singapore Life and Times: Death of a distinguished Primate
– ALVINOLOGY: Ah Meng passed away this morning
– Empty Vessel: Ah Meng

Daily Discourse
– e pur si muove: Respect my patois, biatch
– Musings: The Story of Section 298A
– Siew Kum Hong: OPQ 22 January 2008: Workfare Income Supplement Payment
– Yawning Bread: Keeping schools safe from religion

Life, the universe and everything
– Balderdash: “Where the Hell is Matt?” in Singapore
– mrbrown: Taiwan celebrities say we Singaporean the England not powderful
– Decay on Net: Taiwan Celebrities Criticise Singaporean English
– Looking through the eyes of_ _: Safe Or Not?

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16 Responses to Daily SG: 11 Feb 2008

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  2. Chronicler on behalf of Darkness says:

    Good Evening,

    I have received nearly 500 e-mails on what I think abt TOC.

    The question is simply this; why was a legitimate question placed on “moderation” mode for 3 days? (if that is true).

    Pls see here; http://wayangparty.wordpress.com/2008/02/10/8-questions-for-the-online-citizens-remy-choo/

    That I am afraid says many many things about TOC.

    What is my position? I have no comment? However, I seriously recommend the Singapore Daily from now onwards.

    It is finished, kaput and back to square one again – the net is a cruel place, you fuck up, you die – it’s as simple as that. I am very sorry.

    Darkness 2008

    (This post was deleted in the Singapore Angle on 11-02-08 – a navigation thread for cheng cheng & friends has been opened in the strangelands at locale 883293/3993)

    The Chronicler

  3. Chronicler on behalf of Darkness says:


    Profits me little to take this position. You could say it requires balls – you could even say with a bit of imagination, I am a man of constant sorrow; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi-YIdZo5bY

    But what to do? You tell me? There are facts and there are facts and there are facts and if in life you want to live your life to the fullest, why invest in lies? Think!

    Just remember, I am man of constant sorrow and it profits me none, not a teeny weeney bit to say the things, I have say. You could even say it gives me no pleasure to do so, but there is no leadership in the net and so I must step forward. Wat to dooooooooooo? You tell me.

    As always you decide and you alone. Happy reading.

    The Man of Constant Sorroooooooooooooooooooow

    Darkness 2008″

    Posted By The Chronicler

  4. Passerby of Tweddles says:

    So strange.

  5. Passerby of Tweddles says:

    As in personally, I think “leadership” as a notion that’s so often marketed et. al., is essentially a club of people with lots of personal issues.

    I have lots of personal issues; just giving a point of view.

  6. Passerby of Tweddles says:

    p.s. Not all people with personal issues become a leader of some sort obviously.

    Geniuses are dumb, leaders are dumb; they’re all freaks of the norm.

  7. kkp says:

    farneeeee is the man of constant sorrooooooooow!

  8. zoom says:

    Oh dear me, kkp, have you had your milk today?

  9. zoom says:

    I mean, to comment on Passerby Of Tweddles’ observation, I suppose that’s true? I mean, why do all cowboys have daddy issues?

    Talk about wranglers.

  10. zoom says:

    Though I suppose an overdose of endorphins would no doubt account for kkp’s seeming hyperactivity.

    Perhaps you’re having a premonition of diabetes?

  11. zoom says:

    In any case, let our cashier know if you’re coming in with the cheques.

    The past was a sampler.

    The present obviously, is never obliged.

  12. zoom says:

    We didn’t tell you what to think; we only gave you something to think about.

  13. zoom says:

    Umm, please do not be mistaken, of course.

    Everything is obviously, subject to availability.

    Good luck finding what works for you.

  14. zoom says:

    “Everything is obviously, subject to availability.”

    That is, hopefully, this — “Singapore has made it because we have assumed individual responsibility for our lives” — is true.

    Well water and river water different path.

  15. zoom says:

    BH so irritating.

  16. zoom says:

    I just write to thank Darkness for his advice.

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