Daily Tech: Microsoft Buying Yahoo

Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo
– Official Google Blog: Yahoo! and the future of the Internet
– NY Times: Yahoo Deal Is Big, but Is It the Next Big Thing?
– MarketWatch: Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo is bigger than you think
– InsideMicrosoft: Does Microsoft-Yahoo Spell The End of MSN?
– TechCrunch: What Would a Combined Microsoft-Yahoo Look Like?
– ReadWriteWeb: Microsoft, Yahoo! and the Effect on OpenID
– The Domains: Microsoft-Yahoo: It’s Not a Done Deal
– AP: Yahoo Music Users Going to RealNetworks

– Xbit Labs: Contemporary Dual-Core Processors Shootout
– Tom’s Hardware: AMD CPU Efficiency Compared
– Maximum PC: Videocard Image-Quality Shootout
– HotHardware: Intel Skulltrail Unleashed: Core 2 Extreme QX9775 x 2
– BCCHardware: Zalman 750W Heatpipe Cooled PSU
– ProClockers: Scythe Zipang CPU Cooler
– TrustedReviews: LG Flatron L227WT-PF
– Digital Trends: Sony VAIO NR160E/T

Tech News
– ZDNet: Intel unveils Tukwila Itanium processor
– Digital Photography Review: Sony announces Alpha 300 and 350

SG Tech
– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: Why Microsoft is gunning Yahoo for US$44B
– Ong Jiin Joo: Microsoft to buy Yahoo!!

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One Response to Daily Tech: Microsoft Buying Yahoo

  1. Micrhoo! may result in the end of both: Yahoo! (brand merged in M$), M$ in debts facing the former Y! users leaving Micrhoo!

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