Daily ChioBu: Hyoni Kang Seung Hyun

In 2008, Kang Seung-Hyun (Hyoni, 강승현) became the first Asian model to win the Ford ‘Supermodel of the world’ award, walking away with US$250,000 in prize money and a 3-year modeling contract with Ford Models. The 21-year-old, who stands at 178cm tall and weighs 51kg, was a freshman at the modelling department of Dongduk Women’s University. She has since moved to New York into an apartment provided by Ford and will be participating in shows in New York, Paris and Milan.

Pictures after the break.

– Of the Minute: Mac and Seung Hyun [Vid]

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6 Responses to Daily ChioBu: Hyoni Kang Seung Hyun

  1. inji says:

    Weird..liddat also can be model. I was eating my breakfast while reading. Now I cannot finish my breakfast, see her face no appetite le

  2. haleywu says:

    ok la. i quite like her look. Very unique and cool look.

  3. Clarence says:

    Waaah. Her face looks so boring. A dead rat would look more interesting.

  4. keith says:

    you call tat a face?
    shes fugly

  5. tiger4 says:

    Daily Chiobu must be running out of choices when you see this type of face put up here. To think that she can be crowned the Super model of the world, the angmos sure have a different taste than us.

  6. Ai! says:

    sh’es very cute. well she’s a kind of mix of devon aoki and the newest korean model hye park (i think that’s her name). :)

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