Daily SG: 25 Jan 08

Government Denies Hand in State Fund Investments
– Siew Kum Hong: OPQ 21 January 2008: Investments by GIC and Temasek Holdings in UBS and Merrill Lynch
– HWZ: “Not my business” – Tharman

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain: Increase the Cab Fares even more!!
– HWZ: Singapore Public Transport. World-Class?

Transport Reforms Announced
– Singapore’s Land Transport: Land Transport Review Part 1: Public transport (bus)

Not that we love Caesar less…
– Looking For LaLaLand..: Is MM Lee still relevant?
– Utopia: MM Lee: top money for talent

Our war on terror
– SGFrag: 2 more detained under Internal Security Act, 5 JI members released
– sgForums: Two men detained for planning acts of terror

Daily Discourse
– Looking through the eyes of_: On meritocracy and elitism
– My Way: Eliminate Your Competition the Singaporean Way
– The Online Citizen: My future as a Singapore citizen
– Simply Jean: The letter that caused a furore in the Straits Times discussion board
– Organic Ally: Dear MM
– Eastcoastlife: Bullying at school is nothing new

Life, the universe and everything
– Balderdash: ..by the law of engineering girls cannot exist.
– Nomadism: Tabloid news…
– Sophie’s World: The Lingam defence
– The Void Deck: CNG Cars Ahoy!

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4 Responses to Daily SG: 25 Jan 08

  1. omphalos says:

    as much as the war on terror is supposed to be a serious issue, i can’t help but to think of bush’s “war on terror” and “evil doer” speech. damn the accent

  2. magnifiq says:

    that texan accent – Ai-ran, Ai-rak, Nuke-clear, Mus-lem
    no wonder he choked on the pretzel
    too bad

  3. omphalos says:

    would our govt start speaking with a Swiss accent with all these “swiss standard of living”?

  4. John says:

    They might not talk like a swiss but their arguments are beginnig to look like Swiss cheese – full of holes

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