Daily Tech: IBM ATI Merger Talks

IBM AMD Merger Talks
– Reuters: AMD shares gain on IBM takeover speculation
– ChannelWeb: IBM-AMD Merger Rumors Have Markets Abuzz
– FT.com: IBM, AMD, could set more formal chip ties, with merger possible
– MarketWatch: AMD shares rise on IBM speculation

– PCPop: 9800 GX2 Revelation [Chinese Translate]
– Tom’s Hardware: Crossfire meets PCI Express 2.0 – More Lanes, More Frames?
– Digit-Life: DDR2-800 vs. DDR3-1333. Does DDR3-1333 Make Sense?
– ExtremeTech: Speed Up Windows Vista
– Tech Report: Asus’ Xonar D2X and Auzentech’s Prelude 7.1 go head-to-head
– InformationWeek: Compared To Rivals, Apple MacBook Air Pricing No Bargain
– VR-Zone: Razer Lachesis – Mousey Insanity?
– Legit Reviews: Radeon HD 3450 and 3650 Video Cards Reviewed
– Legion Hardware: Nvidia Gefore 8800GT SLi vs AMD Radeon HD3870 Crossfire
– ars technica: New Blu-ray 2.0 spec makes PS3 the most future-proof player

Tech News
– DigiTimes: Another Intel dual-core Celeron in 2Q08
– Forbes: Can The Mac Attack Continue?
– Fudzilla: Geforce 8800 Ultra retires this month
– Expreview: 9600GT launch date push back

Gaming & Generale
– Gamespot: BioShock throws D.I.C.E. award nominations
– Machinist: With Wii and DS, Nintendo owns 2007
– PC World: Download Allows PC Games to be Played on a PlayStation 3
– PC Perspective: Ray Tracing and Gaming – One Year Later
– GamesIndustry: World of Warcraft surpasses 10 million subscribers
– Icrontic: The Core 2’s FSB, RAM and Bandwidth Explained
– PCStats: How To Install An Intel Socket 775 Processor and Heatsink

SG Tech
– HWZ: Xpertvision 8800GT/3850 Ang Bao Promo
– HWZ: The Official “Battle of the Keyboards” Thread

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