Daily SG: 17 Jan 08

“but some of the Blogosphere is profound.. for many of them are speaking with voices that we have not been able to hear before.”[the boy who knew too much] This probably sums up what we are trying to do here. And it’s nice (if not vain) to think we had a hand in bringing some attention to articles like that, ..like a scribe we mark the sparks that dot the unfinished canvas… Although one might argue any form of non-machine aggregation can never truly be free from some level of bias, I’d like to think that here at least there is no taint of the white parade.

Did they get you to trade
Your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
Did you exchange
A walk on part in the war,
For a lead role in a cage?

Waters, Gilmour

They say History belongs to the victors. I prefer to think that the battle is yet to be won.

This is our history:

Citigroup ashopping
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: Hard Questions on the Citigroup Purchase
– Hear ye! Hear ye!: Great Singapore sale comes early
– The States Times: Betting The House
– Canadian Silver Bug: Teetering at the abyss

Daily Discourse
– Singapore Patriot: That’s not the way to build confidence in youths
– Back Stories of Singapore: Teachers,should they be even judging?
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: Lessons on patting thyself on thy back…
– Fauzi Russull: Singaporeans, Please Don’t Act As If You’re Angmoh, Can? [Thanks Sam]
– The armchair critic: Condom Ads near school to be reviewed??!! [Thanks syed]

Life, the universe and everything
– Han Neng V3.0: eNets Virtual Account Service Closed Down
– My Lovely Rays: Myopia?
– SinGeo: 42km of Off-Road Cycling in Singapore

– Sistic: Dream Theater at Fort Canning tonight

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15 Responses to Daily SG: 17 Jan 08

  1. Jan says:

    really beautiful words SD. Made me cry….they will return some day.

  2. XinYi says:

    Hear hear. Don’t let anyone dictate how future generations remember us.

  3. M.Seet says:

    Do feature more articles like that. A couple in the the last few days were very good and deserves to be read.


  4. Saint Splattergut says:

    Thank you.

  5. XXL says:

    I’ll wait for the day xiaxue writes something worthy to be linked here. Maybe I’ll check back circa 2046

  6. Squirrel + Zombie The Minor says:

    Hmm… Define “worthy”?

  7. Squirrel + Zombie The Minor says:


  8. Thank you for linking to my Blog post on Citibank, it took me by surprise when my hits went nuts, apparently the Wall Street Journal also picked it up also.

  9. Edroos says:

    Thank you for the link!…
    Cheers and have a great weekend!

  10. The Singapore Daily says:

    Thanks all. Keep blogging and have a good weekend.

  11. Farquarh Collection says:

    Thanks Singapore Daily for supporting those voices. “some of the Blogosphere is profound.. for many of them are speaking with voices that we have not been able to hear before.” I believe, I speak from most people here, without the Singapore Daily aggregating them, where else will they get a fair hearing? TOC? Singapore Surf? I really don’t believe so. They are so allied, they might as well smear black shoe polish to tell the world, they are no where near the color of the white brigade. Well done Singapore Daily and keep up the good work!

  12. Farquarh Collection says:

    I also like to extend my wish to Missy Dotty and hope all is well. She has really been a doll for organizing everything for us readers. Kokopops as well. Lionel XXX

  13. The Singapore Daily says:

    Thanks you for the kind words. I believe we all have our niche to fill, each of us do what we are good at. Peace and good morrow.

  14. Darkness wrote this says:

    “IMO, no blogger is losing out in any way by not getting selected for archival.” Do you believe me when I tell you that, I want to be polite, but these are testing times and it’s made more difficult by stupid statements such as this.

    Do I believe not getting selected for archival is a travesty of rational logic? And amounts to a loss in more ways than I can possibly elaborate? Yes (Wang will never give you an account of why he believes it is not important! This you can be absolutely certain of. Experience tells me when a man can write such rubbish, he is either so open minded, his brains have spilled out or that he is simply incapable to rationalizing coherently – he is in every sense a light weight!)

    Consider this; if the imperative is to capture history accurately; then how can NLB possibly pick and choose? By what reference of Archimedean point can it even attempt to impose any form of criteria without at running the real risk of doing violence to the historical account? It has to be a case of all or nothing (and this includes Xiaxue blog), only because; the history of blogosphere belongs to everyone, not just a select few, not even the smart or intelligent, but if it is to remain true, it must also provision for the feral, vapid and infantile.

    Why should this be so? Allow me paraphrase; why is history important? The short answer is it remains the only means for mankind to make sense of himself and his broader community – the adage “if you don’t even know where you came from, then how do you know where you are going?” Has never been truer before, as the digital age scissors through our life’s, people grow ever more distracted and mesmerized by mass culture, the stakes rise for educators, policy makers and parents go up – recently, I went to Russia for business and I saw a group of youths spotting swastika armbands and one of them even told me that Adolf Hitler was a nice guy, he was just widely misunderstood – now you go figure out how’s that going to pan out for the broader Russian society as a whole in let’s say 50 or 100 years down the road – the prospects are bleak!

    That’s what happens when there’s a vacuum in the historical narrative, someone just comes along a fills up the blanks with anything that suits them to further their nefarious end, that sadly is no joking matter, when you consider, that’s how radicalism and terrorism takes root! Under those conditions, is it such a wonder understanding gives way to ignorance?

    What’s emerging for me, is the belief the value of history lies not so much in its capacity to change but that it can preserve something – that being preserved is nothing less than our capacity to understand things for what they really are. That’s why I believe the NLB’s effort to archive blog history based on it’s current criteria is so flawed that it cannot even be taken seriously by anyone of consequence – this comes to light, when we actually ask; what is history actually preserving in the context of blogosphere? It’s nothing less than a precise, expressive language, a habit of looking past surfaces into the interiors; and it’s not about the big story, as it is really about the small stuff like ordinary folk trying to make ends meet financially, struggling with constraints be it a raising a disable kid or simply having to live with a difficult spouse. My point is it’s not about the public context as much remains the diorama of ordinariness in this age.

    In 50 or a 100 years time, no one with half a brain is going to sieve through blogosphere to trace out the outlines of the big story – they don’t need too – they can easily do that with existing newsreels, printed media and the entire apparatus the state currently uses to produce ‘news.’ Historians will however turn to net history to tease and coax out the small time narratives – this is where you need to ask whether NLB will do a good job of facilitating this task of discovery and soliciting deep spirited understanding? The stakes are high.

    Let us not forget, the story of blogosphere isn’t nearly about the story of big as it is about the god of small – it’s about you and me – it’s the story of the cumulative vs the one and only version – the statistical insignificant vs the moral majority, it isn’t so much the story of the $2.2 million man as it remains the narrative of the $3,000 per month Joe’s who all cumulatively add up to make up the quilt of what it means to life in this age. If you really sit down and think about the it, that’s how it has to be; if it’s to remain true to it’s historical account of being a narrative about the small people, small ideas, small dreams, small aspiration and small ten million things ; never before in the history of mankind has ordinary citizens being empowered to such an extent with such a voice – to say that it should be subject to any filtering by either criteria, rationale or limit is a travesty of rational logic. I wish you Valentine Cawley every luck in this noble endeavor – Darkness 2008”

    This has been sent by Sarah on the behalf of Darkness

    Posted in


    Posted lovinly by kokopops

  15. omphalos says:

    thanks Singapore Daily. it’s a great job that you are doing.

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