Daily SG: 14 Jan 08

Healthcare or Heckcare
– 100-Acres of Gerald Tan: Means Testing in Singapore’s Healthcare system- Subsidised Health Care for All?
– Diary of A Singaporean Mind: Means Testing – The means to pay for what?
– Hear ye! Hear ye!: How to ensure a less unfair means test
– Singapore Life and Times: Testing times

Re education
– Alice in Wonderland: Principal callously ‘advised’ Sec 5 class to transfer to ITE
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: Personal conduct NOT taken into account for Public Service Commission scholarships??

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– EDMW: 每一段路 都有个ERP

Daily Discourse
– Siew Kum Hong: OPQs 18 September 2007: Public Lecture by Professor Emeritus Douglas Sanders and UNSW Asia
– The Anti Neo-Democracy Theorist: The New Paper Disappoints with Logical Flaws in its Autocratic Arguments
– The boy who knew too much: NLB archive Xiaxue blogspot
– Enblocing Singapore: STB – Judiciary or Volunteers?
– Winter is Coming: Singapore Renaissance? Not in my life time?
– Your Local Asian Bimbo: Campaign For Cyclists
– My Singapore News: Compulsory Nannying
– When Docs Turn Gods: How has Singapore done in biomedical science and research?
– Webs@Work: Can Blogs do Journalism?

Life, the universe and everything
– harmless? bananas!: one of the most important lessons i’m taking into 2008
– Insane Polygons: Motivational Posters for the Elite 4

– The FØØL’s Progress: SFX Production in Singapore

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14 Responses to Daily SG: 14 Jan 08

  1. Miss K says:

    Alamak! I really cannot believe NLB missed this one out as well!

    – The boy who knew too much: NLB archive Xiaxue blogspot

    Now everyone in my whole office is really starting to ask, what criteria are they using?????????????

  2. Piggy says:

    omg, did NLB even read her blog before deciding?

  3. LegendAmI says:

    great. now generations down the road will look back and think what dimwits we were reading xiaxue

  4. Hi SG Daily team,

    Just to inform you that the TOC article you linked on Doctors in politics will be published by us at a later date, we’re running a piece on MM Lee in Indonesia first for timeliness.


    [Link removed. Thanks for the heads up ^_^]

  5. kokopops says:

    ‘NLB archive Xiaxue blogspot’

    Probably the best article this whole year.

    I will recommend this to be channeled it to our networks.


  6. kokopops says:

    history belongs to all of us. Not to just a few.

  7. kokopops says:

    If you don’t know where you come from, then you will just have no idea where you’ve going. Every turns very bad like this


    It just goes bad, very bad.

  8. fygillian says:

    He can really write. Nice one Singapore Daily! The rate you are going, you’re be the No.1 aggregator in SG. At least there is really someone that is really aggregating the intelligent material out there! Keep it up! We need all the brains we can get with one article per month wonders out there. Thanks for nuts NLB!

    [Thanks for the encouragement! A cookie for you ^_^]

  9. O says:

    You rarely read about good history, that is why ppl who often try to write in or out events rarely ever succeed. If you don’t believe me just go and check it out not a single one has succeeded.

    That’s because the really good history lives on in people, they carry it with them and even weave it into their life. You can see it in their names, in their kitchens, in their living rooms etc, you can even see it in the way people treat others and the manner in which they carry themselves. That is real.

    The real history will live on. As for NLB, what can I say?

    How will people remember them? You have to decide.

  10. O says:

    You can never wipe out people or their history, if you do it to some people, they may just let it slide, but if you do it to others, things may just get so complicated that it may not even be worth it. NLB needs to be sensitive, they need to really work and earn their salary, they need to respect themselves and others. Then everything will just fall into place very nicely.

  11. dotseng says:

    Thanks for everything Singapore Daily.



  12. mummy says:

    Hello Brotherhood or whoever,

    Did you read todays article by the Beijing correspondent Tracy Quek – I believe all of you should try to contact her. I believe you will go further with whatever Darkness has invented. Are you listening to me?

    Is anybody there?

  13. kokopops says:

    I have found Darkness, he has taken over Sarah’s account – hilarious!


  14. Jan says:

    I think this Valentine Cawley has nothing to fear from those Brotherhood Boys. They are first and foremost sportsmen.

    Brutal, but sportsmen none the less.

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