Daily SG: 4 Jan 07

Re education
– The Blabbering Me: Its Not Easy Being A Teacher
– HWZ: Teachers’ pay to be pegged closer to performance

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– BothSidesOfTheJohorStraits: inflation controls and the singapore experience

Get Rich or Die Tryin’
– Endoh Pure Ranting Room: Can money buy a civil servant’s conscience?

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– My Singapore News: Taxi drivers earning more

Healthcare or Heckcare
– My Singapore News: Who would like to be mean tested?

Daily Discourse
– Reality of Kai: Silence of the crowd?
– The Ignorantsoup: Why should I give up my seat to the elderly?
– Just Stuff: Why You May Not Even Have A Right To Privacy?
– My Very Own Glob: Battling the news
– Coffee Shop Talk: Year End Reflection – Role of Governemnt

Life, the universe and everything
– Get Rich Cheap: In Singapore, we En-bloc, In China, they just confiscate your land, flatten your house, and kill your husband
– Cooler Insights: Beijing – Ancient City Nestled Amidst Modernity
– “Vanity, thy name is Woman.”: A man’s hands
– SG_LJers: Taxi driver distribute porno calendars in his cab
– I.Z. Reloaded: For Sale: Singaporean girl’s used Panties and Bra

– Singapore Entrepreneurs: Event: Singapore PHP Group – Jan 2008 Meet Up
– Lancerlord: of the 2008 bloggies
– Eastcoastlife: 20 volunteers (allowance will be given) needed for contact lens survey
– Ah Boon.Net: Condom Fashion Show in China

Odex Update
– Simply Jean: Odex continues pursue of PacNet name list

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3 Responses to Daily SG: 4 Jan 07

  1. powergal says:

    Great Anti-Privacy Reads! And others. Happy New Year Singapore Daily and thanks for all the moments and memories. Sweet 2008.

  2. shoestring says:

    What is advertlets.com doing at Lancelord’s link? Not a gimmick to score hits is it? Or is my computer infected?

  3. michy says:

    advertlets got problem. its redirecting incoming traffic. my blog also kena grrrr…

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