Daily Tech: Nvidia G92 8800GTS 512MB Reviews

Nvidia G92 8800GTS 512MB Reviews
– Legit Reviews: XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB XXX Edition Video Card
– Hardware Canucks: XFX 8800GTS 512MB Alpha Dog Edition Review
– nV News: XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB Review
– Neoseeker: Asus EN8800 GTS T.O.P 512MB Review
– Legion Hardware: ASUS Extreme N8800GTS 512MB
– HotHardware: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS Refresh: Asus and XFX
– TweakTown: ZOTAC GeForce 8800GTS 512MB G92
– techPowerUp!: Zotac 8800 GTS 512 MB
– DriverHeaven: Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS V2 (G92): ASUS and ZOTAC
– [H] Enthusiast: BFGTech GeForce 8800 GTS OC 512MB
– Fudzilla: Vadim drives 8800 GTS 512MB to 800MHz+
– Anandtech: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512 & GeForce 8800 GT 256MB: Playing with Memory and G92

Tech Talk
– Microsoft Watch: What Went Wrong with Windows Vista?
– TrsutedReviews: Digital Camera Tutorial: Wet Weather Survival
– HWZ: Gigabyte GV-NX88T512HP (GeForce 8800 GT 512MB, TurboForce Edition)
– FrostyTech: Top 5 Heatsinks

SG Tech
– Rambling Librarian: Singaporean behind Direct2Dell blog success
– theory.isthereason: Office 2008 for Mac: Under NDA, but this is what I can say…
– The eOK .network: The monetisation of blogs
– The Power of Influence: FaceBook does Word of Mouth – Not Quite!

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