Daily Sg: 10 Dec 2007

International Human Rights Day
– TheOnlineCitizen: Local activists commemorate International Human Rights Day
– Sam’s thoughts: Law reform to balance rights and obligations
– Words of the Lionheart: Activism and Advocacy
– Pseudonymity: Burma Crackdown Bloodier Than Government Admits

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– Simple is the Reason of My Heart: The Interest rate to Curb Inflation in Singapore
– Simply Jean:Possible changes in Singapore’s annuities returns
– Yaw Shin Leong @ WP: A Certain Type For Singapore (Part 1/ 4)

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Darth Grievous’ Dark Domain 鸟话连篇: No Comfort Here (III)
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: Finally Relief for Taxi Commuters….
– Singapore Life and Times: A tipping we should go

We don’t need no regulation..
– Just Stuff: When Speed Kills – The Way of The Tortoise

Daily Discourse
– Alice in Wonderland: Could Prima Deli be “innocent” (non hygiene-lapse) in mass food poison?
– i have succumbed to peer pressure: Shite Mandarin? Think again: Backman is not all he seems to be.

Life, the universe and everything
– A L V I N O L O G Y: Moving Images 10th Anniversary Celebrations
– Rambling Librarian: Singapore Writers Festival: “World Wide Web of Words” post-event reflections

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