Daily ChioBu: Amigo Feng Yuan Zhen

Amigo Feng Yuan Zhen 冯媛甄 is a Taiwanese who once emulated Lin Chi Lin 林志玲 on a variety show. Since then, she has been affectionately known as Lin Chi Lin junior “小林志玲”. Pictures after the break.

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5 Responses to Daily ChioBu: Amigo Feng Yuan Zhen

  1. minkyboo says:

    She does look like lin chi ling, but a shorter smaller version. Chio! Thanks!

  2. Notyboy66 says:

    She is the one who is very “嗲” became famous because of “我猜 我猜 我猜猜”

    You can not tahan her voice…it melts your heart. All guys will fall in love with her….

  3. ah keong says:

    look like the small version of a hongkong actress name yao le yi

  4. Sam says:

    Oh, she is the co-host with 吴宗宪 in the 爱上9:30 show. Her voice very soft and gentle and she very “deh” one. I like! :)

  5. Peter says:

    It’s weird… everyone likes Lin Zhiling so much but this girl is 10x hotter, as is a ton of other girls in Taiwan. I don’t think Lin Zhiling deserves to be the pride of Taiwan the way she is, and it seems to be the consensus of college aged guys here that there are a lot of hotter girls.

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