Daily SG: 4 Dec 2007

Bloggers' Meeting
More info: Open call for a bloggers’ meeting

Singaporeans are fed, up with progress!
– The Online Citizen: $1 billion in town council funds – what’re they used for?
– Pseudonymity:Singapore’s Strong Pro-Death Penalty Stand At U.N. Leaves Many Angered
– i have succumbed to peer pressure: How much is too much?

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Simply Jean: Going up: Taxi fares!
– The Void Deck: Rocketing Petrol Prices and the “Great” High Octane Petrol
– Singapore Life and Times: Spiraling Misery
– In the land of the blind, one eye man is king: Oil prices, cab companies and cab drivers

Strangers in a Strange Land
– To Fix a Mocking Peasant: Relocating the Local/Foreign

Life, the universe and everything
– A L V I N O L O G Y: Who says there’s no FREE LUNCH?

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One Response to Daily SG: 4 Dec 2007

  1. newbie says:

    Hi There!

    I hope to go to the meet. I just want to ask, will Mr Darkness be there? What abt the Brotherhood Press? I hope I don’t come across as confused, as I came across a few articles etc, like so


    I was thinking, it would be interesting to ask him a few questions. Thanks very much for promoting the cause of bloggers rights Singapore Daily.

    This is a very important subject and I believe it is more so as so many things in sg alredi cannot do. So thank you for promoting it so actively to heighten awareness.

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