Daily SG: 30 Nov 2007

Singapore Writers Festival
More info: Singapore Writers Festival

Tharman, the $$$ Minister
– The States Times: Xmas Musical Chairs
– Blowin’ in the Wind: Singapore education under Tharman

Papies down wit da hood, shizzle on my nizzle..
– NextGreatThing: Rap and Social Media are Big Business in Singapore

13th ASEAN Summit
– The Void Deck: Burmese Punks not Dead! – A Look Back Rant
– All and Sundry Singapore: Burma plays a “Blind man’s Bluff” game with ASEAN and UN

We don’t need no regulation..
– Just Stuff: The Terrible Cost of ‘Regulating’ The Internet

Charity? More Clarity!
– The Kway Teow Man: Sustainable Funding Model for Charities

Daily Discourse
– Sam’s thoughts: What’s up with the forum?
– Time.com: A Passionate Poet from Straitlaced Singapore
– Daily Travel & Deal Blog: All quiet on the Airbus A380

Life, the universe and everything
– Simply Jean: 10 reasons why the taxi driver is not picking you up
– AfterDawn.com: France wants to cut off pirates from the Internet

– Simply Jean: Starhub Promotion at Sitex 2007

Public Service Announcement
– Channel News Asia: S’poreans travelling to Philippines advised to register with MFA

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One Response to Daily SG: 30 Nov 2007

  1. Louhon Khuo says:

    Wah! Singapore Daily, thanks man for bringing us really indepth analysis concerning the regulation of the blogosphere. I have been trying to read up more abt it in the newspapers, but there is hardly any write up’s on it!!!!!! I wonder why? Isn’t this important? I am not a blogger myself, just an occasional reader of blogs, but even then, I consider it very important blogosphere should continue to remain a place that is free.


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