Daily SG: 23 Nov 2007

Papies down wit da hood, shizzle on my nizzle..
– Mr Wang Says So: Cluelessness in Full Flight
– mrbrown: MDA Senior Director’s Rap
– Presenting the(new)mediaslut!: Who will rap MDA for their (c)rap?
– Decay on the Net: MDA Senior Management Rap (Contains some disturbing scenes)
– inaccurate 2 min analysis by lbandit: Yo yo, MDA y’all
– Celluloid Reality(s): First, Do No Harm
– Miccheng Lazy Serial Entrepreneur: Singaporeans Can’t Rap! Seriously!

13th ASEAN Summit
– The Void Deck: Thank Gawd for Youtubes!
– All and Sundry Singapore: Burma junta is a bloody murderer not a troubled child
– Pseudonymity: Chee Siok Chin Seeks Clarifications From Minister For Home Affairs
– UncleYap: Excellent Abduction Documentary by Activist John Tan
– HWZ: Two SDP leaders arrested, police refuse to give reason
– sgForums: Two SDP leaders arrested by Police!

Pedra Branca
– leuchtturm: WHY THE ANGER?
– Regathering Thoughts, Redefining Meanings: National shame
– Opalescence: leuchtturm (lighthouse) fury

ERPains, Trains & Automobiles
– Yawning Bread: Taxi problem the result of 3 deadly sins
– mrbrown: Amount of space taken up by cars, a bus, and bicycles used to transport the same number of people
– HWZ: PAP MP Seng Han Thong suggests new taxi surcharge for busy places

Section 377a
– Yawning bread: It’s the principle, stupid
– i have succumbed to peer pressure: Flogging dead horses: Groupthink and 377A

Strangers in a Strange Land
– HWZ: Foreign residents: A debate.. sort of.

Daily Discourse
– Random Thoughts Of A Free Thinker: Separation of Religion and Medical Care
– The Online Citizen: Uniquely Singapore: Charity – F1 or F9? Helping the poor?
– Mr Wang Says So: The Disadvantages of a Pink NRIC
– Diary of a Singaporean Mind: The Disappearing Subsidy..
– Just Stuff: Why is Temasek, the Poor Little Rich Girl Everyone Loves to Hate?
– The Universe Within: My mother is right – I should off all energy appliances WHENEVER I leave the room
– The States Times: The Ultimate Racist
– sgForums: ALL PROTESTS is WRONG – True or False

Life, the universe and everything
– Kelvin Quee: What Our Oil Money Has Not Done to Nigeria
– Making Sense-The Free Man: Checking the Gearbox of a Wheezing Central Banking Machine
– The Daily Backtrack: What a Waste of Money
– Mun Fitness Blog: Singapore Stopped Anti-Obesity Plan In Schools after 15 Years

Odex Update [Thanks Gatou V.]
– Gatou?: Odex is aiming for overseas anime downloaders
– Lustrous Realm: A Message from Odex to the World-All Your Animes Are Belong To Us![YHBT]
– The States Times: Singapore Is Not Enough
– HWZ: Todays news on ODEX and anime downloading

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One Response to Daily SG: 23 Nov 2007

  1. abao says:

    SGDaily, would like to inform you that the ODEX overseas letters turned out to be sent in error by BayTsp.

    Their website also got hacked.


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