Daily Tech: Firefox 3 Beta Review

Mozilla Developer: Firefox 3 Beta 1 Download

Firefox 3 Beta Reviews
– Mozilla: What’s New in Firefox 3 Beta 1
– ZDNet: First look at Firefox 3.0 Beta 1
– CNet: Mozilla’s Firefox 3 beta: Improved but imperfect
– TechCrunch: Firefox 3 Beta 1: The Memory Use Says It All
– ars technica: First look at Firefox 3.0b1: fast, stable, and full of new features
– Wired: Firefox 3 Beta 1 Arrives in Fighting Shape

Tech Talk
– Techguage: Samsung SyncMaster 2232GW Wide-Screen
– CNet: Microsoft inches closer to XP update
– Engadget: 1GB write-once SanDisk memory cards to cost $5.99?
– PCMag: Amazon Kindle eBook Reader: Attacking “The Last Bastion of Analog”
– HotHardware: NVIDIA GeForce 8800M Preview
– TrustedReviews: Canon PowerShot A720 IS
– Digital Trends: Digital Cameras, How to Buy the Right One
– Toms Hardware: Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2007: Part 1

SG Tech
– theory.isthereason: Video:The Rise of Us//Collective Intelligence//Guest Lecture

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