Daily ChioBu: Jaymee Ong

Australian-Chinese Jaymee Ong was born and raised in Australia. At 15, she was discovered a famous Australian photographer while taking her younger sister to get her ears pierced at a hair salon. From there, she began appearing on fashion magazines and eventually in a music video for the Aaron Kwok and overseas Pepsi campaigns. Jaymee eventually moved into the acting, getting roles in the Gen-X Cops, Rave Fever, and a 3 sec cameo in the 2000 Pear Harbor. She is currently hosting cable channel AXN’s entertainment magazine programme eBuzz.

Pictures after the break.

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One Response to Daily ChioBu: Jaymee Ong

  1. dan layog says:

    HI!!!! Jaymee
    i’m a big fan of yours My name is Dan originally from the Philippines,but im living now in USA MI,i never saw any movie of yours except Pearl Harbor,that i dont even know that you are starring in that movie,but when isaw your face in Spaseeker at hd ultra channel,i begin to researched about you, that you are an actress,model,blackbelter,& you even know mixed martial Arts,more power to you keep up the good work,and i hope to see you more in the movie,in HDTV channel perhaps in person???????????????
    Truly yours
    Dan Layog

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